Monday, 29 December 2014

Guess What?

I know where Santa sends his deer after Christmas!!

We've just been watching 2 of them eating our hedge!! If Sir has got a decent pic on his camera I'll show you later!

Tatting... I dunno about you but I did find a little time to tat. Finished off yet another pair of earwigs and am now about to order the bauble book from the Houtz brothers!! I WILL get in 'that' club!! Lol 

We've heard that many places have had the white cold stuff over the last few days... We've had.... Jack Frost painting fern leaves on the car roofs!! No we have not and do not want 'the silly soft stuff' that stops Thomas the Tank engine!!! The kids wore the video out when they were little!

Anyway, off to find the earwigs to take a pic of them!

Chat later!

Thursday, 25 December 2014

It's Christmas!!!

No shopping- they're all shut here!!! Yeay!!

So... Merry Christmas to all my tatty friends!!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Silly Season!!!!

Is upon us!!!

Now I know that those of you who read the blog of a certain Tatty O.. G.. (LOL) will have already seen that I call this time of year Silly Season.... I mentioned it in my last post as well....  and I'm sure there are some of you who want to know why....

It has NOTHING to do with any religion whatsoever!!!

Simply put, you go round the shops and people seem to think that their kids need everything on their 'Santa' list!!!  They do not!!!!  You do not need to bankrupt yourselves in order to 'not disappoint' them!  They do not need the latest clothes, gadget, game, bike, ipad, iphone etc., etc!  A little disappointment never did anyone any harm...

Besides that, the supermarkets are chock full of food.... this is not needed in your refrigerator, cupboard, pantry, freezer etc!!!  There is absolutely no need to think that you have to have it all 'just in case' someone comes round!!  They've done the same thing at their house and so do not need to have their stomachs filled again at yours!!  It seems to me that people stock upon enough food to feed a small army for a month... most of which ends up in the bin when it goes out of date!!  Whilst we like a nibble or two, do we really need the tins of ham, enough mince pies to feed the 5,000, wine, whisky, sherry, or any other 'tipple' that springs to mind??  If you do not drink it normally, why buy it at Christmas 'just in case'?!  If they're driving they shouldn't have it anyway!!!

When I go to see friends, I go because I want to see them, have a coffee and a chat, a laugh or two, pass the time with them.... I do not go to see just how much extra food I can get out of their cupboards!!! If you like donating food, why not donate it to somewhere that's deserving instead of the bin!!  Cat food and dog food are gratefully received by the local sanctuary.... or volunteer to take the dogs for a walk if you can... you and your family enjoy the exercise and the fresh air and the animal gets human contact!!  It costs enough in petrol to get to the sanctuary if it isn't in walking distance, and costs not much other than time and a little in shoe leather!!

So, instead of everyone going 'mad' on a spending spree, why not simply spend the time with your family, your friends, the elderly or single person down the street.... give them your time not your money!!   Let's all make a pledge to talk to others, let the kids play with each other, send them out for a snowball fight or to kick a football about, or whatever is popular outside in your area.... lets all make memories for each other.... after all, I think that it was J M Barrie who said .... 'We were given memories so that we could have roses in December'!!

Ok.... got that 'off me chest'  I'll get back down off me soapbox!!

So saying.... I hope you all have a great time over Silly Season, and remember.... friends and family are the best things ever created!!

Chat soon

Friday, 12 December 2014

It's Nearly....

.... Silly Season!!!!  You know.... the time of year where you suddenly find that nothing fits because you over indulged on the sweet pies, cake, biscuits, wine.....

Onnyhow, I entered some 'swaps' this year.... and the photos below are what the peeps on t'other end will get when they arrive, if they haven't already!!  Not telling what went where tho!!!  Just sharing the pics!!!

I've still to do some more 'bits' for the local guys.... gotta pattern from Jennifer Williams & Ring of Tatters for a tealight holder.... and I want to do that a couple of times.... and I does need to do some earwigs for another friend.... and maybe a pair for Li'l Ol' Me??? VBG  Busy, busy, busy is this crazy OG up 'ere in Yorkshire!!!

