Thursday, 30 October 2014

It's Nearly....

.... All Hallows Eve!!!  The weather here is just unseasonably warm!  Night time temps of 15C is crazy at the end of October!!

Anyway, This crazy OG decided a few weeks ago that Christmas exchanges should be done!!  I've now got 5 'swap partners'!!! So.... was I pleased when a certain other crazy OG's BC3 decided to release a new pattern... the 'Inside Out Snowflake'!!  I've dunned 2 so far....

They do still need finishing off.... but I'm not showing you that for a bit!!  Why?? Because I'm crazy like that!!! LOL

I've been granddaughter 'soft cuddling' this week.... kids off school!!  Had to share these pics with you too.

The first one is her modelling a new accessory.... Mummy managed to teach herself to crochet... and this is the result:

Lovely isn't it??

Secondly... it was Li'l Miss's birthday last Friday.... The first of many!!  We had a party on Saturday and Mummy shared this pic:

The chair was made originally by my  Grandad!!  So it's a large number of years old!!  It was brown with brown leather seat and back.... Over the years (both the kids used it) it had become battered and worn... so Mummy paid for it to be given a new lease of life!!  I'm sure Grandad would have been delighted with the result!  And Li'l Miss likes it too!!

Anyway, off for coffee now.

Chat soon

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Next Round!!

Is done on the African Doiley!! So I'm now on the 'separate' round....

Will have to shelve it for a short while though... Got Christmas presents to tat!!!

First up is that 'Inside Out' snowflake that Jane E published a few weeks ago... But there's no point in my showing you 2 rings!!!! Trying to 'use up' a few of the myriad of bugle beads in my stash!  Then I've got this idea for earwigs that I must explore... And I want to make a bracelet and a pendant and....

Think I'll have to make shuttles fly!!! Lol

Now just to keep you updated, one year ago tomorrow I was made a totally incorrigible Granny!!! Yes!! Li'l Miss will be a whole 1 tomorrow!!! Get to see her on Saturday at a family get together with pressures and cake and things!  Mummy and Daddy are taking her out tomorrow for the day!

Doesn't seem like a year! Must becoming a real OG!!!! Vbg

Had a quiz night at our Amateur Radio Club last night.... I was QuizMistress!!!  They all groaned about the questions I'd set.... made them either think or guess!!!!  Evil that I am!!!! (ROFL)  Mind you, I've now fallen foul of the 'you'll have to do another one' brigade.... Aargh!!!!

anyway, off for coffee and to start on lunch....

Chat soon!!

Friday, 17 October 2014

And Another One....

.... I would say bites the dust.... VBG however I'm not sure I'd like to bite African Sky!! LOL

Finished the round and it did pull the mat flatter again, so I'm now on the next one... the one before you do the separate bit and slot it in!!

Not a long post today.... gotta meeting in 15 mins!!

Chat later

Thursday, 16 October 2014

That's That....

... round done!!!

What do you mean you don't remember what I'm talking about??  It's the African Sky Doiley!!!  Do you want to look??

It's still looking folded and frilly, but I've made a start on the next round!!  So far it looks as though it may just 'straighten' out again!!  Did some more this morning whilst teen and tweenager squishing!!

I must remember to take a needle with me tonight to class and get those ends sewn in!!  LOL  I hate ends!!!! (or is it beginnings.....  no definitely ends... beginnings get sewn in as you go!!)  Must cut the beginnings off as well, and joins!!  Eeh.... lots of 'ends or begins or joins'!!!

Spent last night at my friends house as well!!  She was working late and needed someone to feed and check on the kids and dogs and cats.... same friend as above!!  Get some tatting done while I'm there tho!!! VBG

Right, off to make coffee!!

Chat later

Monday, 13 October 2014

Somebody said....

.... that it's only a few months to Christmas!!!!  How DARE they!! LOL  We've got a few birthdays between now and then!

Right, so, over the weekend I spent time in a village on the outskirts of York.... at a tatting meeting!!!  David, the tatter in the house I was at produces these type of tatty bits for charities....

David designs his own patterns, he learnt to tat whilst in a Sanitorium when he had TB as a very young man!!!  As I couldn't resist trying the pattern out.... I 'sort of' wrote it out... and started with some gash thread on shuttles... putting it down at lunchtime it fell into a sort of a flower shape... So, being the OG that I am, I decided to turn it into one....

This is the result so far.... inspired by David's Santa!!

Statice!!!!  I promise to make it into a pattern when I've finished playing!!!!  Mind you, I didn't get this round of the African Sky Doiley finished.... you can see what I mean about it 'frilling' on this pic:

Mind you, I've just noticed that I only have 2 more split rings & thrown rings and the round's finished.... maybe I'll finish it later!!

Last Friday when I was at school 2 things happened....

First of all I spotted the first Christmas Tree....

It's actually the moon, sitting atop of the tree!!!! VBG

Then, in the evening, there was the most fantastic rainbow coming down behind our shed!!

That was Friday and Saturday.... Sir and his mate did some of a walk around the area on Saturday.  They tried telling me that the footpath went right through the middle of a pub!!!  Do you believe them??  I don't!!

