Tuesday, 17 December 2013

It's nearly.....

... nope... I'm NOT going to say it!!! LOL  We're still a Christmas Free Zone here in Casa Pigmini!!  No tree, no cards up.... yet!!  Weekend is soon enough!! VBG

Now today I've got LOTS to share....  First up is this 'snowflake' from Jennifer Williams blog (can't remember if I have shared it before, but still...) tatted in Pineapple Parfait from Lizbeth and the beads would be DMC 9's....  It's now winging its way to America....

Next is 'the tree', from Jane Eborall.... must try it on a button as well!! LOL

Then there's one that i received from a friend out in America.... isn't Dorcas's camel just gorgeous??  That means I have to put the tree up to have somewhere to put him!!!  The card is from her as well and is hand made!!  What a talented lady!!

Not sharing any more today.... going to keep you in suspense!!! VBG... oh ok then, but it's NOT tatting!!  Can't resist giving you another peek at my granddaughter!!  There she was handing out smiles to me while we were 'chatting' about how Santa has help from Rudolf and they sometimes leave presents at Granny & Grandpa's house!!! LOL

Chat soon

Sunday, 8 December 2013

It's nearly Christmas!!

Hi All

I feel as if I haven't been on here for Months!! After this last week, maybe it was.... let me explain....

Last Thursday was himself's birthday and I'd planned the day - coffee & cake out at the cafe for elevenses and possibly lunch there as well, leave food for son so he didn't starve in the evening, while we went to our favourite pub for a meal.  I'd drive so he could have a drink!! Sound reasonable?  I thought so too!

The day started badly when the syphon on the cistern to the loo packed in.... no chance of flushing the loo.... Sir went to get a new syphon so it could be fixed.  That put paid to the nice time at the cafe....  then my phone rang.... Floodline!!  We live in a category 3 floodplain, although the sea defences have recently been strengthened.... "be prepared for possible flooding this evening.... important docs & valuables upstairs...."  I spent the next few hours calling all the floodwardens (I'm the coordinator) and putting them on standby.  All was sorted and ready, even tho there was a minor flood in the bathroom from the cistern....

5pm the phone called again.... Floodline again!! Be prepared for evacuation!!  Aaargh!!!  Meal out the window then!! High tide due around 8pm!  Then the Flood Warden incident room called, " are the flood defence gates closed yet? Please check"  That was the last time I was in the house for the evening!  Gates were locked in time (phew!!), however, consulting with Emergency Officers and the Police, we decided we were probably going to be flooded as two areas further downstream already were....

Open evacuation centres, possible 3 - 500 people affected, get all information together to make sure food, drink, blankets etc would be available....

We missed being flooded by just a few inches...(thank heavens for that).... eventually we were stood down from the potential disaster at lunchtime on Friday.... I feel so sorry for those in the area and other areas that were flooded out, and I'm still trying to wind down!!

So.... no tatty bits to show you!!  However.... these are just 2 internet pics from here

Hard to believe that the foreground of both was under water on Thursday night!!

Chat soon


Monday, 18 November 2013

Christmas Tatty!!!

Now this is all Janes BC3's fault.... (well I've got to blame someone somewhere.... LOL)  You see a few weeks ago she put up a new pattern on her website....

When we went to see my mother in law yesterday, there's an 'old fashioned' department store round the corner... they sell everything from gardening stuff to baby clothes, furnishings to crafty bits, and lots of things in between!!! (Yes, it's linked so you can be nosey... they've been in Hull for as long as I can remember, in fact, I think they started here.) Anyway, these star beads found their way into my basket!! I'd only gone in for velcro!!! Came out with star sequins, star beads, velcro, knitting needles (for my granddaughters cardi) Needing something to make to go with the beads, and having some thread already on bobbins along with beads and the pattern....

So, in between lunch and tea it just had to be created!!  Now I've got to wind shuttles again for the 3D snowflake!!  Great pattern isn't it??  It may well end up being either on my Christmas Tree or on someone else's... haven't decided yet!! VBG

Chat later!!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Tatty Granny!!

That's me!!! LOL  I've been up to all sorts of things since we last chatted.... cuddles, tatting, beadwork, bit of bobbin lace.... I might add that nothing is finished!!!  No surprise there then I hear you say!! Anyway, thought I'd share a few pics with you....

