Saturday, 26 December 2015

Happy New Merry Silly Season!!!

Well what else did you expect as a title from this particular Tatty OG??  I mean we say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year at Silly Season!! LOL

Anyway, I hope that you all got something you wanted!  I know I did!!

Anyone remember The Carpenters??  Group popular in the '70's??  Ok... I know some of you won't... you'd be too young... just like Young Sir and Mummy!!!  But some of you will!!!  Don't deny it!! Rofl

I have my own version.... Look:

Sir and Young Sir playing at being carpenters at Silly Season!!  A few months ago my bird feeder finally rotted at the base... a metal one and it gave way and deposited everything all over the garden... since then I've not been able to provide the cats with feathered wildlife!!!  Anyway, it being Silly season Sir and Young Sir decided to provide a tatty OG with her hand built present!!!  A New Bird Feeder!!  Came complete with base stake (a metal holder), peanut feeder, fat ball holder, and seed feeder, and as they couldn't get hold of the fat balls, I got 2 coconut halves filled with suet and seeds!!

We've installed it today!! Here you go:

Innit gorgeous?? VBG  I think so!! they built it from their own design!!  AND they managed it while I was out!!

What else,... choccies, a plant - poinsettia..., more choccies, smellies, a pincushion and pin, lace bobbins, cheese, AND a ticket to see Brian Cox towards the end of the year!!  Evidently the tickets sold out within an hour or so!!!  Going to that with Sir and Young Sir as well!!

Li'l Miss had fun yesterday unwrapping pressies.... we'd say 'What is it??' and her reply??  A TOY!!! Even before she'd got in it!!  Young Sir volunteered to do ALL the driving as well!  Bonus!!!

Oh, and new earwigs.... made by moi!!  It's that there teeny tiny pattern again by that other Tatty OG!!

Onnyhow, hope you all had a brill time no matter what you were doing!!

Chat soon

Friday, 4 December 2015


Ok... I'm ranting!! (AGAIN)!!  I know I promised not to repeat last years rant over Silly Season, but...

Tomorrow is Sir's birthday!  It's not a significant birthday, however December 5th is the day he was born, as was Walt Disney evidently!!  Babies are born 365 days a year, 366 in Leap Years.... Agreed??  Well I knew you would agree with that statement!!

However, unless you have someone you celebrate birthdays with around Silly Season time you don't realise that... you can't buy a Birthday Card or anything else representing birthdays until Silly Season is well and truly over!!!  Is it the fault of the babies that they are born in December??  NO!!  So... why do the supermarkets all gear up for Silly Season and forget about them??!

For instance, as well as having difficulties finding birthday cards, wrapping paper etc, you can't get what you want unless it's special to Silly Season!!  Sir loves growing veg etc in the garden.  Agreed it's an almost year round job, however, in the spring you can buy seeds for early planting and greenhouses for early summer use, spades, forks, trowels, plant pots are all available in the garden centres.  What can't you get???  Greenhouse Shelving!!!  I know we live in the UK and there's only a finite amount of daylight but... if you want to grow flowers for early spring shows, or start stuff off early what do you need??  A Greenhouse!!  What does the greenhouse need??  Places to put plant pots, soil, etc... What does that suggest??  Shelves!!!  What can't we get?? SHELVES!!!

So what do the garden centres have this time of year??  Christmas Trees, Christmas decorations, Christmas cards, books, candles designed for the home, silly presents the same as all the supermarkets, yada, yada, yada!!  Why is it  that in the summer you can get shelves for a greenhouse when ALL your plants do very nicely OUTSIDE thank you very much!!  WE DONT NEED them in the summer!!!  We NEED them in the winter when we don't want the frost to attack some plants etc!!  We need them in the very early spring for the same reason!!  We need them when the SNOW strikes!! You can buy them all year round... almost!!  Soon as October hits what do you find???  Christmas stuff!!!  Saw a poster a few days ago that said... "There are 12 Days of Christmas... And NONE of them fall in October OR November!!!

Sir is lucky we're on the internet... I've managed to find just what he's looking for AS A BIRTHDAY present... unfortunately, due to Silly Season, what would normally be delivered in 48 hours is going to take... A WEEK!!!

