Thursday, 29 May 2014

Back Home!!

Hi All

Well, as you saw on some of the pics, I did have fun in Tenerife!!

Now I promised to put up a pic of li'l ol' me with the necklace on.... so.... here you go!!  I was squinting at the sun, that's why the peeps are closed!!!

I do think the necklace is gorgeous that I won over on Umi n Tsuru's blog!!!  I wore it quite a few times while I was out there!!  This was one of the few days when the sun was shining!  Most of the time it seemed to be rather cloudy, but still, it was a holiday!!!! VBG

Some tatting was done whilst out there (of course!!) but.... I can't show you till it's all dunned and gone to its new owner!  (That's 'cos it's a pressie and the new owner may just read my blog!!!!)  Well, I don't want them to see it now do I???

Now what else....

How do you like the 'prickly foot'???

Couldn't resist taking a pic of it!!! LOL  It appealed to this OG's warped SOH!!!

Anyway, must go make a coffee....  Chat soon and I promise to share pics!!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


We've been on Gomera all day today! Weather was mixed as it usually is on Gomera! Misty on the top and warm at sea level!

This is heather believe it or not! Dandelions 4 ft high as well! Amazing!

Believe it or not I'm writing this on the ferry back to Tenerife!

Home tomorrow 😒 but I'm looking forward to seeing the cats again!

Chat soon!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Trying this out!!

Ok folks, we're in Tenerife at the mo.... I've just downloaded an app to update me blog on me phone!!  

This was the view earlier... Sunset over the Atlantic!! We were at our favourite restaurant for a meal!
This is Sir with our pudding... Sangria with fresh fruit!!
He is the one in the middle coz I haven't found out how to edit pics on here yet!!  I've done some tatting whilst were here but I can't post pics... Yet!!

Off to bed now! Chat tomorrow!!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

It's Arrived!!!!

Yes I know summer arrived a little bit ago, and I know I've been missing for a few days!!!  So there's no need to fall over backwards with shock at my posting!! LOL

However, I have a defence!!!  I've been baby squishing!! VBG  my granddaughter needed Granny to look after her for a few days whilst mum was busy doing all sorts of things including packing to go away!!!

Look what I found in her suitcase!!

Definitely - 'but Mummy you've got the most important packing done.... I'm in!!!' LOL  Oh, and the message on the tshirt is.... I LOVE North Yorkshire!!!! VBG

Also, look what arrived in the post yesterday:

It was a recent giveaway from Umi n Tsuru!!  Isn't it just GORGEOUS??  I nearly lost it.... twice!!!  Mum tried pinching it.... 'because it will go lovely with the wedding outfit' (they're going to a friends wedding in Devon), and then my friends daughter 'look what's outside', hand went over the necklace!!! My hand!!!

Anyway, because of all this I haven't done anything myself.... busy washing at the moment ready for our hols next week.... and the Necklace is going too!!!  Sir says he'll take a pic of me wearing it with something summery on, and no it won't be the swimsuit!! Camera wouldn't stand the shock!!!

Chat later, off to enjoy the sunshine!!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Sunshine and Rain and...


Well, Saturday was our local Lace Groups meeting.... we had a workshop with our Lace Teacher on Coggeshall Lace!  It was very interesting and something that I will carry on doing until I've mastered it at least!! LOL  I may even make a hanky corner and then tat round the rest of it!!  Mind you, by the time I'd been to see MIL (twice), and visited the 'suppliers stall' and chatted and been in the committee meeting, the day was half over and I still hadn't done a stitch!! LOL  I've put the link to the group website up for you to be nosey.... so if ever any of you are up 'this end of the country' you can visit!!  We like visitors!!

This is the start by another lady in the group....   Think she may be better than I am!!

Now the suppliers were Larkholme Lace and they had some gorgeous Finca threads - La Paleta and some metallic threads.... somebody couldn't resist!! Can't think who!! LOL

Jacqui asked if I could tat with them.... so I HWT'd a little onto a shuttle and played.... this is the result:

Quite pretty aren't they??  Got some black and gold as well.... I feel earwigs coming on!!  I've certainly got some beads that will go on them, and I got an idea of what to do from Jacqui!! VBG  Nope.... I haven't done any, so you will just HAVE to wait and see!! And.... yes I know it's not a very good pic.... the light was awful because it was sheeting down outside and VERY dark and this was late afternoon!!!!

