Tuesday, 17 December 2013

It's nearly.....

... nope... I'm NOT going to say it!!! LOL  We're still a Christmas Free Zone here in Casa Pigmini!!  No tree, no cards up.... yet!!  Weekend is soon enough!! VBG

Now today I've got LOTS to share....  First up is this 'snowflake' from Jennifer Williams blog (can't remember if I have shared it before, but still...) tatted in Pineapple Parfait from Lizbeth and the beads would be DMC 9's....  It's now winging its way to America....

Next is 'the tree', from Jane Eborall.... must try it on a button as well!! LOL

Then there's one that i received from a friend out in America.... isn't Dorcas's camel just gorgeous??  That means I have to put the tree up to have somewhere to put him!!!  The card is from her as well and is hand made!!  What a talented lady!!

Not sharing any more today.... going to keep you in suspense!!! VBG... oh ok then, but it's NOT tatting!!  Can't resist giving you another peek at my granddaughter!!  There she was handing out smiles to me while we were 'chatting' about how Santa has help from Rudolf and they sometimes leave presents at Granny & Grandpa's house!!! LOL

Chat soon

Sunday, 8 December 2013

It's nearly Christmas!!

Hi All

I feel as if I haven't been on here for Months!! After this last week, maybe it was.... let me explain....

Last Thursday was himself's birthday and I'd planned the day - coffee & cake out at the cafe for elevenses and possibly lunch there as well, leave food for son so he didn't starve in the evening, while we went to our favourite pub for a meal.  I'd drive so he could have a drink!! Sound reasonable?  I thought so too!

The day started badly when the syphon on the cistern to the loo packed in.... no chance of flushing the loo.... Sir went to get a new syphon so it could be fixed.  That put paid to the nice time at the cafe....  then my phone rang.... Floodline!!  We live in a category 3 floodplain, although the sea defences have recently been strengthened.... "be prepared for possible flooding this evening.... important docs & valuables upstairs...."  I spent the next few hours calling all the floodwardens (I'm the coordinator) and putting them on standby.  All was sorted and ready, even tho there was a minor flood in the bathroom from the cistern....

5pm the phone called again.... Floodline again!! Be prepared for evacuation!!  Aaargh!!!  Meal out the window then!! High tide due around 8pm!  Then the Flood Warden incident room called, " are the flood defence gates closed yet? Please check"  That was the last time I was in the house for the evening!  Gates were locked in time (phew!!), however, consulting with Emergency Officers and the Police, we decided we were probably going to be flooded as two areas further downstream already were....

Open evacuation centres, possible 3 - 500 people affected, get all information together to make sure food, drink, blankets etc would be available....

We missed being flooded by just a few inches...(thank heavens for that).... eventually we were stood down from the potential disaster at lunchtime on Friday.... I feel so sorry for those in the area and other areas that were flooded out, and I'm still trying to wind down!!

So.... no tatty bits to show you!!  However.... these are just 2 internet pics from here

Hard to believe that the foreground of both was under water on Thursday night!!

Chat soon