Saturday, 23 July 2016


What happened on Friday?? Must admit you lot are not very nosy at the moment are you???? LOL

Well, between Wednesday and Friday I got 3 bouquets of flowers, an orchid (that I've no idea how to look after), 8 boxes of choccies, a 'Body Shop' goodie bag AND a bottle of wine!!!  Why??? Because yesterday this Tatty OG did her very last 'full time' lollypopping!!!  I'd had enough!  So I handed in me notice to leave.  16 years of being out in all weathers, in traffic fumes, ignorant car drivers that refuse to stop even though it's a pedestrian crossing, etc.... is enough to get anyone mad!!!  Between that and not having enough time to 'shop' in town during the day, during the week, or not being able to go for a 'girlie' lunch without clock watching, and having to take holidays when there are loads of OP's kids around AND I have to pay over the odds to do it is just silly!  So, I quit!  I'll happily stand in for if others are off, but it'll be on my terms not theirs!

I guess that means I'm essentially 'retired'!

Last night we went to Classics in the Park! Hull symphony orchestra, soloists, a rendition of some Shakespeare, and the park  version of Last night of the proms! 

Sir got rather merry... Not surprised after a bottle of beer and a bottle of wine! Me? Designated driver!! No alcohol!!!

Right off to play some more with beads for that bracelet set!!

Chat sokn

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Summer's Arrived!!!

Well, in our corner of Yorkshire it has anyway.... temperatures of 30 deg C no less!!!  20 - 22 at night makes it warm for sleeping!  Today the temperature is a little less, but not much, and it's cloudy so we can expect thunderstorms later!!

In a few weeks we're off on a coach trip to Lake Garda and Venice!  Well, a girl (or even a very tatty OG) needs jewels to wear doesn't she???  Of course she does!!!  So, I've made a start on a Starry Button Bracelet, earwigs and pendant to go with a summer dress Sir bought me a couple of months ago!!

Want to see??

Well.... before I show you I've something to tell you.... Li'l Miss announced to Danny (me) and Granpa that she's going to be a 'Big Sista' in January!!!  So then this Danny (Granny) will be sharing pics of 2 scraps!!! LOL

Ok... here goes on the jewels....

Summer Fun Lizbeth, dark blue silver lined beads, silver beads, pink silver lined beads, green beads, white buttons and lilac beads!!!

Looking forwards to Friday... but I'm not telling why!!  You really want me to say???  Tough!!  Nope!!! My lips are sealed!  You'll just have to wait!!

Chat later

Thursday, 14 July 2016


Birthday to meeee for yesterday!! Must show you the card Young Sir gave me...

Then he put on the inside that its got to be 5 different, and not 5 bottles!!! Cheeky beggar!

Sir gave me a new radio and Young Sir bought me a Japanese Acer for the garden!

No tatting to show you tho...

Chat soon