Tuesday, 7 July 2020

More from Last Week!

A week or so ago a neighbour with dementia passed away. She was a baker of cakes, quiches, pies etc!  One of her cakes was coffee cake. I can't resist and I have the recipe! Her family were discussing it in my presence, and I've to write it out for them...  it's in my remembrall! So... it's another little job for me to do!! Evidently her granddaughter has the baking gene too!
Just struck me as spooky that the bobbin dream from one person should coincide with a conversation re the same flavour cake with another!

Anyway, here's said bobbin!!

Monday, 6 July 2020

Must Tell You

About the new thread available from Roseground here in the UK.

Eliza is the latest from the Lizbeth camp. In size 10 it tats up like Lizbeth 10, but more matte. Reminds me of the old Twilleys threads. Lovely to tat, holds its shape well, takes size 11 Czech beads ok... provided you keep an eye on the holes when threading... I always use a beading needle and a length of cotton for threading.

Anyway, I digress... The range of colours is limited at present, only half a dozen or so in the range, all solid colours.

Anyway, I gotta hold of some and gave it a try. This pattern is from Jennifer Williams 20 tatted snowflakes. I think in colour, it looks like a ring of flowers and would make a gorgeous mug rug!!

Friday, 3 July 2020

I don't...

Think I've shown you this before.  Last year the younger of the two Li'l Misses was 'persuading Mummy' that she 'could so' drink out of a 'proper' cup like Big Li'l Miss!

Mummy decided she was right so a trip to the shop followed. Li'l Miss is rather like Granny and adores owls! So mug had to have owls on it! Mummy reminded her that Granny likes owls, so 2 mugs had to be bought!  One for Granny for a present!!

There's a reason I tell you this story now.... This morning whilst being nosy on that social media whatsit site I came across a lady by the name of Dee who happens to paint lace bobbins. As you know this tog is also a lacey tog!!

Anyway, Dee was saying that she had dreamt last night that she was painting bobbins with sayings on... 'Time for Tea' or 'Time for Coffee', and painting her favourite mug and chocolate chip cookies!  She's offered to paint them with your favourite mug and nibble to go with!  Took a pic of the mug and told her my favourite nibble.... which I was only talking about 20 minutes earlier... More tomorrow!!

Monday, 29 June 2020


The Doodad pattern that Jane shared last week? Well, this particular TOG didn't have any doodads the right size or shape... I did however have some bead caps for 8mm beads that needed finding! 

I eventually managed to tat the pendant... Brooch methinks...

Wanna see??

Wednesday, 24 June 2020


Does my hubby decide that tomatoes need stringing when the temperature in there is in the 40's? Degrees C in the greenhouse! They can wait till tonight! It's 25 outside which is hot for my area of East Yorkshire.

I can't even knit or tat or any crafts till I cool down! Somebody find me a breeze please...
The pigeons decimated the strawberries and other soft fruit before they were ripe. Beans not coming up... Sweetcorn is growing, but we've had to cover the sprouts n caulis... Pigeons again!!

Right, off to cool down somewhere shady...

Friday, 19 June 2020

One Side

Remember that waterfall cardi? Well the first side is done and the second is part done. Must admit I like the way the pattern looks! Only the front is patterned, the rest is stocking stitch, so will work up quite quickly!

Got another elderflower gin on the go, with the last of the flowers for this year. I'm going to steep it a while longer than the last one though... See if it has worked in July!

Considering making some from rhubarb next!

Friday, 12 June 2020

How Old??

Those of you that know me well will know that this usually accompanies me in my tatty bag.

I hear you asking. .. what is it??

a crochet hook!!  We believe German make and definitely over 100 years old!

It belongs to my Mother in Law and she's almost 99!  She can remember her mum using it when she was little. It fled with her and her father to Berlin in the war. They left the farm virtually empty handed when the Russians were advancing.

She met her husband at the end of the war in Berlin and came to the UK in the late 1940's to get married. Sir was born 10 years later.

It's still in use even given its advanced age, but we can no longer ask questions regarding it's age... She now has dementia and can no longer knit, crochet or sew, or even make a sandwich for herself. We think she's also forgotten how to make a cup of tea. I did manage to get this crochet hook... and use it when I'm tatting! I wouldn't use it for beads or crochet any longer as it's very thin through use. So, nowadays it's still used but only for joining picots!

Anyway, thought I'd show you!!