Thursday, 27 February 2014

Just Heard....

.... that one of my favourite suppliers of all time has just received a large shipment of Tatting supplies, including the new Lizbeth Twizl thread in size 20!!

It's Roseground!!

I think these are the same price as all the other Lizbeth threads!  Had to share the information as there aren't many places here in the UK that you can get supplies for tatting!!

Also they have now a selection of items for tatting onto - these having an eyelet to tat into

Cotton Embroidered 9.5ins sq. cotton Handkerchiefs:----£4.75
4ins round centre with eyelets for tatting --£2.75
6 ins as above   --£3.85

oval mats are 9.25ins x  6ins, also the small scallop shape are 9,75ins x  6ins, both are in cotton price £4.00

I'm not anything to do with them.... just a VERY satisfied customer!! Can't wait for Harrogate Lace Fair at the end of March now.... and I'm saving me pennies!!!

Right, have I got anything to share with you....  as you know it was Half Term here last week, and I think I was busier than usual!!!  Crazy isn't it??  My hankie edging has just 3 repeats to go and it's finished... I'm tatting a couple of other bits that I'll show you when they're finished, one in a DMC thread (coton a broder size 25) that I found in a shop at a silly price.... so I bought a few in different colours!!  (as you do!!)

Have you seen the mice and the hedgehogs that Jane has been doing?  I NEED that book!!!!  

When our daughter was little she fell in love with a pair of red fur lined boots... Mum said 'No' because they were an over inflated price for the time....and also Madame wanted them.... Mum said:

I want doesn't get!!

 Madame waited for Grandma to come down...

'Grandma, can we go shopping?'

Grandma took her....

Grandma, have you seen these red boots?  I NEED them to keep my toesies nice and warm!!'

Yes, they came home with them!!

She was 3!!! and has had a shoe fetish ever since!!

So.... I'll repeat it.... wonder if it will work.... 'I NEED that BOOK'!! VBG

Anyway, off to make a coffee and do some tatting for 10 minutes or so!!

Chat later!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Hi All

Yes I know that Jane put up the final part of the TIAS on Monday, however I was out all day, and forgot to take a pic yesterday!!  My excuse and I'm sticking to it!!  Kids are on school holidays so my BC3 has 'gone off somewhere'!

Here's the finished article....

Now I know I said it was a Duck House.... but her name is still Humber Ella!!!  Good isn't she??  McVroom seems to approve!  Mind you, he wants to know just 'how' he can land when the sails are UP!!! LOL  How he loves to get 'up close and personal'!! VBG

I'm still working on stuff tho... a new gecko to replace Gwen, a 'whatsit' out of Martha's book, and the inevitable hanky edging that seems to be taking 'forever' in 80 Valdani!!!  Got another 13 'repeats' and it's finished... then I'll have the challenge of stitching it on!!

So.... Humber Ella makes number 4 in the 25 challenge.... and these make number 5!!!

The pattern is here and the thread was Tropical Punch by Lizbeth, with a mid pink Coats from my stash, and beads are Gutermann size 9 seed beads, again from my stash!  I finished this pair as well,

but I'm not counting them as I made them last year but didn't get round to putting the wires in....  I think they were Rainbow Taffy, but a Coats one that I was given a part ball of.... along with the yellow and the blue beads were again from the stash!

At the rate I'm going the 25 challenge will be done by the end of Summer!!! LOL  I've got to number 5 in 5 weeks!!!!

Off to make a coffee now.... and see if I can find an email addy for Elaine.... I NEED to know just where she got a hat pattern from....

 Chat later

Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Penultimate....

.... TIAS was released yesterday!!

Now it was Saturday yesterday wasn't it??  We had wind, rain, sun, rain, wind, cloud, wind.... I managed to make some fruit muffins before tea, and got the shopping done!!  That includes Cat Food!!!  The cats were MOST appreciative!!! LOL  Had some of the muffins for tea and Young Sir has one in his packing up today!!!  Mind you, I might just have to make some more for his pack up tomorrow!!

Anyway, Himself put a film on last night, and so I managed to catch up with yesterdays offering.... here it is:

As you can clearly see (well McVroom can!!) that it's definitely got an opening to make it into a duck house!! LOL  McVroom was VERY interested and insists that it is a Duck House and it's name is definitely going to be Humber Ella!!!  However, he did decline to be photographed with it, unless its raining tomorrow!!  We'll see if he's right....

Oh well, washing machine has finished yet again, and the sun is shining and the horrendous winds are mild by comparison today, makes it positively spring-like out there.... not that I set much store by a February Spring!!  After all, they do say it isn't worth a..... tatting hook!!! (OK, ok, ok... I know the saying is a pin, but somehow tatting hook sounds better doesn't it?) VBG

Right, back to hanging washing out and making a coffee!!

Chat later

Friday, 14 February 2014

Ok.... here....

... is what I'm tatting in between Janes TIAS!!

