Wednesday, 29 April 2015


No pics to share today folks!!  No eye candy!!! Nothing but an apology!!!

I understand that I inadvertently 'let slip' something yesterday and my apologies go to Maureen in Oz!!!

Maureen, if you're reading this.... Sorry Miss for 'letting slip' the surprise!!  Mind you, as I haven't finished my 'project' yet.... then you haven't seen it really!!!! VBG  Do let me know when yours arrives... so we can 'swap' notes!!! LOL  (And I can show you my version of the 'finished' thing!!!!)

Keeps raining here.... Young Sir is on nights at the moment, 7 - 7... and he came home this morning in torrential rain!!!  I've managed to dry his Bike jacket (did I ever mention he's a motorbiker??) and his leather gloves are almost dry.  Fortunately he has more than one pair of 'boots' that he can wear because even tho they're 'drying' I reckon it'll take a few days!!  The jeans are now waiting washing....

I got wet this morning at school as well!!!  I don't mind it raining, but please can the weathermen take note.... rain between midnight and 6am only please!!!! Rofl

Anyway, my coat is now dry too!!  Hung both coats on the line while the sun was out during the morning, the shoes were out there too.... but they aren't anywhere near!! Now it's 'spitting' at us again!!

Right.  Apologies done. Weather report done.... back to tatting methinks!!

Chat later

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

New To Me!!


Miss me???  Yes I know I've been very quiet over the last week!!  No I haven't been 'on holiday'... that's in a few weeks!! (Sunshine and warmth here we come!!!)  No I haven't been ill, and no the computer hasn't been on strike!!! VBG

Well, first off, I think I've learned a new technique.... Daisy Picots!!

What?? You want to see them??  Ooh you are a nosey bunch!!!

There you are!!  The middle one was the first, and it took around 2 hours!!!  The second one is on the left, that took about 25 minutes.... and the one on the right was last... a whole 10 minutes!!!  Think I've learned that technique!!

Why am I making them??  Well, the Ring Of Tatters website is almost up to date!!  I'm punch drunk on computer coding and checking, and I've got to the point where I wouldn't see mastikes if they came up and bit me on the b....!!! VBG  (Yes, ok.... and no I'm NOT correcting the deliberate one in the last statement!!)Rofl

Anyway, as some of you will know, they're celebrating their 35th year of existence this year!!  Yes folks, the Ring has been around for 35 years!!  So.... in with the Spring Newsletter we were sent a 'birthday gift'.... a Bracelet Kit!!  Complete with 2 different patterns, the thread and the finding!!  Not being one for a challenge.... (much), I decided that the 'simple' one was one that could be done whilst on holiday, in different colours maybe, and with beads added maybe.... so I opted for the 'more advanced' one with split rings and what??? Daisy Picots??? Never heard of them!!!  So I had to learn!!!  The above pic is the result!!!  Now to get on with the bracelet!!! 

Right, I got me some new 'specs' as well.... special for tatting they are.... want to see??

New 'specs'!!!  Pince Nez!!! Rofl....  Look, I'll show you:

Pull and...

Angle!!!  Great aren't they??  they're now living in my Tatty Bag!!

What else has been going on.... well.... Li'l Miss has been on a holiday to Barcelona with Mummy and Daddy!!

She loves the sea and the sand....

Yes there is sand on her face!!  Sand sticks to suncream!!!  She'd been 'copying' Mummy doing Yoga and... face full of sand!!  Looks cute though... I think... however I could be 'just a little' biased!!! Rofl

What did I do while they were away?? Apart from all the aforementioned... I fed Kitties!!!

Chat soon

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Ring has a New!!

Well, I know some of you know.... Over a year ago I was asked by the Ring of Tatters if I could help their Web Master with updating the site.  Of course, being me I said yes!!

That was January 2014.... and I've been (patiently) waiting....

