Tuesday, 24 January 2017

What's New?

I hear you asking, just because I haven't posted for a few days!

Well, for a start Big Li'l Miss and Li'l Li'l Miss are both getting used to each other. Li'l Li'l Miss sleeps throu all the noise her older sister makes, which one would expect of a baby who is now 22 days old and putting weight on nicely!

Then of course there's this 'ere tat it and see which a certain tatty OG is running! My latest contribution is here:


I'm also crocheting a bag! When it's eventually finished it will be used to hold my teaching shuttles in... you know, those that are ready wound to show how to tat!! Maybe even a length of 'thick' simple edging or something as well! Anything which is simple to teach for beginners!

Right, this TIAS ... it does still remind me of a downside up (or is it outside in...) Humber Ella!! Oh, and for those that didn't see the original on Dads comments... follow this link!

Right off to make a cuppa

Chat soon

Friday, 13 January 2017

Got 'im!!

Who??  The Dragon of Loschy Wood, that's who!!  If you want to learn about this little known Yorkshire Dragon, click here.

However, before I tell you about Los, I've got to show you this:

Somebody put a sprinkle of white stuff on our car!! It came in around an hour because Young Sir got in about 6.30am from work and there was nothing then! We had 3 cats trying to catch the flakes!! Crazy things!

Back to dragons... well, nearly anyway!  Lace Lovin' Librarian let peeps know about her ice drops, and I showed you this one:

I also did this one, (modelled by Luna the Loony Mog... she was asleep on my knee!)

and now I have Los!

Los is definitely a MUCH larger dragon than McVroom!  What do you mean you don't remember McVroom??  He was posted here, he's a Scottish/Norwegian Loch Dragon!  Anyway, Los is LOTS bigger than McVroom!  In fact, he's hiding under an invisibility cloak! that's because McVroom has gone hiding when he realised just how big Los is!! 

Ok, so you're wondering just how I know he's lots bigger aren't you...  I'll show you:

This is just one of his eyes! He's sleeping at the moment... another little known fact is that some dragons sleep with their eyelids open... I will say that you don't want to uncover him... because if you try this happens!!

The light behind it was made by Sir... small battery, resistor and led. He has the technology!!! Now all I need to do is think of something to put between it and the eye....  (walks away muttering quietly)...

Chat later

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Day One

Of the new Tat It And See here: and of course Jane isn't giving anything away!

Many years ago on the radio there was a programme where people had to guess what an object was (or something like that) just by asking about it... Someone always came up with Elephants Foot Umbrella Stand, and I usually tease by suggesting it!!  This year of course is no exception!  My guess so far is an EFUS... or rather, the handle of an umbrella to go in it!!  I know a few years ago I shared a story of my Dad's about Mr Gent... watch it, or I may just share it again! LOL

Anyway, here is my entry....

Chat soon

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Guess What??

It's all Lace Lovin' Librarians fault!!

Before I tell you what 'it' is... I've been reminded of something what I forgot to tell you...

Remember me thinking I'd told you about this?


If you want to know how big it is... spread both arms out sideways... it's that square!!
Well it was a present from Bump to Li'l Miss to say thank you for the toys etc... Bump is no longer a bump!! She's an even Li'ler Miss!! Born last Monday and I can't resist showing you...


Now what was the fault... 'Somebody' shared these as a pattern over on Face Book Thingy... Had to have a go didn't I? Look:


Right, off to wind shuttles and get ready for Jane's TIAS!!

Chat later

Monday, 2 January 2017


2017!!  Happy New Year!!

I've been busy crocheting all year and this is how far I got...

It's the first part of a pattern called Sophie's Garden and couldn't resist sharing!!

It's made so far from the 'bits' I had left over from 'the blanket'...  I'm sure I've shared this before but here goes....

Not sure how big it will end up.... I may buy a couple of other colours to make it bigger... There's a pattern called Sophie's universe... and it uses the aforementioned garden as the centre.... watch this space!!  Don't hold your breath though!!  I may be some time at it!!

Chat soon