Friday, 26 June 2015

Half Way!!

Half way round that there series of 12!!!

Yes you do know what I'm on about... it's that there Monster Doily!!!  After the shenanigans of the other day when I'd managed to join into the wrong picot (and how!!), I managed to get a Whole Half Way!!! so now I shall be able to see it decreasing!!

Ok.... I'll show you!!

Must get the ends of the last two finished.... VBG  I hates ends!!

Now, as some of you already know.... the weather in the UK summer has been the SAME as the Oz winter!!!  Maybe even colder!!!  However, Mummy discovered this on the Met Office website....

Hotter weather for next week.... let's hope it continues over St Swithins!!!

Chat later!!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


You know what it's like.... we all make 'whoopsies' from time to time!!

Yes we all do!!!  Don't try kidding me!! VBG

There I was last night, sitting tatting the motifs around that there doiley.... not watching fully what I was doing (TV was on), and I discovered this:

How annoyed was I??  Well, you would be wouldn't you?? Yes you would!!  I refused to reach for the snips!!  Left it till this morning and... untatted the mastike!!!! VBG

Over the weekend, we had half an hour of that funny shiny stuff in the sky.... you know, the one that makes everything glitter and feel WARM!!!  It's usually accompanied by fluffy white clouds or blue sky!!! LOL  Anyway, looked on the shed roof....

Yes, it is Loony Luna stretched out on there.... I think she's lying in wait for that there blackbird and pigeon that nick the fruit before it's ripe!!

Young Sir managed Ingleborough in 4 hours 55 minutes and was at the head of the group virtually all the time!!  He got wet tho.... thick cloud!!  His poor long suffering Mum has been presented with the mucky boots!!  He expects me to clean them for him and dubbin them!!!  No chance!!! LOL

Mind you, remember I said he was on the 3 peaks challenge in September.... hands up all those who think I mean Penyghent, Ingleborough and Whernside over in the West of our County of Yorkshire.... (Miss, Me, Me, Me... I think that!!)  Or at least I did till I read the paperwork....  It ain't those 3 peaks at all....

Snowdon, Scafell Pike, and Ben Nevis!!!  That's the 3 peaks!!!

Now you're reeling from shock horror... I'm off to tat!!

Chat soon

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

That's meetings!!

Over for a few weeks!! Last week as well as on duty at school start n leave times and feeding 5 kitties in two different houses I also had meetings on Monday, training on Tuesday, 2 meetings on Wednesday, class on Thursday and all day on Saturday!!! Meeting last night completed the current round for a few weeks!!  Don't think I have another week like that till maybe September!!  So... I might just have a little tatty time!!

We are off into town today because Young Sir needs boots, cagoule, waterproof trousers, walking trousers etc... he's climbing Ingleborough on Saturday, in preparation for a sponsored 3 peaks challenge at the beginning of September!  His work has organised it, people from each of the sites!!  This will challenge his fitness!!

Thought you might like to see what I've done so far on the doiley... 

 A whole motif!! The first of 12!! Think its going to take a while to finish this round!!

Li'l Miss is back now but I just have to share this pic of the littlest paddle boarder ever...

And yes... She can swim!! Somewhere we have underwater pics of her swimming!!

Chat soon!!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Wow!! And What A Week!!!

First of all folks, I've just noticed.... my last post was number 200!!!  200 posts in just a couple of years or so!!!  Phew!! Worked me fingers off to the bone I have!!! LOL

I've had a horrendous week computer wise.... the darn thing would open up a page and promptly freeze.  Log off, log on again and delete open page, open a different file/folder/website or whatever (usually when I'm looking for something stored on the laptop) and.... freeze!!  Move the mouse, click elsewhere.... nothing!!

Got Sir to look, he couldn't fathom it.... he has an account on the laptop, went into his.... everything fine!!  Delete my account, reinstall... same problem!!  Delete, install, check, scream, delete, install, check.... get the picture??

Anyway, late on Saturday night, when we had decided to try installing for the umpteenth time... I was opening programmes and checking.... opened google drive.... Hey Presto.... Freeze!!  Sir went into his account, deleted Google Drive and now my lappy is happy!!!  We were even wondering at one point if the lappy was a scrapper or if it was worth getting a new hard drive for it!

So don't mention Google Drive!!!

Anyway, I thought I'd show you Round 4 of That There Doiley... and this pic of Li'l Miss, they are on holiday back in Spain!!:

She insisted on taking Dolly with her!!

The doiley hasn't really moved from this pic.... I actually have 2 'repeats' of the next round in place!! Only another 10 to go! VBG

I would imagine I'll get there.... eventually!!  However this week is one of the busy ones!! Roll on Summer Holidays!! LOL

Chat soon

Monday, 1 June 2015

Miss Me??

Well, as you know, I've been in Tenerife for a week!! We had fun while we were there!! Did a little tatting, a lot of un-tatting, re-read the pattern, did a little tatting, and then a little un-tatting!!

Before I show you what I did, I must tell you about Morgana.  Now some people wanted to know just HOW Morgana would escape from Barney (if you remember this post)!!  I promise to show you how...

You see she 'hides' underneath the flap!!  You can see her disappearing under there on the picture!! VBG  Not daft these Dutch Mice with their clogs... and they can creep so Barney can't hear her even with her clogs on!!

Li'l Miss is off back out to Spain as we speak!!  Went to see her yesterday morning for a short while.  Played in the garden with a ball, and with some of her toys inside... I'm kitty sitting while they're away!!  Let's hope they have good weather!!

Here she is taking a 'selfie' with Mummy.  Madam doesn't say 'cheese'.... she says 'Cake'!! LOL

Anyway, I've finally managed to finish Round 3 of that there Monster Doiley of Jan Stawatz!!  Here it is... my Wisteria Doiley... so far!!

Before I finish this post, I will show you the apartment in Tenerife... our 'studio' where the beds are in the lounge!!

Here you go!!

Chat soon