Saturday 30 September 2023


Yes, I've just noticed it's been over a year!!! Hence the post title! I've finally decided to post again... What have I been up to? Yes I can hear you asking! Simples.... Mother in Law got in the way. She will be 102 in a weeks time. Currently in hospital, and they can't find anything wrong with her except for the very advanced Altzheimers. She went in because the carers found her at the top of the stairs having 'fallen'. We've witnessed these 'falls', her brain decides she's done enough vertical movement and her knees just fold and she crumples to the ground.... Is that really a fall?? Not IMHO! They are now recommending respite care to get her moving again. At present we cannot work out how it can be funded. Will just have to wait and see! What else.... we changed our old petrol car for an EV. That's fun!! We can drive for almost 300 miles without worry from full to empty! I say you need a 'comfort' break more often than that! I could wax lyrical on what we do instead of motorway service areas, but if you really want to know you'll have to get me to write a different post! Holidays, bus trips, council meetings, camping.... to name but a few things that have stopped me writing on here. However, if you've been following that TOG 'down south' with her socks.... Yes I supplied her with the pattern! Want to see mine?? Here you go!

Tuesday 1 February 2022

Yes I Can!

As most of us know, my crazy TOG friend is running a Tat it and See at present. I'm sticking with the idea it's a duck filled fatty puss! Until I change my mind that is!!

Anyway, he has a name .... Phreddeigh! Stop and think about the pronunciation.... Ph = f, redd = red, eigh = y as in yacht..... Got it??  Good!! Lol

Anyway, here he is whizzing down the shuttles!

Friday 28 January 2022

How Dare I!!

So, I've been lax at posting the Tat It And See pictures. I'll catch up a bit shortly!

For those that follow the TIAS page closely, you will know that this particular TOG always changes her mind from an Elephants Foot Umbrella Stand (EFUS for short).  This year is no exception! Currently my guess is a Duck Filled Fatty Puss. Want to know why?  Well I'll tell you anyway!

Almost 40 years ago when we moved into this house we got a kitten. At the Christmas Sir wanted duck for dinner, and said kitten got the cooked giblets (innards)! He stretched out in front of the fire looking like a duck-billed platypus with a fat belly! Sir and his namesake down the cottages coined the phrase and it's stuck! 

Knowing Jane's deviousness it could be anything!!

Wednesday 12 January 2022

It's Here Again!

The Tat it and See that is

The time of year where we all need cheering up. Here in the UK it can be dark, dull, dreich... a Scottish word for dismal.  So saying today is sunny in this corner of Yorkshire!  

Anyway, I digress, the period after the festive season feels flat for a lot of people, and it's exactly the right time for that TOG down south to launch something we all love doing!

Here's my wriggly worm... So far!

Chat soon

Wednesday 5 January 2022

What Do You Do?

You know how the conversation goes....

Young li'l miss "Granny, when will I get my granny blanket? My sister has one. Where's mine? Will you make me mine? Please!!!"

When Mummy was expecting her, I made this for her sister to say thank you for all the baby stuff big sister didn't need anymore ....

Fast forward to babysitting at the end of November last year and the conversation written above. I couldn't think of a way of explaining how big sis had one when li'l sis hadn't!  So ... 14 X 100g balls of DK later.... No I didn't use it all! One steaming crochet hook and several late nights, over 400 miles travelling, (went to Scotland for Xmas, and wanted it finished by New Year) and the second 'Granny Blanket' is finished!

It was Young Li'l Misses 5th birthday on 2nd. She was presented with her blanket, 5 years between the 2 photos!!

Wednesday 24 November 2021

Ann Onnymouse!

Remember the mouse that that TOG 'down south' shared the other day?? (This pattern) 

 Well, this particular TOG had the pleasure of test tatting it!! 

 I christened her.... hence the post title!! I've fed her cheese to stop her running away. Although I can tell you that mouses much prefer chocolate.... It's what the field mice that get into the house think anyway! Think they're brought in by the cats!! 

 Reminds me of a story from 'Mummy' a number of years ago when she had 2 cats and no kids. One cat brought a mouse in (dead) and deposited it on the floor. It was spotted, and she said to the cat 'What's that doing there?' Said cat promptly picked it up, went into the kitchen and deposited it in the food dish!! Lunch!!! LOL 

 Anyway, I know you want to see... here's my version of Ann...


She is pretending to be a Kangaroo!!

Wednesday 10 November 2021

What do you do when you get bored???

Morning All. So what do you do when you get bored? Read a book? craft? I find a couple of empty shuttles, thread, buttons, beads.... then decide what to make!! 

 We've been 'up north' in Scotland, furry grandchild sitting whilst Young Sir and Young Mrs were away on honeymoon. Of course I had thread, shuttles and beads with me but no buttons. This meant that I couldn't make myself earwigs or a bracelet from one of Jane's button patterns. So, I was BORED!! Mind you, it's taken me a few days to blog this purely because we came back to a completely drained loo! No water in it at all, cept for the cistern!! Flush, it'll pull back to almost empty.... turns out there was a blockage way down the line to the road, past all the other cottages!! Everyone must have had problems of the sewer allowing their loo to fill with water and drain slowly at the very least! Sorted this morning by good old Yorkshire Water... well the engineers are friendly! 

 Anyway, back to tatting... reading that TOG's blog, where she was making leaves and I started thinking.... grabbed the pattern, read it, and it set me off thinking.... Would it work if I made the centre as a ring and split rings.... It had to be tried!! The shuttles needed emptying anyway (my excuse and I'm sticking with it!) I'm sure someone else will have come up with the same idea....

I wonder what it would look like with beads.... Oh and here's a pic of the furries with their owners. The cat is missing, she wouldn't sit still!!