Well, short post, lots to do!!!  Here's the pics.... chat later!!

Friday, 28 November 2014

And Another One....

... I would say 'Bites the Dust' but that'd just be silly!!!! LOL

This is Jon Yusoff's square again, but this time I've added beads.... just to see what happens!!! (or is it because I can??? VBG)

Off to make bacon sarnies shortly.... we've got the bacon and I'm hungry!!!  Have to wait for Sir to bring the bread tho....  They're saying on the TV that it's 'Black Friday' today.... well it certainly is looking at the weather!!  Grey and dull here!!!  Just the sort of weather I detest!!  I like warm n sunny, cold and bright, snowy, but I hate fog, damp, slush.... and grey!!!!

Anyway, I'll show you the first one of this 'ere pattern again so you can see the difference beads make....  Mind you, I don't think the granite tile does it any favours....

Does make it sorta sparkle doesn't it??  I have a 'funny feeling' that this pattern is going to be a new favourite.... I've got some deep pink/dusky burgundy thread.... now what colour  can I put with it....  Goes off muttering....

Chat soon

Thursday, 27 November 2014



This one is by Robin Perfetti and it was fun to do!! I don't think I've posted it already but the Internet on my computer is playing up so I'm doing this on my phone!!

That's why it's a little post!!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

What??? More Earwigs?????

Not sure how many peeps read yesterdays post.... I know 2 did from the comments!!  Particularly the comment from a certain OG friend of mine....  I know I could change the locks when he's out.... but then I'd have no excuses that he's sleeping in the mornings!!! LOL  (He works evenings, 5pm till after 1am... doesn't get in till after 2am!!) And that means I'd have to do.... W O R K!!!!  Yuk.... makes me shudder just thinking about it!!  I shall have to lie down in a quiet darkened room till the shuddering passes off!! Rofl

I did make these.... can't remember if I showed you them before or not.... but they are being sent to a friend (the relative of another friend) up in Bonnie Scotland!!!  Putting wires on and finishing threads today and they're off!!!

Motto for you today regarding that horrible 4 letter word aforementioned.... In winter it's too cold, spring it's too early, summer is too hot, and autumn it's too late!!!!  VBG  My Dad's 'reasoning'!!!!

Anyway, what have I been up to.... not a lot really!! Finished off the stocking, and it's now awaiting it's final joining together..... Gotta find the beads for the middle of the flakes.... and I've been watching the news about the state of New York with all that snow!! 1.5 metres or so sounds like rather a lot to me.... it'd bury the mini!!!  I'd be making snow tunnels to get to school!!! LOL

I am doing a hanky edging that's now over half way.... (wonders will never cease).... it's one of Jane's.... the Crown edging.... and is one of those 'WIP's' that we come across from time to time....  LOL  It lives in my handbag in a small tub that once held sweets and I scrounged off one of the kids.... the tub is a shuttle in height, and round enough to hold the hanky, 2 shuttles and the edge with one of those tiny crochet hooks from HH!!  Being tatted in a Valdani thread that is around a DMC 80 in thickness, or slightly finer.... both variegated colours!!  Maybe, just maybe I'll share a pic .....

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Sort of snowflake!! This one was a pattern by Jon Yusoff.... Only one element of a mat! I'm still going to use it as a snowflake!! LOL

Forgot to tell you the other week (2 weeks today) that Young Sir passed his bike test.... that means he can ride anything up to a 49bhp (around 600cc) bike!!!  It's set him off looking for a replacement bike!  Now I thought he was saving up for a house.... but it would appear he may well be here a while longer!

Now I wonder what that snowflake is like in 2 colours or with beads..... (walks away muttering about shuttles, beads and thread....)

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Missed me?

RL got in the way over the last week or so. Still... Had to share these with you....

First up is one of Jane E's motifs.... the inside out one!!  The difference is that there's a bead or something going in the middle.... Got a challenge.... some silly OG cut the threads far too short for finishing off!!!!  I'd point you in the right direction 'cept I can't remember where it is!!!  You'll have to read back posts on her blog to find out!!

Second is one from the ROT Pattern of the Month Club.... 'cept I've replaced picots with beads and the top still needs doing....

