Monday, 19 February 2018


So, the TIAS is over bar the finished pictures. Some beautiful mermaids are appearing from all over the world over on Jane's blog!

Meet Tritana, wife of Triton... they don't meet up very often as you will appreciate when I tell you that Triton lives most of the year in the Adriatic and Tritana much prefers the cold waters of the Arctic Circle!! 

Now I know you're going to tell me that mermaids aren't seen in the Arctic... there's a very good reason for that - she spends most of her time under the ice!! When she is seen fishermen mistake her for a seal!

Arctic mermaids are distinctive with their blue and white colouring and white hair... however their hair changes colour about the same time as seal cubs lose their soft white fur... hence the mistakes! It turns grey which aids the belief that they are seals not mermaids!! They are also very adept at hiding in plain sight up there!!

You can tell an Arctic mermaid from an Antarctic mermaid in summer and winter as the hair is a different colour, however they both look the same in spring and autumn! But... Antarctic mermaids are much rarer!!

Tritana is done in Lizbeth 20 colour 143 and her hair is white Aida 20.

Now I'm off to see what everyone else has done!!
Chat soon

Friday, 16 February 2018

More TIAS!

So... to date we've done lots of very tiny picots round the head... too short for mermaid hair unless we're doing something else with it... and then there's the very small picots at the other end...

I'm thinking now of Triton, the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite from Greek Mythology!! You watch that TOG down south prove me totally wrong!! Vbg

Anyway, here's the pics so far...

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

That Doily

As those of you who follow the ramblings of this tatty old git will be aware, a couple of years ago I started Jan Stawatz Monster Doily!  Now earlier in the year it disappeared! I searched for it to no avail! Grrr!! I was even tempted to start again....

On our return from Tenerife back in December we were so cold (a 30 degree c drop in temperature is not my idea of fun), the day after we'd got home I grabbed a thick jumper each. 2 or 3 days later another 2 came out... with the bag containing doily!! It had got folded inside a winter jumper! 

Anyway, tatting hasn't been on my mind while we've been doing the bathroom... now that the only things left are not immediate jobs (grouting and replacing the ceiling) and can wait till the slightly warmer weather... I can get on with knitting a jumper for Sir AND the doily! (As well as the TIAS of course, and back and forth to see mother in law)...

It may pause in a few weeks when we move Young Sir up to the land of Whisky... he's in the process of buying a house up there... but it may go with me!! Vbg

So, I thought you'd like to see it now...

Here you go:

Chat soon

Saturday, 10 February 2018

TIAS Continues

Right, I know you will all want to see the latest instalments of the EFUS.... here you go:

Well, I thought it was an EFUS!!  but one with a human looking head?? Scary!!  I think now it must be a ghost, a mermaid or a merman!!  You will note that I suggested its Ariel today over on the TIAS blog!! Big Li'l Miss and Li'l Li'l Miss will love her!  I may have to make another one so they have one each!! VBG

What a busy liccle B I have been!  Most of the tiles are now on the bathroom floor (just 6 to go but they involve lifting the toilet out and cutting and laying them, drying, grouting and replacing the outlet for the shower and sink before we can put the toilet back!  Yes we only have one loo in the house!!  No we're not moving out!  What are we doing?  Using a camping toilet for a week!!

The cement is back in the wall and drying so we can replace the wall tiles too.  Hint here for anyone else that has to do this mammoth task.... ensure you wrap your copper pipes with something.... cement eats copper!!

Hopefully, next week we can finish the tiles, so I can grout everything,  Sir then can replace all the plumbing, offer the sink back in, decide where it will sit and ensure it's in the right place on the floor... reseat it, and the toilet.... then I'll have a fully functional bathroom around 6 - 8 weeks after finding the leak!!!  I can't wait!! ATM we can't even use the shower!!  Can't remember if I told you that we'd not got enough tiles for the floors.... couldn't get any more 10 years after we bought the first lot.... so we found a tone!!!  I'll show you:

Well, that was a couple of weeks ago!