First of all, my beautiful granddaughter Aurelia... here she is all ready for a walk with Mummy!!  Get the impression I'm still smitten with her?? VBG

Then there are some pics from our recent lace group meeting... we were making lace and wire flowers, and also there are some pics of works of art by our members!!

Some of the 'snowflakes' are tatted, some are bobbin lace.  The cone opens out to reveal a square box in the centre.  The lady making lace was worked by the mum of one of our members years ago, and has been passed down as the worker is unfortunately with us no longer.  The bottom photo is a sample of milanese lace by a friend of mine.  She made the pattern up as she went along!!  Great isn't it??

Anyway, off back to me shuttles now!!

Chat soon!

P.s.  Just as I'd finished this post I got a call from my biker son.... some kind, considerate, so'n'so helped themselves to his bike gloves while he was at work today!!! One of his co-workers!!  He's reported it to the head of the shift, and if he finds out who it was.... heaven help them! They left him to ride the 12 miles back with no gloves!!! Fortunately for him, his sister has hands that are just slightly smaller, and she's given him her old ones!!  Now that's good of a sister, and his old gloves did need replacing... but...

Chat later!

Thursday, 31 October 2013


Evening All

I didn't realise that time had flown that fast!!!  We've been rather busy over the last week... did I hear you ask why??

Well, as you know from a previous post, I said I was going to be a Granny?  Remember that?  Yes?  Well, our beautiful little granddaughter arrived last Thursday afternoon and she's gorgeous!!!  As today is Halloween, you're just going to HAVE to meet the Pumpkin Thief....

That's Daddy!!!!  Mind you, I'd have done the same thing if I'd seen this....

wouldn't you?

Because of all of this I don't think I have anything new to show you, I did get some old tatting booklets and some shuttles at Pudsey Lace Fair.  A good fair, also bought a fabric panel to make a baby fabric book (remember those?) for my beautiful pumpkin....

Oh well, that's all for now folks, I could go on all night, but I think you'll agree this was worth digressing from the tatting for a few days/weeks....

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Day 2 of Sherry's TIAS

Hi Folks

Well, I eventually managed to do day 2's offering just after breakfast on day 3!!  Well, Sherry is in the US so it was probably still day 2 over there!! LOL

Here's what it looks like so far....

Love the colours!!  It's Rainbow Taffy by Lizbeth.  Think I mentioned that the other day.... but I think it's going to be a favourite thread! VBG.  I feel earrings coming on as well.... diamond ones could look good in it, with beads round the edge.... setting myself off drooling again and I'm supposed to be cooking lunch!  Son has to start work at 4pm until 2.30am tomorrow!  He needs a meal before he leaves here around 3.15pm to get there!

Where's me spare shuttles.... (dilemma.... shuttles or cook, cook or shuttles....??)

Chat soon

Monday, 23 September 2013

New Tat It And See

Hi Folks

Sherry over on Tatting Tales has just created a new Tat it and see.  Today is day one!!  Here's what I've done so far....

I think it's a flying flower necklace at the moment!! VBG  Bet I'm way off tho!!   The thread is Lizbeth Rainbow Taffy, that and the picot gauge came from Roseground here in the UK.  The tatting shuttles and picot gauge are now sitting on the coffee table waiting impatiently for the next thrilling episode!!!

So .... as they say.... watch this space!!

Now what else have I been up to??  Making chutney with plums out of my Mother in Laws garden!  Cuddling the cat that is currently trying to help me type, and sorting my son out ready for an induction into a new temp job tomorrow.  More about that another day, maybe....

Anyway, back to my shuttles - still have to finish off the hankie edging, almost half way round now!!

Chat soon


Saturday, 14 September 2013

Back to School Tatting.

Back again quite quickly!  It's our daughter and son in laws 2nd wedding anniversary in September, and when they got married they gave every guest a small packet of sunflower seeds.  Her theme for the wedding was Sunflowers, she carried them, they were on tables, the wedding cake, etc.  Well, last year one came up out of 4 that we planted.. so I took a photo of it to make into a card for their 1st anniversary.  So, we were hoping that 2 would grow this year....  I've now decided that sunflowers are very contrary things!!  2 didn't grow.... 3 did!!! (Well, Kyra is expecting isn't she??) One of them is massive and has multiple flowers on it!