Anyway, that's my shares.... didn't do any crafty things last week at all!!!

Chat soon

Thursday, 30 October 2014

It's Nearly....

.... All Hallows Eve!!!  The weather here is just unseasonably warm!  Night time temps of 15C is crazy at the end of October!!

Anyway, This crazy OG decided a few weeks ago that Christmas exchanges should be done!!  I've now got 5 'swap partners'!!! So.... was I pleased when a certain other crazy OG's BC3 decided to release a new pattern... the 'Inside Out Snowflake'!!  I've dunned 2 so far....

They do still need finishing off.... but I'm not showing you that for a bit!!  Why?? Because I'm crazy like that!!! LOL

I've been granddaughter 'soft cuddling' this week.... kids off school!!  Had to share these pics with you too.

The first one is her modelling a new accessory.... Mummy managed to teach herself to crochet... and this is the result:

Lovely isn't it??

Secondly... it was Li'l Miss's birthday last Friday.... The first of many!!  We had a party on Saturday and Mummy shared this pic:

The chair was made originally by my  Grandad!!  So it's a large number of years old!!  It was brown with brown leather seat and back.... Over the years (both the kids used it) it had become battered and worn... so Mummy paid for it to be given a new lease of life!!  I'm sure Grandad would have been delighted with the result!  And Li'l Miss likes it too!!

Anyway, off for coffee now.

Chat soon

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Next Round!!

Is done on the African Doiley!! So I'm now on the 'separate' round....

Will have to shelve it for a short while though... Got Christmas presents to tat!!!

First up is that 'Inside Out' snowflake that Jane E published a few weeks ago... But there's no point in my showing you 2 rings!!!! Trying to 'use up' a few of the myriad of bugle beads in my stash!  Then I've got this idea for earwigs that I must explore... And I want to make a bracelet and a pendant and....

Think I'll have to make shuttles fly!!! Lol

Now just to keep you updated, one year ago tomorrow I was made a totally incorrigible Granny!!! Yes!! Li'l Miss will be a whole 1 tomorrow!!! Get to see her on Saturday at a family get together with pressures and cake and things!  Mummy and Daddy are taking her out tomorrow for the day!

Doesn't seem like a year! Must becoming a real OG!!!! Vbg

Had a quiz night at our Amateur Radio Club last night.... I was QuizMistress!!!  They all groaned about the questions I'd set.... made them either think or guess!!!!  Evil that I am!!!! (ROFL)  Mind you, I've now fallen foul of the 'you'll have to do another one' brigade.... Aargh!!!!

anyway, off for coffee and to start on lunch....

Chat soon!!

Friday, 17 October 2014

And Another One....

.... I would say bites the dust.... VBG however I'm not sure I'd like to bite African Sky!! LOL

Finished the round and it did pull the mat flatter again, so I'm now on the next one... the one before you do the separate bit and slot it in!!

Not a long post today.... gotta meeting in 15 mins!!

Chat later

Thursday, 16 October 2014

That's That....

... round done!!!

What do you mean you don't remember what I'm talking about??  It's the African Sky Doiley!!!  Do you want to look??

It's still looking folded and frilly, but I've made a start on the next round!!  So far it looks as though it may just 'straighten' out again!!  Did some more this morning whilst teen and tweenager squishing!!

I must remember to take a needle with me tonight to class and get those ends sewn in!!  LOL  I hate ends!!!! (or is it beginnings.....  no definitely ends... beginnings get sewn in as you go!!)  Must cut the beginnings off as well, and joins!!  Eeh.... lots of 'ends or begins or joins'!!!

Spent last night at my friends house as well!!  She was working late and needed someone to feed and check on the kids and dogs and cats.... same friend as above!!  Get some tatting done while I'm there tho!!! VBG

Right, off to make coffee!!

Chat later

Monday, 13 October 2014

Somebody said....

.... that it's only a few months to Christmas!!!!  How DARE they!! LOL  We've got a few birthdays between now and then!

Right, so, over the weekend I spent time in a village on the outskirts of York.... at a tatting meeting!!!  David, the tatter in the house I was at produces these type of tatty bits for charities....

