Monday, 25 August 2014

Meet Hagua

Now some of you will remember that a couple of weeks ago I put up a pic of Hagua and promised to share her story....

Hagua is a 'seahorse' dragon... Or at least she would be if she lived in salt water!! She doesn't! You see she lives in peaty water like the water in the Lake District or in Scotland! That's why she is the colour that she is.... Purple heather, oranges of autumn grasses and green of bushes all help her to 'not be caught' by dragon hunters!!  It means she can hide in plain sight!  However on this picture she was drying herself on my knee up on the Wainstones in North Yorkshire yesterday and waiting for her tatty bits to be trimmed!!!

You mean you want me to show you??? Ok, ok... Impatient peeps!!

The view from the top of the Wainstones!  This is what we were waiting for....

Sir to finish his 12 1/2 miles over heather!!

Oh... You want to see Hagua!!! Well why didn't you say so!!! Rofl

How did she get her name?? Simple really... You see 'up 'ere in t' north we Re always being told we drop an 'H' or two... Hagua found one.... Get it now???

Ok.... Agua?? Water??? Ahhhh.... Now you understand!! Vbg 

Anyway, if you see one lurking in a pool near you... Do let me know!!

Chat soon

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Nutty!! T'at's Me!!!

Thought I'd remind you about these two stories elsewhere on the blog.... just in case you'd forgotted that I'se completely bonkers!!

It acts as an introduction to this:

my 'newest' addition to the Dragon Clan!!!  And don't forget that all my dragons are variations of Scottish/Norwegian Loch Dragons.... or rather, they all live together!!  ROFL

This will be Hagua.... when she is finished.... and I'll tell you her story when she is!!

Does anyone else out in Tatland 'name' their tatty bits?? I do!!

A couple of months ago I made a dragon bookmark for my sons girlfriend.... here's his story, and the story of the first one I made....

Now about this Scottish/Norwegian Loch Dragon called McVroom.... he realised it was about to rain and Loch Dragons LOVE water!!  However, they are different to the Water Dragon because they also love Mountains and high hills!!  You can also see them occasionally in the Lake District in the UK....That's why they are the colour that they are!!

I'm not sure what colour McVroom will go in the Summer or if there's snow on the ground.... we'll just have to watch and find out!!  Anyway, as we have a thunderstorm he went and sat on the windowsill watching it start so he could go for a good long wet flight!!  So I got a picture of him!!!

The reason that McVroom likes flying when it's raining and blowing and generally 'orrible outside is that they aren't noticed by people!!  People scurry along with their heads down and umbrellas up in the rain.... they aren't looking out for dragons!!  This is good for Dragons as they are very shy and don't like to admit that they are around!!  It's possibly why not an awful lot is known about Minor Norwegian Dragons of which McVroom is a Scottish Descendant!!  Also they are VERY rare so you're lucky if you have one!! LOL  Now you know about them.... you'll have to keep a watch out.... see if you can see one!!  I forgot to mention.... he's a devil for lying on his back with his tummy exposed!!!!  Thinks it makes him more camouflaged!!!  As I mentioned before he does have a claim to fame in that he features in the books by Terry Pratchett about the Nac Mac Feegles where they think the's a big bird.... also he appeared in 'disguise' as Norbert in the Harry Potter films!!  So there you go!!

Leif is a Book Dragon altered very minutely from Anne Bruvolds Minor Norwegian Dragon!  You can tell he's a Book Dragon from his colour, his name and the very long tail and absence of very many spikes!!

What do you mean you don't understand???  Leif (Leaf), Red (read) and the tail and missing spikes make it very easy for him to look after your page!!! Get it now???  Never mind groaning!!! LOL  As I've just explained, Leif is a book dragon.... designed to mark your page, but don't leave him there too long.... otherwise he may just reduce your book to tatters!!!  (What ?? Another groan did I hear??) VBG   As Anne says in the pattern, he may not be sold, only given away!  If anyone asks for one you must make them give you the thread!  Right, the thread is Red Burst by Lizbeth!!! and it came from Roseground here in the UK!! So now you know!!

I'm certain this means I'm nuts about tatting.... or am I just nuts???  Maybe I oughter do a squirrel dragon the next time!!! ROTFL

Chat soon

Monday, 11 August 2014


It's official.... I'm hooked on these earwigs!!! LOL

I think this is the 9th pair of these earwigs that I've made over the last year or so... Not all of them for me I might add!  Some of them have gone to other homes!!  However it's a pattern that I know off by heart and so don't need the writted destructions!!  Hopeless at following writted destructions anyway!! VBG  Keeps getting lost I does!!  You want the pattern??? Ok... it's a single motif from here!  This makes number 23 of my 25 Challenge!!!  That's in around 8 months!!!

Suppose you want to see the earwigs??  Ok, ok, ok.... there's no need to squeal 'of course'!!!!  I heard you!!! Rofl

They've been made cos it dawned on me that on Friday this week, I've the funeral of my great school friend Sue.... got the black trousers, got the white shirt.... but no earwigs!!  So I made them!!  Despatch earwigs, that's what they are!! VBG  You don't know what I mean??  Well, up 'ere in Yorkshire we doan't say Births, Marriages and Deaths.... we say.... Hatches, Matches and Despatches!!!!  Got it now??  Sounds a whole lot nicer than the first way of saying it doesn't it??? LOL

Now I'm having a 'what if' moment.... (stealed from a blog hopping session over the weekend, where somebody asked 'what if....' but I can't remember who!!).... what if I putted beads on ALL the picots.... now, do I have any thread that hasn't been made up into these earwigs yet... and do I have any beads what would 'tone'.....

