Thursday, 23 June 2016

It's time...

To say goodbye!

A couple of weeks ago we said
goodbye to both Pigmini and Sirs car! I've had Pigmini for 13 years and will miss her, but not her 'stroppy teenage' quirks! I'm hoping she will be a good girl for her new owners!

She may not be with me any more but she will remain in everyone's thoughts... Why? Because I REFUSE to change the name of this blog!!

So... Why the change... Well... Sirs car has just had its first mot and we decided a number of years ago that we wouldn't keep a car beyond that if we could change it!  Pigmini was the exception... But we don't need 2 vehicles really now, so bye bye to 2...

And hello to RJ!!!  Why RJ??  Because I couldn't decide whether the R and the J in the reg stood for Romeo or Juliet!!! LOL

What else?? Well, its jam making season and I'm fighting a losing battle with rotting strawberries before they ripen! Too much wet!!!  So in between I decided to make the patterns in the Ring of Tatters DVD's! Here's the first in the techniques!

I'll share other 'stuff' as I get around to them!!

Chat soon

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Another one done!

Round on that there humongous doily!!! I'll show you:

And another 'motif' for earwigs!  This one is from the Ring of Tatters beading book and DVD!

It's worked in an atlin basak 50... A bit slippery in comparison to lizbeth and the stitches on the chains are not really smooth, but if you hold the stitches between the thumb and forefinger to stop them slipping its not bad, and it looks silky!!! The thread came from tatting and design and is a cone rather than a ball of thread!  Had to be played with!!

Chat soon

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Dontcha just...

Love it when something nice happens?? Last week I called into the parish office and was presented with an envelope from our clerk!! Not sure if it was hers or her mums but....

Here, I'll show you...

Still sealed!!! I offered lessons!!!! Honest!!!

Chat soon