David designs his own patterns, he learnt to tat whilst in a Sanitorium when he had TB as a very young man!!!  As I couldn't resist trying the pattern out.... I 'sort of' wrote it out... and started with some gash thread on shuttles... putting it down at lunchtime it fell into a sort of a flower shape... So, being the OG that I am, I decided to turn it into one....

This is the result so far.... inspired by David's Santa!!

Statice!!!!  I promise to make it into a pattern when I've finished playing!!!!  Mind you, I didn't get this round of the African Sky Doiley finished.... you can see what I mean about it 'frilling' on this pic:

Mind you, I've just noticed that I only have 2 more split rings & thrown rings and the round's finished.... maybe I'll finish it later!!

Last Friday when I was at school 2 things happened....

First of all I spotted the first Christmas Tree....

It's actually the moon, sitting atop of the tree!!!! VBG

Then, in the evening, there was the most fantastic rainbow coming down behind our shed!!

That was Friday and Saturday.... Sir and his mate did some of a walk around the area on Saturday.  They tried telling me that the footpath went right through the middle of a pub!!!  Do you believe them??  I don't!!

Yesterday, we were in Hornsea at an amateur radio rally.... so nothing much to report on that... except that while we were there I got a message to say that Young Sir Passed his Module 1 for his Motor Bike Test!!!  Soooo pleased for him!!  He now needs to book the rest of it later today!!  Oh, and somebody posted this on twitter....

It's the Humber Bridge in the fog from the air!!!  Note.... no fog overland!!!

Anyway, 'nuff from me.... chat later

Friday, 10 October 2014

I'm Sure....

...I'm doing this wrong!! Unless I tat tighter than Jane M that is!!

I'll persevere tho and see how I get on with it!

Also on with anuvver tatty snowflake.... Till I ran out of thread on me shuttles last night at class! Will put more on today! This one reminds me of pink bubbles!! Lol

Did you miss me this week? Been a busy ole week it has! Wednesday was MIL's birthday! She's 93!!! Took her to a Chinese restaurant with Sir, Mummy, Daddy n Li'l Miss in the early evening! Had fun watching the staff cooing over Li'l Miss!!! Rofl

Out for coffee yesterday with a friend... Had a natter and caught up... As you do!!

Tomorrow I'm at a tatty meeting just outside York! Should be fun!! I do love those sort of meetings when you can meet up with friends old and new and natter an tat!!!! Lol 

Note to self- take your needle to finish off ends!! And something to try out the Magic Thread Trick!!!! Maybe the fishing line I use for Spangling lace bobbins.... Watch This Space!!!

Oh.... just a warning.... if you're not getting emails from me.... I don't seem to be able to send any at the moment!! Sir is sorting it later for me!!!! VBG

Chat soon

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Guess what....

A little bird told me that it's a certain Jane  E's birthday today!!! But she hasn't got to worry.... I shot it!!!! Rofl!!

Happy Birthday Jane!!

Now remember that Halloween Earwig I showed you the other day.... well, I finished the other one!!!  so, posting a pic of almost a pair!!

They do look better in daylight!!  I say 'almost a pair' becausse when I tried to put the wire on... it broke!!! How annoying is that???  It'll have to wait till next week to be completed now!!!! Grrrr!!!!

I finally managed to finish the first round of Jane M's African Sky doiley last night... Quite pleased with the result.... After heaven only knows how many tries!!!! 

Now to wind some more yellow and some blue on the shuttles.... do the second round.... unless I do something different instead!!

Chat later

Friday, 3 October 2014

The Tat Along....

Remember the tat along challenge from Umi n Tsuru for Jane's doiley??

Well.... this is as far as I've got up to now....