Walks away muttering strange and incoherent things about shuttles, beads and thread....

Chat soon!!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Dunned It!!!

Actually managed a split chain!!!! Pic to prove it!!

I've only been shying away for years!!! It's been raining here so I decided to 'ave a go!! Proud of me liccle self ise is!!! Rofl!

Young Sir is at a festival this weekend in Derbyshire.... A Heavy Metal Festival!! We sent him off with comments about 'not pushing ageing rockers out of the way'....  He did that a few years ago.... The One and Only... Alice Cooper!!! We're not letting him live it down!! Lol!!

I'm about to wind some hwt onto shuttles coz I've had an idea... If it works I'll show you!!

Btw, this is the windmill again in 40 thread... It's also part of my idea!!

Think one of its sails suffered a bit in a storm tho!! Vbg

Chat soon

Thursday, 7 August 2014

That mouse

I know what a nosey lot we all are... and I hope the mouse behaves herself on here:

It's my mobile phone case!!

A little sad today, just heard that a good school friend passed away quite unexpectedly on Tuesday! We'd known each other from primary school! RIP Sue me 'old' friend! Enjoy riding Cherry n Cilla again!!!

Chat later

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

I've 'ad a thunk'!!

Ok, Ok, Ok.... I know you're all trying desperately to work out what it says.... LOL

I mean.... I've been thinking.... trying to remember the poetry whatsit that 'Mummy' learned when she was at school....

"Boing, Boing, Squeak"
"Boing, Boing, Squeak"
"A bouncing mouse lives in my house, it's been there for a week"
"Boing, Boing, Squeak"!

I was put in mind of it with all this chat we've all been having about windmills and mouses!!!  (Well, we were last week!!)   And before you say that more than one mouse is mice.... well, why then don't we say 'hice' instead of houses?? ROFL  Remember that there cartoon?  The one where the saying goes.... 'I love those meeces to pieces'???  Wasn't it Jinxy about Pixie & Dixie??

Oh, I'se full of wit today I'se is!! VBG  It's cos I've spent the last 4 days playing at driving the car and telling teenagers off!!! (whole other story, that....)

Anyway, here's  a Morgan Mouse just to prove I don't have anything agin 'em.... not that I could with 3 cats in the house!!  Got up the other morning (just before we went away....) to find 4 of them laid out on the doorstep as presents!!  All in bits!!! Wonderful!! Thanks Mogs!!  Anyway, Morgan Mouse is my version!! I say my version because.... I've been a naughty Pigmini & missed a ring & chain at the bottom so her tail is skewwhiff!!!!  Morgana is being made on a button cos I hasn't got any of them there oojawhatsits!!   Well I have, but BC3 ain't returned from her holiday yet, and I don't know where she put them!!

Chat later!!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Why is it that....

EWhen you put men in charge they get it wrong?  Yesterday on the way up we decided to get a takeaway coffee n bun and have it in the car whilst waiting for Sirs mate to join us.... 

Not that far to the car but on the way the heavens opened.... Monsoon weather!! Sir had decided to take charge of the buns and a few other bits and I carried the coffees.... Stood one cup on the lid of the other.... to open the car door.... Top cup tipped....

There is now part of my anatomy that can't stand its usual hold in place underwear because there's a blister where no self respecting blister should be!  Not telling you what the lads said.. suffice to say it had something to do with robins, ice packs and bluetits!!  Aren't men 'orrible?!?

Anyhow, I'm now sitting outside a cafe in Hawes with a coffee and a scone and sir better not get his socks wet coz mine got  brought instead of his spare ones! Serve him right if he did!! Vbg! Off back to tat in a minute!!

Chat soon!

Friday, 1 August 2014

It's Yorkshire Day

Have a Great Yorkshire Day to anyone from Yorkshire! I made a Yorkshire Rose for Yorkshire Day!! Well to be more precise... It's an East Yorkshire Rose because that's where we live!! It's my design and its only taken me about 4 or 5 months to get it right!! Lol. Eeh, it wor 'ard work it wor'!!

Now I suppose I'd better sort out the pattern so I can read it!! Lol. It could take a while because I'll have to work out what I did!! Didn't think to take notes!! Crazy Yorkshire OG that I am! Told you my BC3 had 'done a bunk'!  Just discovered summat funny.... you 'as to wait till after 8am to publish a post for it to actually show on the right day!!  And doan't save it as a draft.... cos it posts as the day you saved it!!! Crackers or what????  I mean.... if you wrote it 6 days ago, do you want it publishing 6 days ago?? VBG

Now, I've been set another challenge... and it involves a frame for a bangle... so if you see BC3 please send her home but don't tell her I gotta design for her to think about... She'll never come back if you do!!!  She'd better return today as we're going camping tomorrow till Tuesday.... Sir and his mate are walking in a wiggly line on Sunday & Monday and yours truly has been designated as 'ferry-woman'! (Well.... Sheepses don't walk in straight lines on hillsides do they?? Vbg) and the moggsies is being fed by Young Sirs girlfriend!!

What do you mean... "Are the shuttles coming along?"  As if they'd get left behind... and have to go begging on the street for food! There are times I wish I could draw... Shuttles with arms n legs and a begging bowl for scraps... You see it too?? Good!! Means I'm not the only bonkers tatty person out there!  Note to self... Don't forget the to pack the thread scraps to feed the shuttles with!! Rofl

Chat later!