Thursday, 28 January 2016

Look what I got!! And another instalment!

Sir has been spending pennies... Lots of them... Ordering Amateur Radios from a company in China where they're made! Today he got another delivery and this was inside:

I thought it was a real pretty gift bag and promptly 'begged' it!

Inside it was this:

Oh I do love pretty boxes!!

What's inside that??


An 8gb USB stick and a gorgeous pen! Thank you Sir for my lovely gift to say thank you for all the wrapping of parcels for postage!!  And please say thank you to that nice lady in China for sending it!!

Just think of all the tatty lacy images I can keep on there!!! 

Now some of those images could be this years TIAS!! I mean, its gone from an elephants foot umbrella stand, to Pigmini's undercarriage, to a triffid...

Which reminds me... For those that have no idea what a triffid is... It's an alien giant plant that 'walks/shuffles' from a book by John Wyndham!! We know its not really science fiction because here in the UK we have road signs for 'Heavy Plant Crossing'... So they must be Triffids!! Vbg. Also they were popularised by the My Little Pony cartoons in the late 1980's & early '90's... Called The Flories!!

Anyway, this triffid is obviously a changeling (from Irish mythology) because its now looking like  something I'm as mad as... A March Hare!' So Maureen... Maybe you get your wish this year.... Or nearly!! Rofl!!

Chat soon

Definitely No Idea!

What on earth that Tatty OG thinks this is!! What?? This years Tat it and See of course!! So...

I'm sticking with a Triffid!! A Tomato Soup one according to Maureen in Oz!! 

Oh, and for those of you who are interested... Jo Brand is on the last leg of her 150 mile walk across the Uk! 

Chat soon

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

So he's arrived

I am talking about that there MotMot bird!!! I was fortunate enough to get to 'test tat' him...


I spotted him on our balcony out in Tenerife!!

Now, due to me having the 'dreaded lurgy' (too achy and shivery to do anything but sleep yesterday, am a bit better today thanks!) I forgot to show you my tat it and see...

I think its definitely a Triffid, when 'Mummy' was little, she was mad on My Little Pony!! If you ever saw them... Do you remember the Flories?? Definitely Triffids!! Well, I think that's what we're tatting!

Off to get a hot toddy! Chat soon

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Well, well, well!!

Or... You never know...

Just who you will bump into during a day!!

Jo Brand no less!! (Probably not as well known in tatty circles as a certain Tatty OG from Stratford) She's a British comedienne, and in her own words 'unfit'!! So that explains why she's walking a marathon every day for 7 days in January!!! 150 miles altogether for Sport Relief (Comic Relief)!!  Go Jo!! You can do it!!

Anyway, back to shuttles... Day 7 of the TIAS is up and as you can see, its definitely a root on that "TRIFFID" rofl!!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Day 6

Well day 6 of that there TIAS is out and even more peeps seem to think its some sort of frog!!

Now how on earth you can make this

Into a frog is beyond me... It looks like a stubby palm tree!! Vbg

Blooming cold here today... Just gotta new school crossing coat!! One with a hood that hopefully won't be 'orrible' when it gets wet! The last one went funny on the sleeves!! I do wish that they'd design them for pear shapes rather than just unisex ones tho!!! Rofl

Right, shuttles is shouting from their bag, tellin' me they want to be used and not hide so I better go sort 'em out!! Roll on Friday!! Then it'll be weekend!!!

Chat soon!!

Saturday, 16 January 2016


Well folks... TIAS day 5 is out as you know... What do you mean? You don't know?!! You haven't been reading either my blog or the blog of that Tatty OG then have you!! Rofl

Ok so here is my entry:

I thought at first that that Tatty OG had spoiled my undercarriage for Pigmini... But then it dawned on me... She's got a step!! Look:

See?? It 'stands up' just like the steps used to on the Landrover we had aeons ago!!  I have decided that its to help Maureen's Rabbit into the driving seat!!! VBG

We're down in Slough today at a meeting for Sir this time! Drove down yesterday and stayed over in a lovely little guest house! And guess what... its even put a thin layer of snow on everything down here! We always say its an overcoat warmer down here!! Now thats a Yorkshire saying!! Off home tonight but it'll be after Young Sir has gone to work... The lads on nights at the moment! Had to leave him pack up and food for 2 'days'!! Just waiting for him to text his poor ole mum and let her know he's ok!!  Right... Off now coffee calls!!

Chat soon!

Friday, 15 January 2016

And Another...

... Day in the current Tat it and see!!  I downloaded said destructions and completed my effort... Took a picture and sent it up to that MOG that's running it!

I'll show you:

Now there's no way that this Tatty OG will admit to either being an artist or having good camera skills! Added to the mix is the fact that I'se is a left 'anded tatter! This causes challenges simply because I keeps me phone in a case in me pocketses (to quote Gollum from The Hobbit). The lens is not clean!! mainly because I keeps puttin' me finger on it!! Do you know what she said???  I'll tell you... But first I told her that its deffo a 'undercarriage for my Pigmini'!! That MOG said it looked like we had SMOG!!! I mean!! How can you say that when the weather is...

