Saturday, 22 June 2013

Jo's Bracelet!!

Hi All

Miss me????  Now I seem to remember saying something about Tenerife.... well I took four shuttles with me.  The thread cutter posed slightly more of a challenge... as when we travel we travel just with hand luggage size rucsacs!!!  No scissors allowed on planes is there??  What did I do??? Nail clippers!!! Challenge Sorted!! LOL

I'd wound the shuttles with thread before I set off and 'joined them together'.  That meant that I could work in peace without worrying about losing a shuttle and having to wait a week till we got back home!!

Now for those of you that are nosey.... this is the view from our balcony:

The weather was overcast for most of the week, but the UV still burns folks so you still need the suncream!  Visited our favourite restaurant down on the seafront, overlooking La Gomera and watched the sun go down most evenings with a sangria.... wine and free pudding to boot!!! VBG

Anyway, back to those shuttles....

In a previous post I mentioned a new group that had formed.... they'd organised a swap.... and this is what I've sent:

The pattern is one of Jane Eboralls (inevitably.... cos they're clear and easy to understand!!)  The link is here.  Think I'll have to make one for me as well!! LOL

Nearly forgot to mention, the thread is all Lizbeth - yellow, white, jelly bean, and turquoise twist.  The beads are size 9 variegated seed beads.

Chat soon, off to wind thread folks!! Now I just HAVE to make one for me!!