Which has just reminded me... (We're going out for a meal on Saturday night... saves Sir from having to put up with my cooking... VBG), as Silly Season gets underway we are all invited to parties.  IT IS NOT COMPULSORY to DRINK and DRIVE!!!  Here in the UK it's possible to find wet, icy roads and so it never makes sense to mix alcohol with car keys!!  If you are going to a party where there will be alcohol then either make sure you have something NON alcoholic, or GET SOMEONE ELSE to not drink, so that they can drive you home!!  Don't even think that you can drive after alcohol... it's not necessarily you that causes the accident, but how would you feel if your best friend/child/relative were knocked down and severely injured or worse??  DONT DO IT!!!  This is a message that I may well repeat over Silly Season!!!

BTW, Sir says that you should NEVER drink and drive at ANY time of the year.... You will end up spilling your whisky over the steering wheel!!!

Rant over!!  Get the impression it gets me mad??

Ok... so moving on to 'other things'... Finished those Teeny Tiny Earwigs...  Snowflakes!!!

Here you go: (I know its a bit blurry... the camera isn't good on my phone!! but you get the 'gist'!!

Chat soon!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

It's... Here Again!!!

I'm BACK!!  Miss Me??

Been busy the last few weeks, and one of the cars is out 'of action' (Sir thinks it needs a new battery) More expense!!

Being the beginning of Silly Season, I thought I'd remind you of last years post on the subject!!  Crazy, Crazy time of the year!!  One of these years I'm going to hide on a WARM desert island, just me and Sir and pretend the flipping thing doesn't exist!! VBG  Think Li'l Miss would notice??

So, what have I been up to... meetings, horrible weather, having to walk carrying my stick to and from school because of aforementioned car, bits of tatting, replacing lamps, cooking, drying washing indoors because it's been TOO WET outside to dry it!! etc, etc...  Fed up of RAIN this year!!  What else... playing trains with Li'l Miss!!!

Right, here goes, first off I've made this for a swap thingy...

From Jennifer Williams website.  I like it so I hope it's recipient will!!

Also did another flake (yes, it's still snowing indoors) from Jane Eborall's website!!  Oops.... forgot to take a pic!!  Next posting!!!

And then... a 'Certain Someone' released this pattern!!

Been playing, and here is the first one of 2 ear adornments!!  Simples... replace the picots with beads and add a finding!!!

And to prove the playing bit, there's a pic of the train set AND a pic of a 'Liccle Girl' buried under a pile of soft toys!!

right, off to hide now!!

Chat later

Thursday, 12 November 2015

It's Snowing!!

Tatty snowflakes!! Far too warm here in the uk for real snow!!!

Some silly fool decided that they needed to enter a 'Christmas Swap', can't think who.... Rofl

Here are some of them, all from books by Jennifer Williams, the outgoing Chairman of the Ring of Tatters!

The first two are from her snowflakes book, and the third one is from her Christmas book.

Now to block them.... And more will follow from various sources!!

Chat soon if it stops snowing any time soon.... Vbg

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Just In Time....

.... for an early start to Silly Season!!

Yes folks, it's that time of year again where the people around me spend money like crazy on food, toys, other presents, drink, etc....

I know it's approaching because our local supermarket has just put up their Tree!!!  It's NOVEMBER not December!!!!  They'll take it down straight after boxing day and replace it with Easter eggs!!!!  Crackers!!!

Anyway, that wasn't what I was going to tell you.... what I was going to say was that I got a newsletter from Roseground last night. Full of gorgeous tatty stuff it is!!

They're stocking the FULL range of Lizbeth threads in All Sizes!!!  And there are some new books, and Amanda D has painted some gorgeous tatting shuttles!!!  You MUST take a look!!! VBG

So.... do you think that this particular Tatty OG can treat herself??  Hmmmm....

Off back to take another gander!!

Chat soon

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Here Be Dragons!!

Well, apart from reading a book all about morphing into dragons at the moment.... I imagine you all want to know what I'm on about!!

