Friday, 28 March 2014


.... Harrogate Lace Fair tomorrow and I'm going!!!  Have some cash with me.... and on collect are a shuttle, some thread and a book!!

Right.... well, I couldn't sit and do no tatting this week!!  So, apart from the hanky edging I'm doing, I started a pattern of Sally Kerson's ...  Not being a traditionalist in lace of any description... I LOVE colour!!!

So, it's rainbow colours!!

The buttons were in my stash, as were the beads, and the thread is an old coats ball, looks a lot like Rainbow Taffy!!

I think it'll look good when it's finished!!  Mind you, I'm still trying to decide which colour to pick to do earwigs!!!  (all 7??)

Anyway, on with food before I attack the shuttles again!!

Chat later

Monday, 24 March 2014

Told You....

They were Finished!!

Here's the last of the 4:

After I'd finished it I spotted this weeks deliberate error.... too many of those 'p's in the bit that joins to the middle on the sides!!!  Think I was in 'I can finish this' mode!!

Still, here's the four of them together:

Look reasonable don't they??  I'm going to stitch them either to a bag I've got... or a Jacket.... can't decide which at the moment!!  Mind you.... I might just have to redo number 4... it's bugging me now!! May just have a little break with something colourful first though!!

So.... what's next??

Chat later

Sunday, 23 March 2014


The 4 'suits' of the Bridge Set are finished!!!!  Unfortunately I can't show you the club because me camera is now on charge coz the battery went flat!!  And that's on me phone!!!!  Good job it's Sunday, I didn't need it in me pocket and I can answer it in the charger at home!!

Soooo... I'm going to have to HUNT for a project for this next week now!!!!

I'm off to look and I'll post the pic tomorrow!!

Chat later

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Did an Udder....

... one of that the bridge set!!!

After completing the challenge of the Diamond.... somebody (can't have been me surely??) decided it would be a great idea to 'do' the other 3 in the set of 4!!

Heart's dunned!!

Next up will be the Spade, and I'm about to do the Club!!!

All that in a really busy week!!!!  Can't be bad can it??  Just had a thought.... that makes 11 out of the 25 done!! At this rate I'll be doing this 'ere challenge' twice in a twelvemonth!!  (Thinks.... after what I was up to yesterday, it'll slow down CONSIDERABLY!!) Nope... not tellin' you!!  You's'll have to wait till next weekend to find out!! VBG.... well there may be a liccle hint during the week... but that's only if I remember!!

It's Harrogate Lace Fair next week and I'm Going!!  With my Lace-Mad, crazy, elephant mad, Dutch Friend and her hubby  (ooh, it's his birthday today... a Big Birthday at that!!)  Happy Birthday my Bobbin Turning Friend!!  Really looking forward to the Fair!!  Gotta book and a shuttle already ordered! AND I'm going to buy some thread and maybe beads, and a bit of thread, and maybe another shuttle and.... did I say I wanted some thread?? LOL

Anyway, we're off to see my MIL shortly... she's 92 and still rattling around in her own home and doing almost everything for herself!! Tells the window cleaner off, has the hairdresser come to the house and gets decorators in, but the garden is all her and that dreaded 4 letter work (whispers... housework!!)  NOOO.... Don't say it out loud!! It comes and bites you in the bu.... Ouch!!!

May just be back on here tomorrow.... Himself is down in Telford for the day at a meeting!!  Leaving here at 7am and probably back around 8pm!!  A WHOLE day to Meeee!!! Yess!!! (thumps air with excitement and BC3 is getting her glad rags out!!!)

Chat then!!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How to 'alter' without changing....

or something like that!!!

A couple of weeks ago I 'accepted' a challenge... to tat a motif out of Norma Benporath's 'The Home Beautiful Tatting Book'.  On page 13 of said book was a set of motifs for a Bridge Set....

Now the heart, spade and club are all worked in one go... not so the diamond!!  2 rounds later I had this: (complete with it's 'missing bits' because this particular OG can't count!!) VBG

I don't know about you but I HATE finishing ends off!!  and I had 2 in the middle to finish off.... right in the middle!!! YUK!!

So, this particular OG's BC3 came off her sunlounger (it is raining outside as we speak, and it's only March!... so quite why she was sunning herself I just don't know!), she could have gone off with Madame in this hat for all I know....