Oh, I will share this with you tho.... another lady in the group had done this from the last Ring Of Tatters magazine....  She was also in the process of doing another one with beads on it!!  Looked lovely!!

Took MIL out yesterday, lunch and then a walk around a garden centre, looking at a few pansies.... which we got to go in pots on the path outside.... then we went for coffee!  A great time was had, but no tatting apart from the above over the weekend, so nothing new to report!

Must get my beads and shuttles and threads and etc sorted for hols next week.... so I'm off for a coffee and brekkie and I'll chat soon!!

Friday, 9 May 2014

It's Summer!!!!

We know because the House Martins are back!  They nest in the eaves of our house, so it won't be long before we have cats with machine guns in the bedroom!  You can tell they've got machine guns because of the noise.... "Ack, ack, ack, ack....... !! VBG  They'll wake us up with their hobnail boots and squeeing!! (The martins, not the cats....)  I remember one of the cats a few years ago (not the present lot) actually catching one!! A young one, and we rescued it.... not a mark on it and they ain't arf got a strong grip!!  Had to prise it's claws out of my hand and 'persuade' it onto a stick.... it hung there for a few minutes before flying off!!  Pleased it was OK! Sir thinks it's GREAT!!!!  He hates winter, dark nights, bad weather.... give him wall to wall sunshine and he's happy!  And it was chucking rain at us yesterday!  I got damp at school.... the annoying bit was that there'd been a 'May Day Whatsit' at school and I stood for half an hour in the afternoon.... and crossed 3 kids!! The rest had gone home early with their parents!  I do wish they would tell us when they're doing that.... then we could be there in time for them leaving, and we wouldn't feel like spare parts!!  Between that and the fact that I was back at t'other friends this morning - child and teenager squishing!!!!

Last night was Lace Class, and I couldn't take a lace pillow.... simply because I drive a mini, and by the time I've got me lollipop stick, summer coat, winter coat (the waterproof one), 2 hats, again one summer and one winter, in.... and I've picked up my crazy Dutch Friend and her bag, handbag, lace pillow.... and got 2 demo bags and the practice pillow in the back of the car there's no room for anything else!!!  So.... tatting bag doesn't take up much room.... and so it went with me instead!  Also got a bit done this morning.... NOT!!  I realised that I'd done too much last night and so had to retro tat instead!!!  How annoying is that??

Anyway, as you can see, it's definitely looking more like a 'bowl' now... almost half way round the last round before the band.... then just the brim to do!!

Right, coffee break methinks!!  But I won't be outside for it.... it's raining again!! Young Sir won't be pleased.... he's to replace the back wheel on his motorbike before he goes to work!  It needed a new tyre and they've gone to get one!

Chat soon

Thursday, 8 May 2014


Morning All

Well, after yesterdays shenanigans.... I did a little tatting last night.... winding another shuttle for the hankie edging!!!  Not worth showing you that now is it?? LOL

So.... I decided to share this with you....

Aeons ago when I first learned to tat.... the first thing I produced was.... the butterfly!!  I stitched it onto a hankie and finished the edge with some machine made nylon lace!  Well, it was a. before I learned bobbin lace and b. before I learned to tat edgings!!!

As you can see, it does look pink.  It didn't start off pink, it was white!!! I think the dye from the hankie has seeped into it over the years!  After all, hankies were made to be used weren't they??? VBG  AND, it's creased because it was in my pocket!!!!  It must be 40 years or more old and is still going strong!!

It's raining outside AGAIN today, and McVroom is off somewhere (I think he may be inspecting the hedging and the plum tree we planted a while ago),  the plum tree has finally decided to produce a few very tiny leaves, and the bushes are also budding and some have leaves on them.  A few look as if they may not have survived.... but we'll leave them where they are and wait and see!  That's what happens with bushes, you do have to wait for some time!!  If they don't bud next year, they can come out and be replaced with something else!!

Because of the weather, the cats are in, and Sir will be back shortly for brekkie.... so I'd better go get the coffee ready!!

Chat later

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

What do you do with 'tatty bits'??

