Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Beads, a forthcoming wedding and a Crazy TOG

 As most of you are aware, Young Sir was due to get married last year.  Thanks to Covid it got cancelled, and is due to take place this summer instead.  Young Sir's fiancee has already got her dress (I hope), and her hair adornments.  After a zoom call with them I have ended up making a Starry Button Bracelet from Jane's website for her.... All white and pearl beads!  Simple to do provided you follow the instructions to the letter, and is easy to make larger than the 6.5 inch wrist if need be.  You can add a chain or split rings to lengthen it. However it's the right size for the future bride!  Pearlised buttons, and pearl beads to the fore!!  Must show you:

Sunday, 14 February 2021

The End

Of another Tat It And See has been reached. Always a slightly sad day, but it's a great chance to perfect new skills by making more! Gives you chance to practice... Be it split rings, the shoe lace trick, adding beads to your tatting...

Barmy Bonkers the Beaversquirrel Fox is a bookmark as you can clearly see, if you leave his nose and eyes out he can make sure nobody but you moves him! However, we all know that foxes are partial to nutty squirrels, and nutty squirrels like nothing better than to bed down for the winter in a nice hole. If you leave this bookmark alone for too long you may find that he has shredded the inside of your book for a warm bed! Beaversquirrels are slightly better in that they don't hibernate, but they are partial to shredding paper to imitate snow! Gives them something to do when it's too cold for us to spend much time outdoors, this means that they can't bonk us on the head with snowballs  from the snow on tree branches! So Watch Out! I hope you have all enjoyed this tatty tale!

Thursday, 11 February 2021

Day 15

Well Barmy is a happy Beaversquirrel this morning as he can now camouflage on a tree branch! He's not turned white yet which means that if you look carefully along branches you may just spot him hiding. Preferably before Jane gives him paws to knock snow onto your head!!

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

TIAS Day 14

I must say that that TOG down south really does have peeps guessing this year! Ooh she's a sneaky one I must say!! Forgot to post yesterday, and we've snow here, so.... Barmy refused to change colour, although I have a sneaky feeling he will as soon as it melts!! LOL. Anyway, here's what he looks like at the end of Day 14.... still in his autumn colouring....

Sunday, 7 February 2021

Day 13

 Afternoon All

We are currently experiencing icy wind chill and snow flurries that don't seem to want to lay except for on the hill at the back in the distance.  Had to go shopping this morning and drop an old phone off to a friend that's just moved into her first house!!  The phone line is connected but not the internet yet, so we gifted a phone so she isn't quite so isolated (the village has no real mobile phone signal).

Came home to find that Jane had put Day 13 on her blog!  So, I went and looked.... Barmy now has a head and had a quick look out of the window, as it's not snowy landscape out there he's still in his autumn colours!!

Want to see???

Friday, 5 February 2021

Day 12

 Well, we've reached day 12 in the TIAS.  Do we have a second eye?? Methinks so!!  

Barmy is now saying to us..... "All the better to see you with My dear"!  If you think of the fairy tales is it Granny in the cupboard and a wolf in a beaversquirrel coat??  Is that what they're trying to tell us??

Maybe, or maybe not.  We shall just have to wait and see.... 

Thursday, 4 February 2021

And Now

I'm caught up with the TIAS!

After Barmy was caught curled up dozing he stretched out on the cat! (That was yesterdays post....)

Then that TOG down south decided he should be able to sniff for the slim chance he can change colour this winter! The powers that be are telling us we will get snow this coming weekend.... We'll wait and see!  

And here you can clearly see he's got an eye on what she's up to next!! One can never second guess what's going on in the mind of BC3!

I see from the blog that others think it may be an EFUS (Julibeth) or a fox, ermine or even a giraffe or dinosaur. I am jus' sayin'.... It's Barmy Bonkers the Beaversquirrel!  Maybe we'll get the EFUS next year!!! ROFL