Now? Tiles in, floor sorted, toilet back, sink back, plumbing sorted... I now have a functional bathroom!!

All that's left to do is finish putting tiles back on the wall and replace the ceiling, then grout the floor tiles in the hallway... that can wait till it's warm and dry!!  Or the floor can at least... Sir and Young Sir are sticking wall tiles as we speak!

Chat soon!

Monday, 22 January 2018

Day 2

Now being an odd (some would say.... extremely odd!!) person with plumbing in the house, challenges... it's difficult to remember to blog the TIAS here!  So... here's days 1, 2 and 3!!

The tatty individual that runs the TIAS thinks I'm odd... she's right! I may just get this published as the next one comes out.. the weather outside is 'orrible... we've had rain, rain, and more rain since early December... odd days when it's dry and then it's freezing! Not good for floor tile laying near the back door!! Yesterday we lifted some that were put down a few days ago because the adhesive refuses to set and seal! We had to clean both the tiles AND the floor!! Door had to be open and it was snowing! Later it was raining so now we have wet, slush! Revolting!! Think I'll hibernate with knitting or crochet or tatting!!

Today we sealed the floor with glue and we're now waiting for it to dry! We've had to buy a gas bottle for the heater to dry the floors!  Now to tat, crochet or knit.... lazier time methinks!!

Anyway... any thoughts on what the TIAS is this time.?

Chat soon 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

A bag full of...


Those of you that read Jane's blog will have a slight inkling about this...

Last Friday we took MIL out for fast food lunch... chicken place...

Now you get the chicken, chips, beans, coleslaw... she (and I) don't particularly like fizzy drinks, so she got weak, milky, cool, sweet tea... me? Black coffee! Paid extra for them!

Ate the food, and showed her how far I'd got with that monster doily that hid from me earlier in the year! Well, that and 2 Rachel mats were in my bag in the tatting bags from Thursday when I'd been working on them.

Put them back in handbag... MIL picked up her tea, dropped it and it tipped.... over me and into the handbag! Tatting has survived thanks to helpful staff and fast reaction by yours truly! Bags now in washer and tatting is dry! 

MIL? she didn't remember 2 minutes later! Yes she's ok, my clothes are in the washer too! She's where she belongs- at her home!!

I'd show you but I was too busy getting tea out to get pics, and it's splashed my phone as well!!

Where had the doily been? I'd sorted the cupboard with clothes in, winter jumpers forward and summer tops back... the bag with the doily decided to masquerade as a winter jumper! Hid there till after Tenerife! Then, of course we have the water issue... least the loo and the shower work now.  We've also just laid 3 rows of floor tiles in the hallway, so we have to keep off them for a short while. That should be fun trying to get out tonight!!

So... I'll chat soon, and send pics... promise!

Thursday, 28 December 2017

'Appy New Merry or Something!

Well I do need to wish you something now that Silly Season is over for another year.... New Year isn't so bad!  You can choose to either stay in and watch the TV or go and celebrate with friends (or sleep of course)... LOL

Not anything new Tatwise... not had chance since my last post!  But.... at least we can shower!!!  I'll show you the pics of the Evil Snowman in our bathroom....  Sir disappeared into there and look what I spotted!  That evil snowman ate Sir!!!

It's ok, it regurgitated him later.... VBG

He found fibreglass in the ceiling!

Anyway, the shower works, but.... no sink, it's off the wall, and no flushing toilet either.  We're using buckets to flush the loo, which reminds me.... what do you do when you want to flush the loo and the buckets of water are icebound????

Got a couple of amazing pressies... firstly Young Sir got me a new Coffee Maker!!  Russell Hobbs with a timer on it.  Drinking more than ever now!! LOL and second pressie came from Roseground.  I got a gorgeous Amanda D painted shuttle of a Christmas Pud!!  Thanks for sending it Pam!!  Also got thread from Ebay.

Oh, and as a bit of light relief.... Give you 3 guesses.....

Chat later