Monday, 31 August 2015

Another Round

Done on that doily!!

I'd show you it all but... it's raining and although its light enough in the tent it's too wet outside to spread it out and I'm not about to spread it on the floor where wet feets has been!! Vbg

As you can see I've made a start on the next round!!

We're virtually deserted on the campsite! I think there are 2 tents including us!! Mind you the kids around here go back to school this week whereas we don't go back till next week!!

One deserted field through the rain streaked window!! Just dawned on me... you can see Sirs coffee cup!! Lol

Right... Back to the shuttles! Chat soon

Friday, 28 August 2015

Can't resist...

That earwig pattern that I now know off by heart!!

Yes you do know the one I mean... The diamond shaped ones that I keeps doing in different threads! Beads already on shuttle for round the edge and 2 shuttles ready to go... 2 rings and in a tiny bag and we're ready to travel long or short distances!!

This one is with beads from my stash and is rather bigger than most as its done in twilleys 20 and coats 20!! Both were lurking in my stash and just had to travel here with me!!  Promise to take a better pic soon!!

At least today is dry and sunny although I'm in the shade at the mo... Outta the cool wind!!

Right.... Coffee!
Chat soon!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

It's Shakespeare... But not as you like it!!!

So... I'm sure most if you are aware that Will Shakespeare was born in Stratford Upon Avon along with a certain 'tatty OG'....

Today we decided to go visit.... Will wasn't to be found though! Think he'd 'gone underground' when he heard that we were calling!!  However we did discover a couple of Very Tatty OG's in a car park!!!


No idea who they were but they seemed to be having a good time!! Maybe they were the welcoming branch of the local 'Tatty OG Coven'!!

What do you think?? Rofl

Monday, 17 August 2015


Now.... I know you are all wondering what I'm talking about.... yes I know I said holes.... but what sort of holes??

Well, on the tatting front you get holes in your tatting!!  They are masquerading as picots, purls, bead middles, ring middles.... get my drift??  Then there are holes in your ears.... usually found in the lobe and are used for 'parking' earwigs!!! VBG  And then there are others... keyholes, holes in the ground.... do I need to go on??

Anyway, on the earwig front, a certain OG who shall remain nameless.... shared a pattern the other day for cupcakes!!  I fell in love with cupcakes when they were buns years ago!! LOL  Had to have a go didn't I??

Here you go:

Strawberry Chocolate ones!!!

The tin is the one I keep my needles, beading needles, and other assorted tiny oddments in... like a pair of hackle pliers and a tiny pair of tweezers, some paperclips and a crochet hook....  It's downside up on the pic!!

Whilst we're talking of holes... I took Li'l Miss to the park last week, and discovered this at the side of the slide....

Talk about trip hazard!!!  It's been reported so with any luck it will be sorted soon!!

Anyway, back to tatting.... Can any of you think of any other holes in your tatting??

Chat soon....

Thursday, 13 August 2015


International Left Handers Day today!!! So.... Happy Left Handers Day to all my Left Handed friends (including Li'l Miss from the looks of it... And her Dad!!!

Nothing new on the tatty front, but there will be soon... Promise!!

Chat soon!

Monday, 10 August 2015


No.... not more of that darn doily.... I think my 'tat gene' has had enough just at the moment... she keeps insisting that rings like '4-1-1-3+6-3' are 4-1-1-3-6-3.... and she forgets the joins!!  The number of times I've taken repeats out because of it!!!  Grrrr!!

The 'More' is earwigs!!  We went out for a meal with good friends a few days ago, and the last time I'd found out it was Helena's birthday a few days before.... So.... I gave BC3 something to do instead of laying on that sunbed fanning herself and eyeing up the waiters!!  I made her get the beads and Helena's favourite colours of thread and remember the pattern of the diamonds from a certain Tatty OG!!

This is the result:

She was highly delighted!!!

Yesterday we went to Driffield Steam Rally.  Brilliant day out!!  Great fun had by all!! (Sir, me and another family friend).  Watching traction engines, steam cars, tractors, old cars.... 

I was also looking for a tarpaulin to make a cover for the chiminea.  Our old cover is looking decidedly the worse for wear!!  Mind you it is a number of years old!!  Couldn't find exactly what I wanted, but I found a cheap tarp and will cut it up to make a new one!!

Whilst browsing I also found this:

It says it's a stackable pill box.... I think its a bead/button stack waiting to be filled!!  It was £1 in a bargain area!!!  It's not there now!! VBG

Right, now to fill it....

(wanders off muttering about beads and buttons and thread....)
Chat soon

Saturday, 1 August 2015

It's Yorkshire Day!!

Yes Folks, Yorkshire has its own day!!!  So, I found this earlier on Twitter and just HAD to share it!! 

Happy Yorkshire Day to all Yorkshire Friends Worldwide!!!