Saturday, 30 April 2016


Over on Janes blog this morning she shows you a couple of peacocks!

Well... This Tatty OG was fortunate enough to get to test tat him!!  Want to see??

Lizbeth pale pink and rainbow splash for his feathers! He is going on a bag but not directly! Why? Because believe it or not the bag is EXACTLY the same shade as the green on his tail! So... When I locate some dark blue I'm stitching him to a background!

Now I wonder what another one would look like with lbp's at the ends of those tail feathers...

(Walks away muttering about beads and colours)...

Friday, 22 April 2016

She's Back!!

No, not me... I've just been busy!!

Li'l Miss!!  They've been to Maui, Sydney and California for 5 weeks!  She loved it!  So did Mummy & Daddy.  I'll show you a pic of Mummy in a bit... taken in Maui.  Li'l Miss brought a pink pony, Pooh bear and Tigger home with her, so I had to meet them yesterday.  Whilst they were in Disney California she managed to meet her two Disney Idols!!  And have breakfast with them!  Eggs and bagels for breakfast with.... you can see in the pic!!

Finished the bookmark that you all guessed correctly... Reminds me of Nasturtiums in colours!  Now on with this one:

Loves the colours on this too!  But... they're not for me!

Anyway, here's the pics I promised earlier:

Mummy playing 'dressing up'!!

Meeting friends for breakfast!

Must remember to finish those ends!!!

Chat soon

Monday, 4 April 2016

Watch Out!!!

Because I'm back!!  No I haven't been away but I have been busy doing other things than tatting!! Heavens... Did I just say that??? Wash my mouth out with chocolate (very dark plain stuff please!! Lol)

So what have I been doing? Well, for a start school broke up almost a week after I expected them to! Li'l Miss is on extended hols with Mummy & Daddy, which means yours truly is cat sitting! They demand fuss every time I go in, so I sit with them for at least half an hour each time... Can't do anything as I've a cat in each hand!!

Anyway, as I've not done much more of that there doily and I'm not in the mood to do it... I'm working on something else whilst sitting with a coffee...

Lets see if you can work out what it is....

Chat later