Recognise it??  No?

It's in here:

Got it now??

I only shared it because I thought you needed cheering up on Valentine's Day!!!  Our son has just text me to say he's not home for tea tonight - at a guess, he's taking someone out for a meal!!  So, it's just the two of us and 3 crackers cats.... to fight over a Spaghetti Bolognese!!

Just left school for a weeks break (it's half term here), and the rain was horizontal!!!  Good job I had FULL wet weather gear on!!  I'll be pleased to have a week off!  At the rate we're going I'll have Webbed Feet!!!  Feel sorry for anyone who has been flooded or is snowed in or suffering the heat.... maybe we should all share.... anywhere that has excessive heat or fires - we'll send rain and the snow can come from the USA and Canada, and probably northern Europe as well... please send us some sun in return so we can dry out a bit.... Please!!

Thursday nights are usually my Lace Class night, however our teacher has gone off on holiday for a few weeks... won't see her again until 6th March!  Still, I made lace (bobbin lace) last night, as I get together with a good friend, her husband, the dog (Megan is loverly even though she's totally bonkers!!)  We get together round her craft room table (it's big enough for the two of us to sit and chat and make lace), and then adjourn for coffee and another natter, make some more lace before we pack up and adjourn back for another drink and natter.... then I come home (somewhere between 11 and 12 usually!!)  One day I'll share a pic of Megan the Loopy Labrador with you....

Anyway, last night I was given a present.... this:

It was published in the 1970's and there are some tatting patterns in there.... along with knitted and crocheted lace, hairpin crochet and filet crochet as well.  I fell in love with this one:

Can't make it in one pass, (I don't think I can anyway) but I can reduce the number of cut & tie's by quite a few!!  Going to study it properly and I may just be able to.... utilising split rings and my least favourite... split chains!!  I can't get split chains to work properly!!  I got hold of a few reels of Atlin Basak 50 a few weeks ago.... and I can see it done in that.... pale pink with maybe a dark pink in it somewhere.... (after what I said to Jane this morning as well.... it'll be a while before I make it!!! LOL)

Oh well, coffee calls!!

Chat later!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Behind Every....

... bout of 'orrible weather.... there's always something to make you smile!!

Yesterday we had that revolting RED wind warning for Wales, South & West of the UK.... Here in Yorkshire we had rain, wind, rain, wind and sometimes they were together!!  Horizontal rain is not fun to be out in!!

Anyway, as you probably know I'm a 'Lollipop Lady'... (School Crossing Patrol)!  I missed rain by about 10 minutes yesterday morning, and yesterday afternoon it was throwing it down when I went up to my patrol point!  10 minutes later there was this:

Rainbows always make me smile!!  Even though it was still blowing a gale and a half!!

That's why I used Rainbow Taffy on Janes TIAS!!  As Day 14 is up today, this is my offering!!

It's definitely going to be some sort of a 'HumberElla'!!! LOL  That's my name for it, whatever it is!!! (Thanks for the suggestion IsDihara!!)

Incidentally, I'm hoping to be going to 'Somewhere just North of Bristol' at the beginning of next month!!  We're travelling by car.... long as the motorways are open!!  Travelling there and back in one day, Himself is coming too... that way we can spell the driving!! (and snooze part of the way!!... promise not to do it while I'm driving.... LOL)

Now I am working on something else as well... 2 things in fact... one is a hanky edging which is progressing slowly, and the other is a surprise!!!  Ok, ok... I know you hate surprises... or at least waiting impatiently to find out what it is... but suffice to say it's something out of a book by Martha Ess!!!

Chat later!!  Off for a coffee now!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

It's a....

... well, judge for yourself....

Remember me telling you about that surge back in December?  Well, we didn't get any photos of the water coming over, it was too dark, but.... these were left on top of the bank in an area that's inaccessible by anything other than feet or bikes.... and they tell us it didn't happen.... what do you think?  These are NOT sticks.... they ARE tree trunks!!!  (I didn't take this, and I pass my thanks onto the kind person that shared the photo with me....)

It's also a ... present for my wonderful Granddaughter!!!

Right, before I show you just how far I've got with that there TIAS... I got this through the post this morning, all the way from Indiana!!!

A great lady sent this for my granddaughter after I mentioned that her bedroom has a wildlife theme.... camels, monkeys, lions, elephants, tiggers (because they bounce!!) etc!!  Sir Squirrel will be framed and presented to said girl later this week!!

Thanks Dorcas Ann!!!  He's BEAUTIFUL!!

And now back to that Tat it and See.... as you may know, day 13 was published yesterday, and I managed to tat the relevant bit around lunchtime!  However, my phone camera wasn't anywhere near the computer so I couldn't 'upload' the photo!  I can only post pics when they are on the computer, not when they are on the phone....  Anyway, managed it last night and here it is:

I am certain it's got something to do with ducks or brollys or other 'water related' stuff!!  It's certainly the weather for water related implements today!  I was first out at around 6am and it was.... Raining!!, 8.15 to 9 when I was 'on duty' (yes I do stand outside in a bright yellow coat, hat, trousers and stick in the pouring rain telling traffic to STOP!!)  it was.... Raining!  Went to a meeting at 10.... rain, left at 11.15.... more rain!!  Think I'm growing webbed feet!!!