Anyway, she re-appeared from wherever she had disappeared to... and managed to design it in just one pass!!

Here's the result:

Promise to share the pattern.... once I've written out the alterations that is.... if I ever get a-round-to-it!!!  Round Toits are in short supply you know!!  In fact they're positively Rare!!! LOL  Anyhow.... that's number 9 of that there 25 dunned and dusted!! (Dust - yet another 4 letter word... just like Work.... VBG)  Reminds me of the saying - you may admire the dust, but please don't write in it!!! ROTFL

Anyway, off to complete a heart from the same set now!!

Chat later

Friday, 14 March 2014

I gotta ...

... new tablet! Well it's for both of us really... Lol.  Sir got it the other day and I've got blogger so... I'm playing!  I don't have any pics to show you today and don't be surprised if this changes later... Much later... I'm granddaughter playing with today!!

Off to have a look see now! Vbg

Chat later!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sunshine, Spring and...

... hats!!

Our wonderful daughter, you know.... the mum of that gorgeous little granddaughter of ours... decided that Madame's hats no longer fitted her!!  'Well, babies do grow you know!' I said!  Anyway, she then decided that the delicious little Madam 'Needed' a new hat!!  Not sure if the word needed was necessary... but she never has quite forgiven me for those red boots....  (mentioned a couple of posts ago....)

What sort of hat? did I hear you ask??

This sort!!

Nothing less than a cupcake for a cupcake!!  Well, we have to keep these 'ears' warm.... VBG

Even though 'Sir' calls her 'FruityLoops'!!  I think Cupcake suits those eyes....  What say you??

So I'd been busy with that... knit the hat, you can half turn the brim if you wish... I know the pattern was on the net somewhere but I can't remember where.... crochet a cherry for the top, put some 'sprinkles' on it.... Good enough to eat!! LOL

I also managed to finish the edging completely - as in stitching it to another hanky!!  So that's number 8 of my 25 biting the dust!!  Can't use it yet tho... gotta put it on 'display' at our Lace Group meeting on Saturday, along with the other one I showed you a few days ago!!  Here's the 'finished' article!!

Now, I've still got a 'few' UFT's to finish.... and it's SUNSHINEY outside!! maybe I should retire out there with me coffee, shuttles, thread and lunch....


Chat later!!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

I did a....

N'elephant!!! LOL

Hi all!

Last week was my great, crazy, dutch friend and fellow bobbin lacemakers birthday!!  Now she's bonkers about elephants.... nearly as bonkers as I am about Wols!!  (If you don't know what they are... ask Winnie the Pooh!!) VBG

So... what do you give a fellow lacemaker for her birthday when you haven't got a lace fair before the event or a shop or craft stall where there's something leaping up and down shouting 'Me.... Me.... Pick Me!!'

I hit that wonderful thing - the internet.... and there on Jane's site was Nellie!!  I'd been in a local'ish craft shop a few weeks ago and got hold of some DMC 25 coton a broder.... along with a light shopping bag from another....

2 tatting shuttles, some thread, a bead from my stash and a few mornings later (yes, mornings.... I was tatting at 6.30 am at another friends house waiting for it to be time to wake her kids for school while she was at work!!)  I produced this:

The bracelet was from Avon, couldn't resist it - it had a Nellie too!!  It's stitched to the front pocket of a lilac bag, you can just see the colour at the top.

I think she was over the moon with it!!

Also, got round to finishing some UFT's (Un Finished Tattings!!)

The first hankie was started last year and finished after Christmas, I think the pattern was one of Jennifer Williams from the Ring of Tatters Pattern a month, either 2012 or 2013, but I haven't got it to hand at the moment... Jennifer thinks it's one of hers too!  Thread was Lizbeth's Pink Cocoa.

This next one is now pinned to a hankie waiting stitching....  I've had the hankie for around 40 years, and it was still in it's packet!!!

I started it last summer, the pattern is another of Jane's.... Fandango Edging! done in Valdani 80 equivalent, or thereabouts... I finally finished it last night!!  Promise to put up a pic when it's stitched... I'm half way through another snowflake, a dr...., a g.... and I've got my eye on a new hankie edging that will also be a Long project!!!

I read earlier that a girl can't have too many shuttles.... does this mean I need more in case they're all full of thread???  (my excuse and I'm sticking to it.... LOL)

Off to find me thread for some empty shuttles now!!

Chat later