Sunday, 14 April 2013

I've just been thinking....

Yes folks I know it's hard to believe but I do do it occasionally!!!  Think I must have 'borrowed' BC3 from Jane!! If you need to know what I'm talking about it's here....

Anyway, I got to thinking.... and ended up looking where I found out how to make clunies!  Well, people had admired them so... I've got the video and you can watch it now if you want!!

Here you are:

Tatting a Cluny Leaf (sorry, not working atm)

Chat soon.... back to me shuttles or something.... maybe a coffee first tho because it's stupidly windy outside and someone decided they had to go out in it!! Can't think who that would be.... VBG


Monday, 8 April 2013

Remember these??

These two items, which have appeared previously, and are both patterns from Jane Eborall, have 'gone to a new home'!

Yesterday, I went to see a friend in the village.  She's an avid dolls house collector and fell in love with 'the tablecloth with the beads' and 'that wonderful side table runner'!  Well, what else could I do? VBG.  Anyway, it gives me an excuse to make some more!! LOL

Here they are in all their glory.

Now, of course, I love miniatures.... so that diamond pattern.... is now shrinking!!  Think I must have mini's on the mind!  I drive one, Kyra is cooking one.... ROTFL, and now I'm tatting one!!  Will show you when it's finished!!

Chat soon

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Grannys' a Star!!!

Ok so maybe not.... but it is my way of telling you all that that is what I'm to be!!! Not so much VBG as HUGE BG!!! LOL  Not while November though, so I've got plenty of time to get used to the idea that I'm sharing a bed with a Grandad! ROTFL  Our daughter & son-in-law announced the news by giving me a box with 'Grandma's are Angels in Disguise' written inside a heart on the outside, and a paper roll on the inside saying that Grandma and Grandad required for around 5th November!!

Right, these diamond earrings I seem to be addicted to.... well, they start off as a set of 6 as shown below.  You can then build it up to more until the mat is as big as you would like it to be!  Thanks for the ideas Jane! (You can see the original pattern here).

Now this is the start of possibly a table cloth.  I've decided that it's a good way of using up relatively short bits of thread!! So, this started off because after I'd done the hankie edge I'd got some green thread left on a shuttle, and when I'd done the motifs I'd got some variegated pink and plain pink!  My excuse and I'm sticking to it!! LOL  When I get fed up of the pattern as earrings, then they may just go on this!! VBG

Anyway, here it is, and you never know it may just 'expand' along with our daughters waistline!!

Monday, 1 April 2013

It's Easter and it's Earrings!!

I seem to have been that busy since my last post.... earrings for Daughter, earrings for me... and I've decided it's all Janes fault this last pair!! ROTFL.  If she didn't design such lovely things I wouldn't be sitting here posting this last pair instead of doing something useful.... like.... tatting?? VBG

Last weekend I was at Harrogate Lace Fair (in the snow).  I only bought a small amount... of thread, books, shuttle....

The thread is Lizbeth and it's such gorgeous colours!  I ended up with Jelly Bean, Mocha Brown, Spring Garden, Bright Orange, and Pink Cocoa!!  All in 20!!  I also got some 80 equivalent Valdani... gorgeous variegated colours, and it will be used for mini knitting (another hobby....) lace, tatting and anything else I can think of!!  I also purchased Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns Book and Tatted Handkerchiefs!!  Oh and Brenda Paternoster's book on Threads.... an invaluable source of what thickness what is!! Brilliant!!  All from Roseground.  Thanks Pat & Pam!!

Anyway, back to these 'ere earrings....  Remember those blue ones??  White with blue beads?  Well they have gone to their new home now.... it's my dear Daughter Kyra's birthday today!!  Yes folks she is an April 1st baby!!  What's more... so is her husband Adrian!!  (oh, and for those that don't know, Kyra is pronounced the 'greek'ish' way.... Key-ra!!)

Earrings.... think I must have a 'thing' about earrings.... LOL.  Can't resist 'em!!  Anyway, there was I perusing Jane's site, when I came across this mat pattern.  Of course, Sue thinks.... this would make an excellent mat!!!  I LOVE colour!!!  Particularly in lace!! Just ask my lace teacher!! VBG  I complain if it has to be black or white or ecru, because that's all I can get hold of!!  Anyway, I do a diamond, realise that the 'outside' thread is thinner than the inside.... do another one and then attach a third one to it.... then I start looking at the design again.... hmmm... thinks to self... this would be good for a tatty earring...., not one pair, but 2... so far!!  And the sister of a friend wants a pair as well!!  Haha!! My first commission!!  No idea what to charge tho.... it will have to wait anyway, because I'll need black, wires, more beads....

The start of a mat

First 2 joined

Now what about earrings?

This is the end result!!!  I'm out of earring wires now !! (Boo.... can't 'finish' more till I get more!!)  I'll just have to start something else.... a bracelet maybe??  Off to peruse me patterns now!! Mind you, that slimming egg is also calling... now where did I put those buttons....

Oh, and I've also done a 'shuttle' it will go onto a little hessian bag I got last week as well.... perfect for carrying me shuttles & thread to class!!