Well folks, it would appear that I am now the NEW webmaster!!!  So, changes are afoot on their website:

Ring Of Tatters Website

Now for those of you who are expecting miracles.... that I could do at once.... however, as they say, the impossible takes slightly longer!! LOL

Keep an eye on their website, all will be updated fairly quickly in the Grand Scheme of Things!!!

You Have Been Warned!!!

Chat soon

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Pre - dyed Wool!!

Ok... over easter, we met up with some friends over in Glossop in Derbyshire.  A short walk up near Kinder Scout later and I spotted some pre-dyed black and white wool!!  Want to see it???

Tough!! I'll show it to you in a short while!! Rofl

Tatting wise I've been doing a pattern by Corina Meyfeldt.... Wave Earrings!!  Yes, more earwigs!!! LOL

Here is one and a half done....

Li'l Miss helped Mummy make Easter buns.... and she wasn't happy because Mummy insisted on taking a picture BEFORE she was allowed to eat one....

If you look carefully, she did get the spoon though... VBG

Right, so, this 'ere pre-dyed wool...

See him??  Black and White Wool!!  We thought at first that it was a collie!!  Mum has a black face and black spots....

Anyway, chat soon!

Thursday, 9 April 2015


No not work.... Another bracelet set!!  Here you go:

This one is done in Wildflower Garden and is completely different to the other one I did even though the pattern and number of beads are the same!!  It's amazing what a difference the choice of colours can make isn't it??  Muted colours give it that 'chintzy' spring floral look!!!  Not that I'm either chintzy or spring!!!  Dotage springs to mind!!! VBG  However I do have outfits that both of them will go nicely with!!

Easter holidays are nearly over for me.... (boo....) and it's back to school on Monday!!  Just my holiday to look forward to in mid May!!  Sunshine here we come!!!  Think I'll take both sets with me, as they take up virtually no room in the rucsac!!  Yes folks we travel light!!  A small rucsac each contains everything we need for a week in the sun!!  Pared it down over a number of years so that we don't have  to wait for suitcases etc.... off the plane, through passport control etc and off into the bus to take us to the apartment!!  I mean the service bus not a shuttle bus!!  Public transport leaving every 15 minutes or so and a 5 minute walk at the other end!  Perfect!!

Anyway, off to check me washer... chat later!!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

It's.... AND Yet More!!!

It's.... Well, I would say it's International Tatting Day!!!  However, it's also Mummy & Daddy's birthday today!!!  Yes, they share a birthday... at least they can't ever forget each others birthdays!!! LOL.  Li'l Miss will think it's funny when she gets older!!  So, Happy Birthday to my Daughter and Son in Law, and Happy International Tatting Day to the rest of you!!!

Now what else.... What?? More what??  Is that what you're asking???

Earwigs!!!!  I shouldn't get hold of buttons really.... LOL  I seem to be addicted to trying different threads and different beads on buttons at the moment!!  Don't seem to be able to get too many of them!!  Apart from that, my friend down the street isn't able to get to the carboot at the moment because their car let them down the last time, and they're temporarily car-less!!  What has that to do with my earwigs??  Simples.... I get the buttons from her!!  She finds clothing etc at silly prices, cuts them up either for patchwork or somesuch and sells the buttons!!!!

But before I go into earwiggies.... spent Monday afternoon playing with Li'l Miss!!  She's decided she's far too busy playing to eat!!  Mummy is getting concerned that someone is surviving on 2 small rice crackers and a pear....  Mind you, she did eat her tea when Daddy got home, and today she at lots at the restaurant!!

Here she is making 'scones' with Mummy last week:

Should be entitled.... Flour, flour, everywhere!! VBG

Anyways, here is the latest 'addition' to the collection.

Done in Wildflower Garden with bronze and different shades of gold 'oily' beads, gold 'see thru' and cream beads!!!  Makes them different again!!

Now where did I put the buttons and the thread and the beads.... I feel a bracelet to match coming on!!

So.... Happy International Tats to All and Chat soon!!