Not very is it???  The problem was that I could NOT get the rings to link first off!! It took me a while to work out that they 'flip over' to look right!!  Don't know if I'm doing it properly, but... hey ho, if it works!!!  The first colour is Pineapple Parfait from Lizbeth!!   Make it look like a watery sort of sun!! LOL

Last night was Lace Class.... 'cept Teach has gone away early this morning so there wasn't one!!  So I got together with my Crazy Dutch friend and we made lace round her craft room table!!  Well, I did... she was winding bobbins for a new piece that she wants to do.... I'm still working on a piece of Bedfordshire Lace from a Christine Springett course from almost 2 years ago!!!  Still slightly less than half way!!  It will get there eventually!! LOL

Right, off to look at others blogs now.... see what you've all be up to in Tatty Land!!!

Chat later

Thursday, 2 October 2014

I've Been Playing!

With a pattern that's due to be published in the near future! I got the chance to play... It is altered from the original so I thought I'd share this pic...

Not sure I like the colours and sorry the photo is blurry. Trials of taking it with me phone in the semi dark! 

Anyway I'm going to make another one into Halloween earwigs!  I'll retake the pic when I have... so it doesn't look soooo green!!!  Believe it or not there's a green bead in there!! and black beads as well!! LOL

Sir was playing as well last night.... he went with Young Sir to an Amateur Radio Rally on Saturday.  Think I've already told you that!!  Anyway, he bought this 'ere radio that he wanted to mount on a base to keep in the shack (amateur term for what's otherwise called a shed, an office, computer room or somewhere else that they store 'eveything useful'!!) VBG   The official base was around £50.... and somebody didn't see why he should pay that!!  So... we went to the Range yesterday, and he got hold of a small chopping board, then we used my OG's card for B&Q for feet and 2 small right angle brackets.... the sort you use for shelves etc....  he then went and got some screws....  and .... spent the evening bending brackets so they were no longer a right angle but something a darn sight smaller than a right angle (about 30 degrees!!)  and the result is.... he's made a base!!!  Total cost around a tenner!!  For those of you with 'techy' partners.... it's an original use for a bread board!!! Rofl!!

I'll take a pic and post it at some point!!

Anyway, coffee methinks, then I've to go shopping for catfood etc!!  Turkey, leek & cheese crumble for lunch.... leeks out of the garden.... along with squash and potatoes!!

Just 'remembered.... yesterday was the start of the tat-along with Umi n Tsuru.... of Jane's doiley.... I'm going to start TODAY!!!!  Already a day late!!! Oops!!  Thread.... Here I Come!!!!

Chat later

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

What a Weekend!!!

Morning All

Miss me???  It seems ages since I last posted!!  We had our local Annual Lace Day on Saturday.... I collected my crazy Dutch Friend from her house in the morning.... after I'd spent almost half an hour waiting for a van to move out of the narrowest part of our entrance!!!  Trying to track down the driver was silly.... 8 cottages only down here and I'm the furthest from the road.  The track between numbers 4 and 5 is just wide enough to get a single car or small van through.... so where does the bed delivery van park??  Yes!! Just there!!!  When I eventually tracked him down.... he was 'far too busy' to move!! So.... after mutterings about legalities and access n egress.... I eventually got out!!

We got to the Lace Day, and I went into the kitchen (committee members work at lace days - drinks, cakes, keep suppliers watered, raffle stands, entrance, look after speakers, help to man stalls....) my job is the kitchen!!  Went into my bag to get my purse out.... not there!!! Panic!!!!  I remembered where it was.... in my shopping bag at home!!

Said friend was a good 'un.... she went to the bank for me and lent me some pennies!!

We went out for a meal in the evening, me, Sir and Young Sir!!  They'd been at a Radio Rally all day (we're all Radio 'Hams').

So, on Sunday, I went to friends house to return the pennies.... out of debt to friends again!!

Yesterday I went to school in the morning, to find that there were roadworks right on the crossing!!  I'm having to wait for the stop go boards to stop traffic both ways, and the traffic to clear before I can cross kids!!!  The challenge was, the traffic kept slowing down for me!!  Hey ho!! Fun had by all!!

So.... I've got no new tatty bits to show you today (Big Sad Face).... mind you, I've got a happy smiley face on as well when I tell you that Li'l Miss came with Mummy yesterday for a flying visit.... she looked at me and said..... "Annmarrr"

Chat later

Thursday, 25 September 2014


Red ones!!! LOL

This is the 'snowflake' I was talking about yesterday....

