Friday, 11 September 2020

Archaeological digs and crochet hooks

Have been my life for the last 3 weeks! Miss me?? The dig was in the village on the scheduled ancient monument and was the Roman Civitas of Petuaria. The forum hasn't been found this year, but there's evidence that a high status house was built on top of it! We hope anyway! We've proved historians wrong, Petuaria was definitely thriving after 200 AD!

Anyway, nuff of that... I'll show you a couple of pics at the end!

Granddaughters are brilliant aren't they? They get jealous! Big Miss got a huge blanket when Lil Miss was born, I know you will remember! Anyway, lil miss wants one too. But they can't be the same!

During lockdown I came across the remnants of the yarn from the original blanket. Then saw a tube vid on Mosaic Crochet! Great way to use oddments! So, during less busy times on the dig, and between tea and bed I was crocheting... The crochet is coming along....

Chat later!

Friday, 28 August 2020

I bin...


I heard you ask.... There's an archaeological dig going on in the town. It's a playing field that's got the same sorta status as Stonehenge!

The dig started a week ago and we've found loads so far! Others can dig.... I get to scrub, gently, with a toothbrush! All comes to an end next weekend, so if I'm quiet... You know why!

Found in a nearby garden

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Guess what....

I'll be doing today?

Last week whilst trawling that face.... site.  I spotted people talking about Ewa Wasyliszyn and her new book. Falling in love with some of the pictures of what people had nade, I contacted her.  

Long story short, I paid via PayPal on Saturday. Guess what arrived this morning...

Off to find shuttles and thread!!  Thank you Ewa!

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

The colours of summer

Anyone who knows me knows I love colour!!  As I told you (I think), Sirs idea of a good birthday present was gin for me to flavour.

During lockdown the first attempt was elderflower which I've shared. It was left for a week ...

A second one was left for 5 weeks and a mix of strawberries, raspberries and redcurrants was left for 4 weeks...

Wanna see??

Yes, the elder is in a cider bottle!
Isn't the summer one an amazing colour??

Now there's bramble (blackberry), a blackcurrant and a rhubarb on the marinade!!

Thursday, 23 July 2020

When you're bored ..

And you have buttons and thread..  you play don't you? You don't? Well I do!!

Last weekend was fairly damp here, and after being at a wet funeral and being bored .. not settling to anything... I decided to be nosey through my button box.

Well, I got Eliza thread haven't I!? In Navy and Red. Buttons to tone and contrast and I decided to play...

Want to see?
Another bracelet!

Wednesday, 15 July 2020


Is it that blogger decided to delete my post rather than publish it???

I'll start again!!

Monday was this TOGs birthday! Had a wonderful day!! However, because Big Lil Miss  was at school... Mummy and small helpers made a Greek salad and a sponge cake with cherries in on Sunday! We had an outdoor party at their house and kept distant!!

Remember I showed you the Eliza thread mat last week? The mug rug? Yes? Well I was playing with thread last week. The thread that'd come off the shuttle. Put basic macrame skills and beads into the mix, and produced a bracelet... Had it on on Sunday ... And promptly lost it to Mummy!!!

Had to make a new one yesterday! Slightly different if course!!

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

More from Last Week!

A week or so ago a neighbour with dementia passed away. She was a baker of cakes, quiches, pies etc!  One of her cakes was coffee cake. I can't resist and I have the recipe! Her family were discussing it in my presence, and I've to write it out for them...  it's in my remembrall! So... it's another little job for me to do!! Evidently her granddaughter has the baking gene too!
Just struck me as spooky that the bobbin dream from one person should coincide with a conversation re the same flavour cake with another!

Anyway, here's said bobbin!!