Saturday, 31 October 2015

All Hallows Eve

The night when the Witches and Spooky things Roam!!!

Now, 2 years ago I shared this pic of Li'l Miss,

and another one last year.... the bottom two are this years contributions!!  All taken by that there Professional Photographer.... otherwise known as Mummy!!!

Wonder what she'll wear next year??  Me??  Don't be silly.... she can't wear Granny!!!!  Rofl

I want the colourful pumpkin in the middle!!!  You can see how much they change can't you??

Chat soon

Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Guess What.....  I've got some pics to share!!!  YEAY!!  Never mind sitting there thinking 'Oh No'!!  I heard you!!! VBG

First up is a bracelet that I took on 'olidays to Tenerife!!  Forgot I'd not shared it!! (Naughty Pigmini!!)  It was done from that pattern that that Tatty OG shared not so long since.... the one that started off life as a bookmark!!

Falling leaves and some beads from me stash!!

What else....  Well, Li'l Miss was 2 on Saturday!!  We had a grand party on Sunday for her!!  Mummy & Daddy threw this wonderful party with a bouncy castle and lots of food!!  Dandan made baby apple muffins which were dairy free!!  First up, here's her birthday cake:

RaRa the Noisy Lion made by Mummy!!!! 

Now that Bouncy Castle had 'Little Tikes' written on the front of it.... guess who was inside.... No not me!!  Daddy the Big Tike!!! along with Li'l Miss!!

Naughty Daddy!!! Rofl

Anyway, 'nuff from moi!!

Chat soon!! Promise!!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


For some reason this didn't upload yesterday!!!

Culture shock at 3am.... Left Tenerife in temperatures of around 24 deg C.... 7 and rain in Doncaster!!! Yuk!! We tried persuading the crew to turn around and go back!!! Lol

No tatty to show you but... I will answer a few bits and show you a couple of pics!!

Li'l Miss doesn't go on hols with Babam (grandpa) and Dandan (grandma)!! Wonderful names aren't they?? I loves being Dandan!! See her at the weekend tho because she's been charming us for 2 years on Saturday!!

Anyways... Pics:

Main pool all lit up at night!! Gorgeous isn't it??

Now the next one is a liccle different!!

Not the guy in the front but I spotted a tatty OG behind... The one in blue with her back to you!! Coffee on table and tatting in hand!! Vbg does luv me coffee!!

Both of these have been 'borrowed' from the complex FB page!! Must admit that the second one dates from May when we were out there!!

Now we're back in chilly ole blighty!! Brrrr!!!

Off to makes coffee!!

Chat soon!!

Monday, 19 October 2015

Ever had

The impression that the powers that be are working against you??

Just writ a full post on me phone at the poolbar in Tenerife and me phone crashed without saving!! How annoying is that!?? Grrr!!

Sir and I are out here for a weeks r &r and I'm sitting T the poolbar with a beer and me tatting.... This tatting if you must know!!

Oops you can see me sunglasses as well!!

Anyways I just made a mastike!! Look:

A twist in the wrong place!! Attracts attention tho!!! Peeps either know 'granny' did it or 'never heard of it'!! About right!! At least I didn't get the 'is it crochet??' So far anyway!!

So... Didja miss me. ?? Seems ages since I posted!

'Nuff from moi!! Chat soon!!