Red Bubbles!!

Couldn't resist the title of that.... it just reminded me of bubbles when I was doing it!!  The pattern once again, was from the 24 snowflakes!  The thread is Cebelia 20

Well, this morning we had a 'bit of a shenanigan' on the crossing!  The house near where I stand had an ambulance parked near it.... and when they decided to take the patient into hospital, they had to pull right up to the crossing!  I ended up 'helping' traffic for a short while.  At least all the kids were in school by then and parents are capable of 'crossing' themselves!!

Right.... Now I NEED coffee!!!

Chat soon

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

It's Autumn and....

.... a few days ago someone said it was only 3 months to Christmas!!  Now that IS scary!!!

I loves the leaves falling and crunching under me feet (unless they're wet leaves that is.... I doesn't like wet leaves!  Why?? Because you can 'slip' on 'em and then you end up with bruises on your ....!!

So, over the last few days I've been 'gearing up' for the round of Christmas swaps!!  You know, those things that you say you'll do because it seemed like a good idea at the time.... LOL  Anyhow, I decided that that book what I got last year (I think) or earlier this year, could be put to good use.... What do you mean I didn't tell you??  Oh Yes I did!!!  The 24 snowflakes one!!!!

Also, not wanting to 'admit' that the weather will be turning cold and wintry over the coming weeks & months... I decided that snowflakes need to be made to remind you that warmer weather is on it's way... eventually!!

So.... First up is.....

Ice Cream Snowflake!!!  

Summer sky, and neapolitan icecream colours!!! VBG  Now that should make you all feel warmer!! I'm also doing a red snowflake.... but don't ask me what I've done with it at the moment.... cos it's been 'borrowed' by the Borrowers!!  Please tell me you've either read the book or seen the film of Pod and Araminty!!  They have a multitude of uses for household items and I KNOW they live under the floor in our house!!

Anyway, coffee methinks....

Chat soon

Monday, 22 September 2014

She's Back!!!!

Now I'll let you decide whether I mean Jane E, who has returned home after being at Palmetto and now sporting a grand pair of silly slippers..... or do I mean Pigmini???

Well, as you are aware.... that naughty Pigmini has a 'thing' about those nice young men in the garage!! So much so that she decided to let them work on her brakes, lights, service, MOT..... she's been there over a month!!!  Anyway, I was told at the end of August, that she now has an MOT, been serviced, had her brakes and lights sorted.... AND, she needed to come home after that 'low flying' tree branch decided to leap in front of Sirs car!!!  Did she come home straight away??  No!! she decided she just HAD to wait for a new tax disc before she would deign to arrive here!!  That took a week to arrive!!

Right, I promised to share last Friday.... and, as you've probably worked out now I'm talking about Pigmini actually returning to where she lives!!  She arrived on a Friday evening at the beginning of September, and in order to get my own back on her waywardness.... I MADE her drive to Bristol for the day on the Saturday!!!  Over 400 miles!! That'll teach her to behave herself in the future!! LOL  While I was chatting about tatting with others from the Ring Of Tatters... she went for a little drive with Sir to let him take a walk along the Monarch Way.... along the River Avon!  No he didn't do all of it!! VBG.... but he did tell me that the buffet at the station made superb coffee n cake!!   We did let her have a bit of a rest while we had coffee at the new Gloucester Service Area on M5 (remember.... I 'shared' pics with you the other day), and again when we stopped for a meal at Fradley Junction.... I think she enjoys there because she can sit facing the canal and watch the narrowboats!!

While we were at the Service Area we got chatting with a couple, and, as you do, I mentioned tatting!! Now the reaction from most people is 'What's that??' but not this time!!  Turns out they know Brenda who used to be on the committee of the Ring Of Tatters a few years ago!!  Hows that for a small world??