I may just have to tat Jane's sunflower to retaliate!!!

Anyway, it was back to school week last week.  The little ones started in either a morning or an afternoon for the first 2 weeks.  On Monday they start full time!!  Some of them look so tiny that you are sure they're too young!!  Anyway, it got me thinking about friends and friendship bracelets.  I know how to make them macrame style, scoobidou style, lucet style.... how's about tatted style??

Split rings!!!!

 I've got the one on the left on my wrist as we speak!! (and half of one that looks like the middle one... I ran out of thread!!) It was done in 20 Lizbeth spring garden, and an old Twilleys 20 variegated pink, and happened to be what I had left on my shuttle!  the second was a valdani fine (similar to 80 DMC) and done with 2 strands together on each shuttle, and the third was 1 strand valdani, 1 strand venus 70 and 1 strand dmc 80, with the other side a 20 Lizbeth!  Fun to do and dont take long to make!!  Fundraisers for stuff, here I come!!!!

Now as I have 'permission' to show you tattysawus.... my own personal tatty bug from Jane Eborall... here he is:


Another thing I did was to make some flowers for a cardmaking friend.... another great way to use up me bits!

Oh, I'm thrifty I am!! LOL  well, it's either that or crazy (my BC3 has gone off somewhere and it's not visiting Jane.... I checked!!VBG)

Also, I'd found a pattern, can't remember where, but it sounded fun and uses just one shuttle.... I added beads and am considering making another one for earrings.... and now it definitely is someone else's fault... I've started tatting the Fandango hankie edge in the Valdani 35 wt!!!  And Jane blames me for her working it now.... LOL

Oh well, back to doing something less constructive than computer trawling or tatting.... housework??


Friday, 13 September 2013

Summer Holidays and Pups and Campsites!!

Miss me??  Feel as if I've been missing 'since forever'!! LOL  Been up to all sorts of things, including house sitting those puppies and their mum & dad and Great Uncle.... The family went abroad on holiday and, of course, no kennels would take Mum with the pups.... so yours truly ended up with the job!!  Back and forth for 2 weeks, including sharing staying there for the night with my son.... mind you they were funny in the garden at times!  This is Darcy (blue roan) and Charlie (orange roan)  A few seconds later Charlie was chewing Darcy's tail!!!

Also, we went to the Cotswolds for a week, camping.  We treat ourselves to a new tent!!  This one:

It's an Outwell 3 man, so perfect for 2 people who like some comfort!!  The red chair is MINE!!!! (There's a net 'pocket' in the arm, perfect for putting balls of thread and tatting shuttles!!) While we were there we met up with Jane Eborall, and there should be a photo here.... however Chris still has not sorted it from his camera!  Men!!!!  We had fun in Stratford, walking along the river and had a coffee in the Theatre Cafe.  Great to meet up with you Jane!!!!  I gotta bug!!!  Jane, can I show them the tatty bug???

I started tatting Jane's twirly doily while we were there.... I'd got so far with it when Chris let some water into the tent.  Not enough to soak everything, just one of my balls of cotton!!!!  It dried out in the chair 'pocket' during the day! Of course, while it was still wet I needed it.... so I decided to do the Fandango square instead!!

Think I'll make another one and make them into a pair of earrings!!  However, as soon as the cotton had dried out I got on with the doiley!!  Here it is minus its outside edge.... which is still waiting!!

It was fun to do, however will someone please teach me to always check that I have the pattern in my head BEFORE I start a round, and not to go off in my own sweet way and completely miss joins!!!! You know the feeling.... 'I understand this, tat, tat, tat for quite a few hours.... oops, that doesn't look right.... oh no!! missed those joins right from the second repeat!!! Drat!! and spend the next 7 hours undoing what you'd done!!

Anyway, next instalment of what I've been up to following soon!!


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Cards and Rain and Tatting!!

Well Folks, it's been raining here this morning!!  Not heavy rain, just drizzly, so not enough to really wet the garden, but hopefully it will have done a bit of good!  We had a thunderstorm last night that was rather fierce.... but no rain!!!