I ask this question for one major reason.... I have snowflakes, dragons, motifs etc.... all those 'bits' where you try a motif or make a small mat or trial an 'earring' without putting the wire in....  What do you mean, I'm the only one that does this?? VBG

Well, I've found the solution!!!

Last weekend, while we were demonstrating, there was a 'white elephant' stall - for those that don't know... a white elephant stall is where you get the old toys, bric a brac, lamps, bits of clothing, cushions etc.... and they sell for 'peanuts'!!

I got this:

It's a full sized pashmina!!  And I thought it would be good to wear.... and the adornments can be all those 'bits' of tatting!!!  Certainly a talking point, and a way of displaying even more than usual!! LOL

Displaying 'bits' like this:

Good idea??!!?  Well, I think so!!

It's raining outside again, and we've been to see MIL.... found out why she sounded so 'spaced out' on the phone.... she's been 'doubling up' on tablets!!  The chemists delivers her prescription medication in boxes.... if she hasn't finished the old box, she takes them both 'because it says to take it x times a day on the box'!!!

Well, she won't any more!!!  Got a 'pill box' one of those with several compartments for times and days... that's now full for a full week AND we've hidden the boxes!!!  Also went to see the pharmacist, and they are going to dispense the medication into something similar for her!  That'll stop her in her tracks!!!  Just got to get the doctors to review the medication.... as we're sure she's taking stuff that she doesn't need to!

So.... that's another day where we've done loads without doing much!!!  Need coffee now!!

Chat later

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Another LTP

This LTP.... you don't know what LTP stands for??

Long Term Project!!!

Right, so I do this sometimes in an evening whilst sir is watching tv.... and I'm about 1/4 of the way round....  Thought I'd share it with you!!

The pattern is one of Janes.... and the hanky is around 40 years old and completely unused!!  Used to belong to my Mum.... (in secret we'd call her Mrs Bucket.... people in the UK will remember the series.... Keeping Up Appearances!!  I'm definitely Daisy.... LOL)  Sir once upset her and she never let him forget it.... told her she reminded him of his favourite flower.... she smiled and said 'Oh that's good... what is it?  Snapdragon!!' came the reply!!!! VBG

Not much to say today so I'm off for another coffee!

Chat soon

Monday, 5 May 2014

Lace and Tatting

Hi all

This weekend, this OG and a friend from our Lace Group went to Canal Head in support of the Preservation Group.... We were to demonstrate bobbin lacemaking.  I spent Saturday repairing my phone!  Now I have a black AND white phone but I can't find a way of taking a pic of a phone with the phone!!! LOL  Maybe I'll use a mirror at some time!

Here's a pic or two of some of the work on display, no photos of this OG unless the put some in the weekly newspaper!!!  (Remember.... I was the 'nut'  behind the cameraphone!!!! VBG

The "Lady" was the High Sheriff of East Yorkshire for 2011-2012 and the lace for her jabot and cuffs was handmade by some of our group!

We interested a lot of kids and they took home hand made lace 'fish', but I didn't get any tatting done!!  Chatted about tatting and lace tho!!! Wonderful!!


Chat soon

Friday, 2 May 2014

A P... in a Hat!!

Morning all

Now this hat.... This is a 'crazy old g...' modelling it!!

I would say it's me.... (it is!!) and I would say it's my hat but that would be wrong....  Someone in our local lace group made it a few years ago, and we use it sometimes when we're demonstrating and displaying lace.... I'm demonstrating on Sunday and so I've borrowed it amongst other things, so I'm allowed to wear it!!  The photo isn't exactly flattering... but... it's the hat that matters!! LOL  I may well wear a long skirt and a top on Sunday, so the hat looks better!! Along with the button necklace and earrings I made a few weeks ago it should be slightly better (if taken from the back in the dark with no flash)VBG But at least you can put a face (would you really want to??) to the name of Pigmini!!  It was taken by Sir against the house wall this morning... he keeps insisting I look good in hats!!  Don't possess many.... 3 in fact!  (well apart from the baseball cap and the winter hat I have to wear for school) a sun hat, my 'Mother of the Bride' hat and a red 'cowboy hat' that was bought cheap for a fancy dress whatsit a few years ago!!

Anyway, I haven't managed to do much more on my version.... apart from finishing off one more motif last night so I haven't taken a pic... so there!! LOL

Oh well, coffee methinks!!

Chat later