You can see Pigmini... Just!! She's hiding behind Young Sirs and Sirs cars!!! (The yellow one)... Rofl!!!

Couldn't resist telling you all! Still laughing!!!

Chat soon

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Or... How to keep up with a TIAS!!!  Well, it's not my fault that that Tatty OG referred to herself as a MOG is it???  I think it's a great name for her!!! VBG

As you know, yesterday Day 3 of the TIAS was listed... and 'somebody' has upset the apple cart... It doesn't look like an EFUS now.... so, I've decided it's something different....  I'll let you see to find out if you agree with me!!  Mind you, I don't know how that Tatty OG dare... I was looking forward to it being an EFUS!!!  Bet Maureen is having difficulties making it a rabbit as well!!! Rofl

Now, I think it's the undercarriage of a Bubble Car, or as that MOG said... the undercarriage of a Pigmini!!!  (For those that don't know, my car is a BMW Mini and it's got pigs on the sides of it, advertising the business Sir is involved in!!)  It would be his car, but she's registered to me.... and, of course, her name is Pigmini!!

So, do you agree??  It could be the undercarriage of a Pigmini!!  Although, it shouldn't be green, it should be black with yellow and purple and orange above!!!  Maybe I'll have to start another one... but that will be after the other things I want to do... maybe.... or maybe not!!

Right, in the middle of meetings again now just to keep me going in the New Year... last weekend - meeting, last night - meeting.  Tonight - 2 meetings, tomorrow - lace class, weekend - meeting, next Tuesday - meeting!!!  See what I mean???  Anyway, with any luck I'll find some tatty time in between, like when we're driving down to London at the weekend for the meeting... if we set off in daylight then I'll be able to do some in the car!!

Nuff from me.... Chat soon

Monday, 11 January 2016

My Version...

Of that there Tat it and See.... Day 2!!  When you read the blog there seem to be an awful lot of dancing buns on there!!! (A bun dance)!!!  Ok... I heard the groan from here!!! VBG  But it does make me wonder if the Elephants Foot Umbrella Stand is in actual fact, going to turn out to be Dancing Buns!!! Rofl!!

Anyway, for now, it's definitely still an Elephants Foot Umbrella Stand!!!  Look:

See what I mean??? LOL

Must tell you as well, I contacted Pam Palmer of Tatting Fame last week... asking about some of her books... I have Tatting Treats 1 and 2, and the 12 Days of Silly Season... but I really, really fancied the Tatting Treats 3 AND the Festival Elephant, and the Dragon that she did a few years ago...  Guess what arrived in the post over the weekend??  Yep, TT3, Effalump and a copy of the Dragon!!!  YEAY!!  I'se one happy liccle Pigmini I'se is... or at least I would be if it wasn't for the fact that Pigmini is my car!!! VBG  Now to go through my threads and find some nice colours for them!!!  wonder if that will mean ordering some.... (oops, I feel a thread stash increase possible....) LOL

Anyway, 'nuff said.... Maybe chat tomorrow for Day 3!!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

What's Mine???

Morning All

I've just been blog hopping, as you do, and came across Diane's blog.  Yes I do read it regularly!!  Anyway, this morning she asked if we had a 'to go' pattern... you know, the pattern you go to when you can't think what you want to tat...

Well, mine is those diamonds of that Tatty OG!!!  What do you mean, you don't know the ones I mean??  Of course you do!!!  I've made them into sooo many pairs of earwigs!!  Look:

 That was the first pair I ever did!!!  I just love the pattern!!!  Had a quick count up and I think I've made around 15 pairs now!!!  (if not more!), and.... NO Jane, they're NOT all in my house!!!  I have handed them over to others as well!!!

Anyway, hows you all doing with the Umbrella Stand???  Ok??  It certainly looks like you are from the TIAS blog!!

Right, too dark and dismal here to photograph the other shuttle I was going to show you.... you'll just have to wait!!!

Chat soon

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

It's Arrived!!

What has??  You mean you don't know or can't guess???  Don't believe you!!!

Just in case you've been off the internet for the past couple of weeks... I'm talking about the 2016 version of the Tat it and see!!! It's started TODAY!!!

Now, as regular readers of my ramblings on this blog will be well aware, for the last few years I've been telling that Tatty OG, or MOG as she recently called herself... that her TIAS's are definitely an Elephants Foot Umbrella Stand!!  Well this year I'm proving it!!!

See!!!  Told you... an elephant's foot umbrella stand!!!  ROFL

Now, the shuttle on the left is a Christmas one from Roseground!  Amanda D paints the most gorgeous tatting shuttles and lace bobbins!  In fact, I think that she's the only one that paints shuttles!!  Well, I haven't come across anyone else, unless you know differently!!!  Please tell me if you do!!  I do have it on good authority that there are some flower ones coming soon as well.... I can't wait!!!

I'll show you a different one from 2015 tomorrow!!

Oh, and before I disappear for the inevitable coffee.... Happy New Merry!!!

chat soon