So... today is my friend Melissa's birthday.  I suddenly remembered last night, after we'd been swimming with daughter and bump!  I found a decoupage image on the 'net (but don't ask me where.... I can't remember....) and decided to use it on an ATC sized card for her.  For those that don't know, ATC stands for Artists Trading Card and is the same size as the average playing card.  They are given away or swapped and must never be sold!!  Also, you never make 2 exactly the same!

Anyway, this is the card I've just delivered to her:

Also, over the weekend (Thursday evening and Friday....) I started a mat out of the ROT 30th Anniversary Pattern book.  Got to the end of the first repeat and realised I'd made a mistake at the beginning!!  Hating to throw thread away, I untatted it!!!  started again, got to the end of the first repeat and this time the mistake was half way through!!!  Undid it again on Sunday.... I'm now almost at the end of the third one as you can see, and now need to replace my brown thread....

Patricks girlfriend is staying with us at the moment, Jade is a brilliant artist!  She's made me a birthday card and forgot to bring it.... can't wait till Patrick goes back through there and picks it up!!  I understand its got owls on it.... My favourite!!

I also meant to purchase one of Jane Eboralls shuttles at the weekend.... got busy and promptly forgot all about them!!  They're all sold now!  Will have to try harder as they said on my school reports.... LOL

We're going to a coffee morning on Thursday with another friend.... I've been good and baked a cake.... forgot about it.... think my middle name is Alfred!!  Well, he was Great.... VBG  Anyway, I'll have to make another one tomorrow.... can't take that one with me!!  Will scrape off the top and serve it with custard or something for a pudding!!  That means I'll have to make strawberry muffins as well tomorrow....  Serves me right for forgetting because I got involved with me tatting!!!

Hey ho... back to the stove, and preparing some more strawberries for jam.... and muffins of course!!

Chat soon!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Why did I???

... let Chris (my dearly beloved husband) grow so MANY strawberry plants???  I've now got to 17 pots of home made strawberry jam and I'm getting fed up of the smell!!!!  Sound reasonable??  Hottest day of the year and I'm slaving over a hot stove!!  Waiting for it to get to setting point now... (5th panfull in 2 days!!)

Anyway, in between stirring jam and waiting for it to set... I've been doing this:

The pattern came from Jane McLellan's blog... and I replaced the picots with beads.... I'm going to put beads on both ends and make it into a bracelet.  Evidently it is one of Jane Eboralls patterns originally!!  I was going to just carry on, but I ran out of black and could not find the encouragement to get some more out and refill the shuttle!!  Will post a pic again when its finished!!  The thread is Lizbeth black and Spring Garden both in 20 with beads from my stash.  I'm never sure what the beads are, I get packets of seed beads and put them in my storage tubs and forget what they are!! LOL

Oh, and as it was my birthday last weekend.... I am now the proud owner of 30 years of Tatting from the Ring of Tatters!!  AND a subscription to the ROT pattern a month club for this year and last years patterns!!  Howzat for a present??  The book arrived this morning and I nearly burned the jam!!  Talking of which....

Oh well, back to the jam and the hot stove!!

Chat soon!

PS  after 'chatting with Jane E and BC3, it's not one of hers.... it is all Jane Mc's work... think the heat got to me today... probably the jam pan and the smell of strawberries!!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

And a Second One!!

Evening all!  Remember the bracelet I made for Jo??  Her sister in law - Melissa - is a good friend of mine  (we were away with Melissa, Pete & the kids and Harley way back at the start of this blog)  Harley has been one VERY naughty boy.... they'd got Misty, a slightly older female Cocker Spaniel, and just after they got her.... she came into season!!  Harley had his wicked way and the result was 6 bouncing babies!! 5 blue roan and one orange roan!!  It called for a card didn't it??  Not too good at making cards, however, this is the result after an hour!!  5 blue and one orange!! LOL

Anyway, back to tatting, after making the bracelet for Jo I decided I just HAD to make one for me!!  And it HAD to tone with at least one pair of earrings!!