Simples me ducks!! No, not those ducks that that other Tatty OG has been going on about, although we do have record numbers of 'grey lag geese'?!! down on the riverbank at the moment!! Least I think that's what they are!!

Anyway, back to these 'ere dragons! Earlier this year, or back end of last... Not sure which... Another lacemaker popped her head above the parapet and joined both me and my crazy Dutch friend when we make lace round her craft room table most weeks... To say thank you for our inviting her to join us we got these:

A gorgeous cross stitch needle case!! One each! T'other one hasn't got Sue on it of course.... Vbg

Flikadella I've called her!! Not a brill pic but it says:

Sue owns these needles. Touch 'em and you're toast!

Chat soon

Saturday, 31 October 2015

All Hallows Eve

The night when the Witches and Spooky things Roam!!!

Now, 2 years ago I shared this pic of Li'l Miss,

and another one last year.... the bottom two are this years contributions!!  All taken by that there Professional Photographer.... otherwise known as Mummy!!!

Wonder what she'll wear next year??  Me??  Don't be silly.... she can't wear Granny!!!!  Rofl

I want the colourful pumpkin in the middle!!!  You can see how much they change can't you??

Chat soon

Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Guess What.....  I've got some pics to share!!!  YEAY!!  Never mind sitting there thinking 'Oh No'!!  I heard you!!! VBG

First up is a bracelet that I took on 'olidays to Tenerife!!  Forgot I'd not shared it!! (Naughty Pigmini!!)  It was done from that pattern that that Tatty OG shared not so long since.... the one that started off life as a bookmark!!

Falling leaves and some beads from me stash!!

What else....  Well, Li'l Miss was 2 on Saturday!!  We had a grand party on Sunday for her!!  Mummy & Daddy threw this wonderful party with a bouncy castle and lots of food!!  Dandan made baby apple muffins which were dairy free!!  First up, here's her birthday cake:

RaRa the Noisy Lion made by Mummy!!!! 

Now that Bouncy Castle had 'Little Tikes' written on the front of it.... guess who was inside.... No not me!!  Daddy the Big Tike!!! along with Li'l Miss!!

Naughty Daddy!!! Rofl

Anyway, 'nuff from moi!!

Chat soon!! Promise!!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


For some reason this didn't upload yesterday!!!

Culture shock at 3am.... Left Tenerife in temperatures of around 24 deg C.... 7 and rain in Doncaster!!! Yuk!! We tried persuading the crew to turn around and go back!!! Lol

No tatty to show you but... I will answer a few bits and show you a couple of pics!!

Li'l Miss doesn't go on hols with Babam (grandpa) and Dandan (grandma)!! Wonderful names aren't they?? I loves being Dandan!! See her at the weekend tho because she's been charming us for 2 years on Saturday!!

Anyways... Pics:

Main pool all lit up at night!! Gorgeous isn't it??

Now the next one is a liccle different!!

Not the guy in the front but I spotted a tatty OG behind... The one in blue with her back to you!! Coffee on table and tatting in hand!! Vbg does luv me coffee!!

Both of these have been 'borrowed' from the complex FB page!! Must admit that the second one dates from May when we were out there!!

Now we're back in chilly ole blighty!! Brrrr!!!

Off to makes coffee!!

Chat soon!!

Monday, 19 October 2015

Ever had

The impression that the powers that be are working against you??

Just writ a full post on me phone at the poolbar in Tenerife and me phone crashed without saving!! How annoying is that!?? Grrr!!

Sir and I are out here for a weeks r &r and I'm sitting T the poolbar with a beer and me tatting.... This tatting if you must know!!

Oops you can see me sunglasses as well!!

Anyways I just made a mastike!! Look:

A twist in the wrong place!! Attracts attention tho!!! Peeps either know 'granny' did it or 'never heard of it'!! About right!! At least I didn't get the 'is it crochet??' So far anyway!!

So... Didja miss me. ?? Seems ages since I posted!

'Nuff from moi!! Chat soon!!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

It's Amazing....

Just where you find evidence of tatting!!!

At the weekend I was in a Motorway Service Area.... coffee called.... (along with a comfort break)!!

We were 'browsing' the shop (as you do) and I came across this:

A REAL Tatty Soapdish!!!