Yesterday, we were in Hornsea at an amateur radio rally.... so nothing much to report on that... except that while we were there I got a message to say that Young Sir Passed his Module 1 for his Motor Bike Test!!!  Soooo pleased for him!!  He now needs to book the rest of it later today!!  Oh, and somebody posted this on twitter....

It's the Humber Bridge in the fog from the air!!!  Note.... no fog overland!!!

Anyway, 'nuff from me.... chat later

Friday, 10 October 2014

I'm Sure....

...I'm doing this wrong!! Unless I tat tighter than Jane M that is!!

I'll persevere tho and see how I get on with it!

Also on with anuvver tatty snowflake.... Till I ran out of thread on me shuttles last night at class! Will put more on today! This one reminds me of pink bubbles!! Lol

Did you miss me this week? Been a busy ole week it has! Wednesday was MIL's birthday! She's 93!!! Took her to a Chinese restaurant with Sir, Mummy, Daddy n Li'l Miss in the early evening! Had fun watching the staff cooing over Li'l Miss!!! Rofl

Out for coffee yesterday with a friend... Had a natter and caught up... As you do!!

Tomorrow I'm at a tatty meeting just outside York! Should be fun!! I do love those sort of meetings when you can meet up with friends old and new and natter an tat!!!! Lol 

Note to self- take your needle to finish off ends!! And something to try out the Magic Thread Trick!!!! Maybe the fishing line I use for Spangling lace bobbins.... Watch This Space!!!

Oh.... just a warning.... if you're not getting emails from me.... I don't seem to be able to send any at the moment!! Sir is sorting it later for me!!!! VBG

Chat soon

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Guess what....

A little bird told me that it's a certain Jane  E's birthday today!!! But she hasn't got to worry.... I shot it!!!! Rofl!!

Happy Birthday Jane!!

Now remember that Halloween Earwig I showed you the other day.... well, I finished the other one!!!  so, posting a pic of almost a pair!!

They do look better in daylight!!  I say 'almost a pair' becausse when I tried to put the wire on... it broke!!! How annoying is that???  It'll have to wait till next week to be completed now!!!! Grrrr!!!!

I finally managed to finish the first round of Jane M's African Sky doiley last night... Quite pleased with the result.... After heaven only knows how many tries!!!! 

Now to wind some more yellow and some blue on the shuttles.... do the second round.... unless I do something different instead!!

Chat later

Friday, 3 October 2014

The Tat Along....

Remember the tat along challenge from Umi n Tsuru for Jane's doiley??

Well.... this is as far as I've got up to now....

Not very is it???  The problem was that I could NOT get the rings to link first off!! It took me a while to work out that they 'flip over' to look right!!  Don't know if I'm doing it properly, but... hey ho, if it works!!!  The first colour is Pineapple Parfait from Lizbeth!!   Make it look like a watery sort of sun!! LOL

Last night was Lace Class.... 'cept Teach has gone away early this morning so there wasn't one!!  So I got together with my Crazy Dutch friend and we made lace round her craft room table!!  Well, I did... she was winding bobbins for a new piece that she wants to do.... I'm still working on a piece of Bedfordshire Lace from a Christine Springett course from almost 2 years ago!!!  Still slightly less than half way!!  It will get there eventually!! LOL

Right, off to look at others blogs now.... see what you've all be up to in Tatty Land!!!

Chat later

Thursday, 2 October 2014

I've Been Playing!

With a pattern that's due to be published in the near future! I got the chance to play... It is altered from the original so I thought I'd share this pic...

Not sure I like the colours and sorry the photo is blurry. Trials of taking it with me phone in the semi dark! 

Anyway I'm going to make another one into Halloween earwigs!  I'll retake the pic when I have... so it doesn't look soooo green!!!  Believe it or not there's a green bead in there!! and black beads as well!! LOL

Sir was playing as well last night.... he went with Young Sir to an Amateur Radio Rally on Saturday.  Think I've already told you that!!  Anyway, he bought this 'ere radio that he wanted to mount on a base to keep in the shack (amateur term for what's otherwise called a shed, an office, computer room or somewhere else that they store 'eveything useful'!!) VBG   The official base was around £50.... and somebody didn't see why he should pay that!!  So... we went to the Range yesterday, and he got hold of a small chopping board, then we used my OG's card for B&Q for feet and 2 small right angle brackets.... the sort you use for shelves etc....  he then went and got some screws....  and .... spent the evening bending brackets so they were no longer a right angle but something a darn sight smaller than a right angle (about 30 degrees!!)  and the result is.... he's made a base!!!  Total cost around a tenner!!  For those of you with 'techy' partners.... it's an original use for a bread board!!! Rofl!!

I'll take a pic and post it at some point!!

Anyway, coffee methinks, then I've to go shopping for catfood etc!!  Turkey, leek & cheese crumble for lunch.... leeks out of the garden.... along with squash and potatoes!!

Just 'remembered.... yesterday was the start of the tat-along with Umi n Tsuru.... of Jane's doiley.... I'm going to start TODAY!!!!  Already a day late!!! Oops!!  Thread.... Here I Come!!!!

Chat later