This time I decided that the 'inside' had to be plain and the outside variegated.  Not content with that I also decided that it had to be four different colours!!  Well, if it's four different colours then it will go with 2 pairs of earrings... one of which isn't yet made!!  Another pair of earrings will be in my 'to do' book!! LOL

Anyway, here's the result:

Spring Garden, Jelly Bean, Orange and white with variegated beads from my stash... not saying I have a lot of beads but....  VBG

I also realised that I'd got a lot of Turquoise Twist on my shuttle from Jo's bracelet.... guess what I made....  Yep, that's right... Earrings!!!

So now I'm making a flower.... a lily, at least that's what I'm supposed to be making.... then it will just have to be Jelly Bean and Orange earrings!!!

Everywhere I go I get compliments on the earrings!!  We were demonstrating Lacemaking at a Garden Centre on one of the hottest days of the summer so far!!!  Anyway, I was demonstrating tatting and explaining to people how to make Bobbin Lace (a simple 'torchon' fish for those that are interested!!)  the number of compliments I got about the earrings and bracelet were amazing!!  One day I'll put up a pic of me wearing them.... that's when I can persuade someone that I'm not about to break their camera whilst they're taking it!! LOL  Some people recognised tatting and tatting shuttles, but not that many!!  with any luck we'll get some new members in Wolds Lacemakers, then they can learn (if I can manage to teach them that is.... be being a 'golly-hander' and all!!  VBG  Golly-hander means left handed for those that don't know!!

Anyway, back to me shuttles!!

Chat soon

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Jo's Bracelet!!

Hi All

Miss me????  Now I seem to remember saying something about Tenerife.... well I took four shuttles with me.  The thread cutter posed slightly more of a challenge... as when we travel we travel just with hand luggage size rucsacs!!!  No scissors allowed on planes is there??  What did I do??? Nail clippers!!! Challenge Sorted!! LOL

I'd wound the shuttles with thread before I set off and 'joined them together'.  That meant that I could work in peace without worrying about losing a shuttle and having to wait a week till we got back home!!

Now for those of you that are nosey.... this is the view from our balcony:

The weather was overcast for most of the week, but the UV still burns folks so you still need the suncream!  Visited our favourite restaurant down on the seafront, overlooking La Gomera and watched the sun go down most evenings with a sangria.... wine and free pudding to boot!!! VBG

Anyway, back to those shuttles....

In a previous post I mentioned a new group that had formed.... they'd organised a swap.... and this is what I've sent:

The pattern is one of Jane Eboralls (inevitably.... cos they're clear and easy to understand!!)  The link is here.  Think I'll have to make one for me as well!! LOL

Nearly forgot to mention, the thread is all Lizbeth - yellow, white, jelly bean, and turquoise twist.  The beads are size 9 variegated seed beads.

Chat soon, off to wind thread folks!! Now I just HAVE to make one for me!!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

A New Forum Folks

Hi All....

I've been invited to a new forum.... http://simplypersonalized.freeforums.net/  It's not been running long and bet you can't guess what my name is on there..... VBG

Why not come along and join us?  It's fun and any craft goes!!!

Take a look!!

My First Design

Well Folks, it's been a while since I posted something but I've been working hard!!

I had a challenge to meet... to design a piece of tatting!  Now, as it was for our local lace group I decided to design the Rose of East Yorkshire.  It took around 20 attempts until I got it as I wanted it, and I apologise in advance for the photograph... it was rather dark when I took it with my phone!  I'll replace the picture as soon as I remember!

Anyway, here it is:

See what I mean?  I'll work out how to put the pattern in as well, it's stored on this computer as a .pdf and I'm not sure how to insert it but I will figure it out at some point!

For those of you that play around on the 'net, this is the East Yorkshire Rose as opposed to the Yorkshire Rose.  If it was the other way up it would be the White Rose of Yorkshire!

Anyway, that's it in all its glory... maybe I'll replace the picture, or maybe I'll put up a new one tomorrow when I can play with my new iphone in daylight!  You'll just have to wait and see!!

Now I'm going to make a bracelet (Jane's Celtic one....)  Wait till you see it!!  Mind you, I've just realised that I've got the beads on the wrong shuttles!! LOL

There's no hope for me!!!! VBG

Saturday, 4 May 2013

And Even More!!!