So, whilst we were driving.... or rather Sir was driving.... I sat tatting!! (No surprise there then!!)  I made the first one of yet another pair of earwigs (it's 'THAT' pattern again!!)  I'm not showing you tho.... What?? you mean you really WANT to see the same pattern??  Ok, Ok, Ok, I get the message.... nosey lot!! VBG

Here you go:

Must get the other earwig done!!  And I want to start Umi & Tsuru's 'challenge', and there's the Hat to finish, and....I'm also test tatting, but I'm NOT showing you that!!!!  NO!!!!  You will just have to wait!!!  UFTB's!!!!  (Of course you know what I mean.... Un Finished Tatty Bits!!!) ROFL

Spent yesterday visiting.... made Sir take HIS car for a long run up to Bridlington!!  He went walking (again) with his mate John, and they got LOST!!!!  They say thank heaven for mobile phones and 'satnavs'!! LOL  They dropped me off at the home of an old school friend, and we spent the WHOLE day chatting, sharing memories, taking her dog for a walk.... you know the sort of thing!  Also met her hubby and her daughter and the dog, rabbits, hamsters, and gerbils for the first time!  Didn't get home till gone 11pm!  Did a WHOLE motif on my long term hanky edge.... from AGES ago!!!  All of 5 minutes tatting!!

I'm also busy.... still making pear jam, although the pears are rotting faster than I can use them! Li'l Miss isn't eating them fast enough!! VBG  School and school kid squishing this morning.... getting them out of bed sometimes is a nightmare!!  You know what kids are like.... particularly teenage and almost teenage ones!! LOL  Also Li'l Miss decided last night that she would NOT sleep!!  Mummy had a VERY late night with her!!

Right, coffee and then use some of they there pears in muffins for lunch (american style muffins, not english ones)... and then back to the jam!!

Chat soon

Friday, 19 September 2014

There's A....

.... Triffid in the middle of my garden!!!

What?? You don't believe me??  Well there is!!!  It's masquerading as a multi headed sunflower!!!  3 years ago when Mummy got married, they gave all the guests sunflower seeds to grow in their gardens... each year we've saved seeds and they are the 'babies' of the original seeds!!  Want to see?

See!!!  It's a VERY dull day today tho...

This is another 'baby' dropped by one of the birds... not as huge as the Triffid tho...

Busy at the moment with pear and apple jam.... our pears do NOT keep!!  We've given some away, they're only small and perfect for.... Li'l Miss:

She also loves balloons!! 

So.... no tatting for me just now (Boo....) And I've got this wonderful idea in me 'ead wot won't go away (you watch, it'll disappear just as I've time to 'ave a go'!!

Got the cars back, but somehow we've managed to 'do a swap', he's got mine and I've got his!!!  

Oh, we've also got pumpkins!!!  Baked one the other day.... they're only small but there was still enough to do 2 batches of muffins, a savoury pie and a crumble with leeks, cheese & chicken!

Ooh.... before I forget.... a couple of weeks ago when I got my mini back, we drove to Bristol!!  On the way back, we called in at a service area near Gloucester on M5.... Wonderful!!! The place was set up in conjunction with Westmoreland Farm Services on M6... a LOT further north!!  Here's the outside... Well worth a visit if you're in the area!!!  ('Scuse the finger....)  I may share the rest of the story with you tomorrow....

Busy, busy.... back to the jam....

Chat soon!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Just 'Eard....

Ok.... being the devoted housewife that I'm not.... I've just been watching a VERY old episode of 'Last Of The Summer Wine'!!

The conversation went something like this:

"We may have already died to get here"
"You mean this could be heaven?"
"Well it might be t'other place...."
" Not possible!!"
"Why not?"
"In Yorkshire??  It'd be further south wouldn't it??"

Right, that should have sorted out a few ageing undergarments (or at least it will if Jane E is reading blogs!!)  So, what else have I got to tell you....

Well.... still waiting for my tax disc to get that Pigmini back where she belongs!!  And, still waiting to hear that Sir's car can go in to be mended!!  So... I'se on Shanks's Pony I'se is!!  What do you mean you've never heard of Shanks's Pony!!  Really??? Well I never did.....!!  Ok, ok, I'll tell you!!  It's slang for your legs!!  In other words I'm walking!!  3 hours a day for 1 hours pay!! Crazy or what??  It takes around 20 minutes to walk to where I 'work'.... but there's a railway line in between, and the gates can stay closed for 10 minutes!!! So I have to set off in time to allow for that, being as how I usually get caught by them!!

