Monday, 29 February 2016

I've Been a Busy Bee!!

Hi All... Yes I know it's been quiet on Pigmini Blog... but I've had loads to do as well as Sir having the 'flu and a MASSIVE lung infection that reduced his blood oxygen levels down to critical!!

Want to see what I've been doing??

Well, I got set a sort of a challenge on the design front and this is what I came up with:

  This one was just plain and then...

A beaded button version!!

Chat soon

Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Todays post has nothing to do with Tatting.  It's a celebration of the life of Megan.  Megan was the 12 year old labrador belonging to my Crazy Dutch friend and her lace bobbin turning husband.  She unfortunately passed away after a major heart attack whilst out on a walk with Mike yesterday.

Meg was one of those full of life dogs that one comes across sometimes.  Always happy to see people (particularly if she thought she could persuade them to give her a big biscuit or even a little biscuit!!).  Bouncing up to the door and barking to let the whole world know that a friend had come to visit her... not her humans you understand... just visit her!!  Distinct shades of 'It's my Fuss Time so just give me a scratch and a rub round the ears... no I did NOT give you permission to stop!!'  When we get together to make lace I'm usually the first there, closely followed by Jill, another lab owner who Meg was absolutely certain would have more than 2 'treats' in her pocket... one for as soon as Jill got to the door, and one at coffee time!  'Let me make certain you aren't telling me that your pockets are empty.'  Lickety Split (my nickname for her) would tell you it was time for an apple, or a banana, or a walk, or a big biscuit.... and she knew the time as well!!

Anyway... she is with us no more... I'm sure wherever she is, she's bouncing up to people she hasn't yet met and saying... 'This ear first, now the back, now this ear, no don't stop... and are you absolutely certain you don't have a treat in that pocket??' and still looking for pussy cats in the gardens, they'd always gone over the fence by the time she realised!!

RIP Megan.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Final Day of the 2016 TIAS

Now I know you're all unhappy that the TIAS has come to an end... I know I am!!  Harvey Campbell is definitely a Pooka, but one that is going to need LOTS of friends.... a whole warren of Pookas in fact!!  This should keep us all busy for a few months while Jane has chance to catch her breath and then decide on next years TIAS!!!

Want to see him??

Had to share this conversation with a certain Tatty OG in the last day or so....  However, before I do... the pic I showed on the Day 13 was of Brer Rabbit at the Carrot Patch!!  I also found a story of Brer Rabbit online here!!

Remember that she told Patricia and I that we weren't 'allowed to be cruel to bunnies?  Yes???  Over on the TIAS on the day before Day 13 and again today she said it!!!  No hunting or stewpots she said!!!

Well, this is how the email conversation went afterwards....

Me:     I wouldn't put him in a stew pot.... Haven't got one big enough!! A nice warm short crusty blanket will do just fine!!!!

Jane:    Poor, poor rabbit.  I'm going to report you to the NSPCR right NOW.

Me:      Ok... I promise to give him plenty of carrots to eat while he's getting warm under the blanket!! How's that????

Jane:    Better

Me:      Ok.... then I can get him to  dive into a fragrant 'mud' bath and cover him up with that blanket!!!

Jane:     You are SOOOOO cruel.  Off to report you!!!!!

Me:       I am happy to keep the bunny bath on the stove for a while to keep it warm till he has got extra carrots... I'll even put extra portions in for him... Then when he's ready for that fragrant mud bath and crusty 'towel'.... He'll jump right is without even being pushed!!!

Jane:      Is that what they call a 'bunny boiler'?!?!?!?

Now which one of us is the most 'mentally on a seesaw??" Rofl!!

Chat soon

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Nearly There

With the Tat it and See for this year and my Pooka Harvey can be seen here getting ready for a visit to the carrot patch!!  He's waving to us all and asking if we want any nice fresh carrots from The garden before he eats them all!!

Will tell you more about his antics another day... Suffice to say he will need a bath when he's finished!!

Chat soon

Friday, 5 February 2016

Harvey Campbell

Is a Pooka!! A pooka is described on Wikipedia here, as a creature of folklore... and the similarities between mine and what's described are the shapeshifting into a Rabbit and the luminous Gold eyes!!!

Some of you may also remember the 1950's film 'Harvey' starring James Stewart whose pooka was a 6 foot tall rabbit named Harvey!!!  Hence the first name of my rabbit.... his second name is given to him by Maureen, who says he has to be known as Campbell because he's primarily tomato soup coloured!!!

Anyway, here's the pic:

 Oh, and My Puca (Pooka) is benevolent... unless he gets loose in Janes thread stash.... he may well then be a 'little tea leaf' (cockney rhyming slang for thief!!) Rofl or if he's ignored for a long period of time.

Chat soon

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Day 11

Boo is definitely a 'WereRabbit'... If it wasn't for the fact he don't fit I'd swear he'd try to hide behind shuttles!! Vbg

You can see here he's inching under that purple shuttle... Either that or he thinks its a purple carrot!! Lol. Mind you, he's the right colour for hiding in the carrot bed!!

Yesterday I was playing with Li'l Miss... Building!!  

I asked what we were building.... Her reply??  Bricks!!! The mind of a 2 year old!! I'm still laughing!!

Chat soon