Well Folks, it's official that I'm to be a Granny!!! My dear Daughter has finally put it on her Facebook page!!!!  What's she put??  'Adrian is having a baby and I think it might be mine!!' LOL

Anyway, I was playing around with thread and beads the other night, and also discovered a pattern by Jeanne Lugert.  Don't ask me where I found it because I can't remember!!  I'll update when I do!! VBG (put it down to this 'ere halloween/bonfire baby... ROTFL)

Thanks to Ladytats... The link to this pattern is here!!

This is my version of her earrings!:

The thread is Lizbeth Pink Cocoa! and the beads are size 9 seed beads from my stash!!

I've also got hold of a few tatting books now....

Tatting Collage by Lindsay Rogers
Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior
Tatted Handkerchiefs by Kirstine & Inge Lise Nikolajsen
Tatting Patterns and Designs by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson
and last but not least
Elegant Tatting Patterns by Janet Carroll!

I've been 'saving' my Amazon voucher from Christmas, and another one I got.... and spending them slowly folks!!  Mind you, some of the books did come from Roseground when I saw them at Harrogate Lace Fair at the end of March!!

Anyway, think I'll just HAVE to make a pendant to go with them.... beads and shuttle.... Here I Come!!!

Chat soon

Sunday, 14 April 2013

I've just been thinking....

Yes folks I know it's hard to believe but I do do it occasionally!!!  Think I must have 'borrowed' BC3 from Jane!! If you need to know what I'm talking about it's here....

Anyway, I got to thinking.... and ended up looking where I found out how to make clunies!  Well, people had admired them so... I've got the video and you can watch it now if you want!!

Here you are:

Tatting a Cluny Leaf (sorry, not working atm)

Chat soon.... back to me shuttles or something.... maybe a coffee first tho because it's stupidly windy outside and someone decided they had to go out in it!! Can't think who that would be.... VBG


Monday, 8 April 2013

Remember these??

These two items, which have appeared previously, and are both patterns from Jane Eborall, have 'gone to a new home'!

Yesterday, I went to see a friend in the village.  She's an avid dolls house collector and fell in love with 'the tablecloth with the beads' and 'that wonderful side table runner'!  Well, what else could I do? VBG.  Anyway, it gives me an excuse to make some more!! LOL

Here they are in all their glory.

Now, of course, I love miniatures.... so that diamond pattern.... is now shrinking!!  Think I must have mini's on the mind!  I drive one, Kyra is cooking one.... ROTFL, and now I'm tatting one!!  Will show you when it's finished!!

Chat soon

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Grannys' a Star!!!

Ok so maybe not.... but it is my way of telling you all that that is what I'm to be!!! Not so much VBG as HUGE BG!!! LOL  Not while November though, so I've got plenty of time to get used to the idea that I'm sharing a bed with a Grandad! ROTFL  Our daughter & son-in-law announced the news by giving me a box with 'Grandma's are Angels in Disguise' written inside a heart on the outside, and a paper roll on the inside saying that Grandma and Grandad required for around 5th November!!

Right, these diamond earrings I seem to be addicted to.... well, they start off as a set of 6 as shown below.  You can then build it up to more until the mat is as big as you would like it to be!  Thanks for the ideas Jane! (You can see the original pattern here).

Now this is the start of possibly a table cloth.  I've decided that it's a good way of using up relatively short bits of thread!! So, this started off because after I'd done the hankie edge I'd got some green thread left on a shuttle, and when I'd done the motifs I'd got some variegated pink and plain pink!  My excuse and I'm sticking to it!! LOL  When I get fed up of the pattern as earrings, then they may just go on this!! VBG

Anyway, here it is, and you never know it may just 'expand' along with our daughters waistline!!

Monday, 1 April 2013

It's Easter and it's Earrings!!

I seem to have been that busy since my last post.... earrings for Daughter, earrings for me... and I've decided it's all Janes fault this last pair!! ROTFL.  If she didn't design such lovely things I wouldn't be sitting here posting this last pair instead of doing something useful.... like.... tatting?? VBG

Last weekend I was at Harrogate Lace Fair (in the snow).  I only bought a small amount... of thread, books, shuttle....

