Friday, 28 November 2014

And Another One....

... I would say 'Bites the Dust' but that'd just be silly!!!! LOL

This is Jon Yusoff's square again, but this time I've added beads.... just to see what happens!!! (or is it because I can??? VBG)

Off to make bacon sarnies shortly.... we've got the bacon and I'm hungry!!!  Have to wait for Sir to bring the bread tho....  They're saying on the TV that it's 'Black Friday' today.... well it certainly is looking at the weather!!  Grey and dull here!!!  Just the sort of weather I detest!!  I like warm n sunny, cold and bright, snowy, but I hate fog, damp, slush.... and grey!!!!

Anyway, I'll show you the first one of this 'ere pattern again so you can see the difference beads make....  Mind you, I don't think the granite tile does it any favours....

Does make it sorta sparkle doesn't it??  I have a 'funny feeling' that this pattern is going to be a new favourite.... I've got some deep pink/dusky burgundy thread.... now what colour  can I put with it....  Goes off muttering....

Chat soon

Thursday, 27 November 2014



This one is by Robin Perfetti and it was fun to do!! I don't think I've posted it already but the Internet on my computer is playing up so I'm doing this on my phone!!

That's why it's a little post!!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

What??? More Earwigs?????

Not sure how many peeps read yesterdays post.... I know 2 did from the comments!!  Particularly the comment from a certain OG friend of mine....  I know I could change the locks when he's out.... but then I'd have no excuses that he's sleeping in the mornings!!! LOL  (He works evenings, 5pm till after 1am... doesn't get in till after 2am!!) And that means I'd have to do.... W O R K!!!!  Yuk.... makes me shudder just thinking about it!!  I shall have to lie down in a quiet darkened room till the shuddering passes off!! Rofl

I did make these.... can't remember if I showed you them before or not.... but they are being sent to a friend (the relative of another friend) up in Bonnie Scotland!!!  Putting wires on and finishing threads today and they're off!!!

Motto for you today regarding that horrible 4 letter word aforementioned.... In winter it's too cold, spring it's too early, summer is too hot, and autumn it's too late!!!!  VBG  My Dad's 'reasoning'!!!!

Anyway, what have I been up to.... not a lot really!! Finished off the stocking, and it's now awaiting it's final joining together..... Gotta find the beads for the middle of the flakes.... and I've been watching the news about the state of New York with all that snow!! 1.5 metres or so sounds like rather a lot to me.... it'd bury the mini!!!  I'd be making snow tunnels to get to school!!! LOL

I am doing a hanky edging that's now over half way.... (wonders will never cease).... it's one of Jane's.... the Crown edging.... and is one of those 'WIP's' that we come across from time to time....  LOL  It lives in my handbag in a small tub that once held sweets and I scrounged off one of the kids.... the tub is a shuttle in height, and round enough to hold the hanky, 2 shuttles and the edge with one of those tiny crochet hooks from HH!!  Being tatted in a Valdani thread that is around a DMC 80 in thickness, or slightly finer.... both variegated colours!!  Maybe, just maybe I'll share a pic .....

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Sort of snowflake!! This one was a pattern by Jon Yusoff.... Only one element of a mat! I'm still going to use it as a snowflake!! LOL

Forgot to tell you the other week (2 weeks today) that Young Sir passed his bike test.... that means he can ride anything up to a 49bhp (around 600cc) bike!!!  It's set him off looking for a replacement bike!  Now I thought he was saving up for a house.... but it would appear he may well be here a while longer!

Now I wonder what that snowflake is like in 2 colours or with beads..... (walks away muttering about shuttles, beads and thread....)

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Missed me?

RL got in the way over the last week or so. Still... Had to share these with you....

First up is one of Jane E's motifs.... the inside out one!!  The difference is that there's a bead or something going in the middle.... Got a challenge.... some silly OG cut the threads far too short for finishing off!!!!  I'd point you in the right direction 'cept I can't remember where it is!!!  You'll have to read back posts on her blog to find out!!

Second is one from the ROT Pattern of the Month Club.... 'cept I've replaced picots with beads and the top still needs doing....

Anyway, that's my shares.... didn't do any crafty things last week at all!!!

Chat soon