We're back at lace class tonight.... if the dratted disc don't arrive today, or I can't get me mitts on Pigmini, then my Crazy Dutch Friends hubby and lace bobbin maker will take us instead!!  Isn't he good??  I'll be taking the Commission, and me shuttles with me, however I've also gotta send out the newsletter (which is at Teach's house) because of aforementioned cars!!  Had to persuade Teach to go get them for me (Thanks Miss!!!!)  (See, I KNOW she reads me blog....)

No pics today!!

Chat soon

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Commission and 'Watch out for Low Flying Trees'!!

Well did you miss me??? Been quiet haven't I??? Bet you hoped it would stay that way!! Lol

Kids are back at school today.... well, most of them!! and all the littlies are crossing!!  I've also been cuggling Li'l Miss this afternoon!  Well, she wouldn't cuggle me so I did the cuggling!! VBG  She's now 10 months old!!  Where did that time go?? (and the first person to say it's getting old that does it gets crossed off me friends list!!!)  One of the Mums is getting sent the link for this, as we got chattin' this mornin' when she were eating cob nuts!!  an she's decided we're as bonkers as each other!!  So, as we're the sane ones.... I don't hold out much hope for the rest of you!!! VBG  Hiya Caroline!!!

So, it's September.... season of mists and mellow fruitfulness... or something.... Got that wrong didn't they??!!  No plums on MIL's tree, no beans came up in the garden, flippin' caterpillars et the caulis before we could, soft fruit no where near what it was last year!!  Mind you, the squash did come through so we've had a few and there are some pumpkins as well....

Onnyhow... what've I gotta tell you.... Well, I've decided August should've been torn off me calendar and thrown away!!

Apart from Sir and his mate 'walking' and using me as car support, and all it's 'added blister' factor, and my car deciding that that 'nice man at the garage' should look after her for a month!!! ...  last Friday a tree branch decided to commit kamikaze in front of the car... And this was the result!!

So now Sir's car is 'off the road' too!!!  Mind you, once the tax disc has arrived in me hot sticky little mitts, I'se off to retrieve Pigmini from her month long holiday!!!  She'd better be warned.... she's not in me good books at the moment!!  (Don't tell her I said that.... otherwise she'll sulk and refuse to come home!! VBG)

On a better note....

On Thursday night I gotta commission!! These:

Yes I know there's only one here... The other one is finished too!! And it makes my 25 in 8 1/2 months!!!! Got there!!  Rofl

Must tell you... While looking for something else... I found these masquerading as socks!!

Now do they look like socks to you??? Rofl!!  I know the top one was a Chris Parsons one cos I got its partner as a lace bobbin!!

Bought them last year almost a year ago!!! Pleased I've found them!!

Right, gonna post this before I forget what I did with anything!!

Chat later

Monday, 25 August 2014

Meet Hagua

Now some of you will remember that a couple of weeks ago I put up a pic of Hagua and promised to share her story....

Hagua is a 'seahorse' dragon... Or at least she would be if she lived in salt water!! She doesn't! You see she lives in peaty water like the water in the Lake District or in Scotland! That's why she is the colour that she is.... Purple heather, oranges of autumn grasses and green of bushes all help her to 'not be caught' by dragon hunters!!  It means she can hide in plain sight!  However on this picture she was drying herself on my knee up on the Wainstones in North Yorkshire yesterday and waiting for her tatty bits to be trimmed!!!

You mean you want me to show you??? Ok, ok... Impatient peeps!!

The view from the top of the Wainstones!  This is what we were waiting for....

Sir to finish his 12 1/2 miles over heather!!

Oh... You want to see Hagua!!! Well why didn't you say so!!! Rofl

How did she get her name?? Simple really... You see 'up 'ere in t' north we Re always being told we drop an 'H' or two... Hagua found one.... Get it now???

Ok.... Agua?? Water??? Ahhhh.... Now you understand!! Vbg 

Anyway, if you see one lurking in a pool near you... Do let me know!!

Chat soon