The thread is Lizbeth and it's such gorgeous colours!  I ended up with Jelly Bean, Mocha Brown, Spring Garden, Bright Orange, and Pink Cocoa!!  All in 20!!  I also got some 80 equivalent Valdani... gorgeous variegated colours, and it will be used for mini knitting (another hobby....) lace, tatting and anything else I can think of!!  I also purchased Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns Book and Tatted Handkerchiefs!!  Oh and Brenda Paternoster's book on Threads.... an invaluable source of what thickness what is!! Brilliant!!  All from Roseground.  Thanks Pat & Pam!!

Anyway, back to these 'ere earrings....  Remember those blue ones??  White with blue beads?  Well they have gone to their new home now.... it's my dear Daughter Kyra's birthday today!!  Yes folks she is an April 1st baby!!  What's more... so is her husband Adrian!!  (oh, and for those that don't know, Kyra is pronounced the 'greek'ish' way.... Key-ra!!)

Earrings.... think I must have a 'thing' about earrings.... LOL.  Can't resist 'em!!  Anyway, there was I perusing Jane's site, when I came across this mat pattern.  Of course, Sue thinks.... this would make an excellent mat!!!  I LOVE colour!!!  Particularly in lace!! Just ask my lace teacher!! VBG  I complain if it has to be black or white or ecru, because that's all I can get hold of!!  Anyway, I do a diamond, realise that the 'outside' thread is thinner than the inside.... do another one and then attach a third one to it.... then I start looking at the design again.... hmmm... thinks to self... this would be good for a tatty earring...., not one pair, but 2... so far!!  And the sister of a friend wants a pair as well!!  Haha!! My first commission!!  No idea what to charge tho.... it will have to wait anyway, because I'll need black, wires, more beads....

The start of a mat

First 2 joined

Now what about earrings?

This is the end result!!!  I'm out of earring wires now !! (Boo.... can't 'finish' more till I get more!!)  I'll just have to start something else.... a bracelet maybe??  Off to peruse me patterns now!! Mind you, that slimming egg is also calling... now where did I put those buttons....

Oh, and I've also done a 'shuttle' it will go onto a little hessian bag I got last week as well.... perfect for carrying me shuttles & thread to class!!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Clunies, Tallies, Leaves....

... Call 'em what you will!!  I'se been playing this morning!!  Well, 'he who thinks he should be obeyed at all times' and a friend have gone to a meeting.... so I'm playing!!  I got up at 5.30 to cook them breakfast, make them coffee etc, so what more can they expect??

Anyway, I learned how to make tatty clunies!!  I can make leaves in bobbin lace, but couldn't work out how to make them with tatting shuttles and thread.  I know now though!!  Oh I'se pleased wiv me liccle self now!!  Mind you, I'll be sitting on the cat if she tries pushing me off my chair again.... while I'm writing this!

Here are the first ones!! First not perfect but I'm really pleased with the second one!  And yes, I did rest it on my mac!! VBG

Off for lunch now....  See you Soon!

Friday, 15 March 2013

And Yet More Earrings!!!

Now maybe someone can explain why it is that when one's daughter visits she immediately requests earrings on the sight of yours??

So it is.... There was I showing 'Madame' my heart earrings.... and I was asked "Are these for me?"  To which I replied "Did you want them?"  I was informed that they were not really her colour.... she prefers blue and silver and wears a lot of it!  So, as she was away for Mothering Sunday, with hubby in Frankfurt and Brussels (his work....), and I was at a Lace Meeting with Wolds Lacemakers I put blue beads on my white thread, and made her a pair!  I had a bit of a challenge.... I had some hearts that were exactly the right colour but didn't look right with the beads, the hearts were too heavy!  So aforementioned friend came to the rescue.... she had some blue 'daggers' in her stash!!  (They make Lace Bobbins and tools, pens, earring stands etc here) Not content with that.... I also made me another pair.... black and white!!

Anyway, here they are in all their glory!

I fell in love with the tatty egg on Jane's Sisters site... so that's next folks!! Just need to find the button!! Hope to find one before Sunday.... Himself is going away for the day with another friend... Just me, my shuttles and the furry fiends!! LOL

Chat soon!!