Anyway, think I need another coffee and a bit of lunch....

Chat soon!!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Olympic Tatting!!!

Morning All

So did you all watch the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi last night?  Brilliant wasn't it?  Does mean I'll be watching a lot of sport over the next couple of weeks.... for a start there's the 'almost re-run' of 'Cool Runnings'!!  Yes.... Jamaica have a Bobsled Team in the Winter Olympics!!!  I just hope their luggage arrives!!!  Just can't trust these airports can you??

While we were watching the olympic ceremony last night I managed to do those rings/split rings on Jane's TIAS 12....  Here it is:

Yes, I know I said no tatting last night, but I kept me old glasses on!!!  Today I've found I have to alternate between reading glasses for computer and tatting, and distance for tv!! (I can see the tv through the reading ones - they're almost good enough to drive but I wouldn't!!!)  Means I have a pair of readers that will be VERY well travelled!!  In the case, on the chair arm, in my bag, on my nose, back in the case.... Get the drift??

The other thing I did whilst watching tv was to wind the thread for another pair of earrings!!!  Pretty inevitable it's my 'favourite' pattern.... I know it off by heart!!  I'll show you when they're finished!!!

Anyway, coffee calls

Chat later

Friday, 7 February 2014

Meet Gwen...

... the Gecko!!

Gwen is one of Jane's patterns here.  She now has a new home!!  No sooner had she finished hatching than she wanted to move in with Helen... a long standing friend!!  Of course, McVroom has forgiven her.... he says that 'she's too girly for him!!'  LOL  Probably because the thread is Lizbeth Girly Girl from Roseground and he's 'too masculine' for a Girly Girl!!! VBG

Now she's after a cat or two for company!! VBG  Going to have to find patterns!! (Hint to Jane.... )

Been to get new specs today, went for the eye test last week, and picked them up a short while ago.... so there won't be any tatting for the rest of today.... until I get used to seeing through them!! Takes awhile for one's brain to adjust you know.... LOL

Anyway, Gwen makes number 3 in my 25 motif in a year challenge!!  Not too bad as we're only in the second week of February!

What next me wonders???

Chat later!!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

I'll let you decide....

When I was little my Dad used to tell me a story about a gentleman who was buried in a churchyard not too far from where I am now.... Mr Gent was a quiet man and used to go fishing on the Humber regularly.  In those days small round sail boats were used for fishing - known as ella's....

Mr Gent was fed up of constantly getting wet and one day he was watching the fisherman coming back with a days catch.  They would  upend the boats and carry them by the mast over their heads....

In a flash of inspiration Mr Gent realised that this was a solution for all of his problems with the rain!!  He invented the 'HumberElla'!!!

Now whether you choose to believe my Dad or not... it's a lovely story!! VBG

What was the reason for me telling you this?

Well, yesterday Jane released Day 11 of the TIAS and at the end we cut and tied the thread.  Some people have shown the 2 pieces like this:

and then decided it's a sailing boat.... McVroom & I say it's probably more like this:

and is in memory of Mr Gent and his Umbrella!!

Chat soon


Sunday, 2 February 2014

Calendar Girls!!!

Hi All

Last night our local drama group - the Petuaria Players - put on their final perfomance of Tim Firth's play Calendar Girls!!  It was absolutely fantastic to watch!!  Funny, witty, sad, comic and heartrending all at the same time!!  They did an amazing job and credit should go to the ladies who 'did'!!!! VBG  There was a collection afterwards for Leukaemia Research and it will be interesting to know just how much they raised over the 3 nights!!  I will let you all know if I find out!

Anyway, tatting....  McVroom is about to be joined by Gwen the Gecko!!  She's a bit shy at the moment and won't let me take her pic, probably because she's still 'hatching'!!  I dare say she'll be less shy in the next week or so!  I was out yesterday with my Mother in Law, and we went into the large craft store in Hull.... I ended up talking about.... Tatting!!!  Suggested that the ladies who were patchwork quilting that they might just like to take up a different hobby.... particularly as that 'earring' pattern I'm so fond of is also a patchwork quilt.... or could be if I ever decide to make it!! LOL  I also suggested that they come along to Wolds Lacemakers and learn 'something completely different'!!

Jane's TIAS came out again to play today....  Here's my entry for day 10.... now McVroom still thinks it's something to do with duck houses, It could be a windmill, or a yacht or even a kite!!, but maybe he's right and it's still a duckhouse!!  We'll find out eventually!!

It's a Right Angled Triangle!!! LOL

Chat later!