No I didn't purchase it.... I'd have had to purchase all the other bits to go with it - crochet, bobbin lace etc (both of which can be seen in the 'edges' of the picture!!!)  And I'd've had to redo the bathroom to match it!!! VBG

It's 'orrible weather here today.... wall to wall rain!!  The traffic was at a standstill as well.... judging by the number of kids I didn't cross, some parents have decided that their 'little darlings' are made of sugar and will melt in the rain!!  No thought of the poor school lollipop lady standing getting wet for no reason!! LOL

Nothing to show you just yet on the tatty front.... been too busy undoing bits of THAT doily!!  Somebody made a mastike.... and forgotted to attach!!  So it's been undone and removed.... so I'm back to where I was on the last pic!! Rofl

So, chat soon

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Guess What....

Guessed yet??  No???

Well.... Young Sir did something crazy over the weekend....


Yes!!! he climbed Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis in 2 days including travelling between them!!!

They are raising money for Coeliac UK!  For those that don't know, it's a disease whereby one cannot tolerate gluten etc.  The company produce a lot of the 'Free From' range that one finds in supermarkets here in the UK!!  the above link is their fundraising site....

Here he is at the top of Ben Nevis on Sunday!!

On a different front.... I showed you a pic of the doily a few days ago.... not progressed much since then, however I took a pic of the doily outside yesterday.... thought I'd share it with you!!

School's back today!!! Littlies start either morning or afternoon for the first 2 weeks!  Didn't cross many this morning but I know there are a few this afternoon.... younger siblings of ones I already cross!!

Yesterday we had instructions from Li'l Miss to take her to the park.... Grandpa had to make the swing go high!!!  Little Daredevil!! LOL

Anyway, chat again soon

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


The first of September... Almost the start of the 'season of mists and mellow fruitfulness'!! Well we have the mist!!

I'm going to put Maureen's mind at rest... Here in the uk the worst we get in tents are the occasional irritatingly bity insect that isn't dangerous and even more occasionally a domestic moggy!! That was in Ireland a number of years ago! Woke up with a kitten between us!!! Vbg

Anyways... Thought I'd show you these:

First up is the earwigs!! They need wires and the ends finishing off!! Do have another set in different colours on shuttles in this:

Cute isn't it?? Had to get it as Sir is a qualified and BT trained tefelone engine whatsit!! Rofl (or I would be if the ground wasn't wet!!)

Ok. Off shortly to see that tatty OG again... Because I can!!

Chat soon!

Monday, 31 August 2015

Another Round

Done on that doily!!

I'd show you it all but... it's raining and although its light enough in the tent it's too wet outside to spread it out and I'm not about to spread it on the floor where wet feets has been!! Vbg

As you can see I've made a start on the next round!!

We're virtually deserted on the campsite! I think there are 2 tents including us!! Mind you the kids around here go back to school this week whereas we don't go back till next week!!

One deserted field through the rain streaked window!! Just dawned on me... you can see Sirs coffee cup!! Lol

Right... Back to the shuttles! Chat soon

Friday, 28 August 2015

Can't resist...

That earwig pattern that I now know off by heart!!

Yes you do know the one I mean... The diamond shaped ones that I keeps doing in different threads! Beads already on shuttle for round the edge and 2 shuttles ready to go... 2 rings and in a tiny bag and we're ready to travel long or short distances!!

This one is with beads from my stash and is rather bigger than most as its done in twilleys 20 and coats 20!! Both were lurking in my stash and just had to travel here with me!!  Promise to take a better pic soon!!

At least today is dry and sunny although I'm in the shade at the mo... Outta the cool wind!!

Right.... Coffee!
Chat soon!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

It's Shakespeare... But not as you like it!!!

So... I'm sure most if you are aware that Will Shakespeare was born in Stratford Upon Avon along with a certain 'tatty OG'....

Today we decided to go visit.... Will wasn't to be found though! Think he'd 'gone underground' when he heard that we were calling!!  However we did discover a couple of Very Tatty OG's in a car park!!!


No idea who they were but they seemed to be having a good time!! Maybe they were the welcoming branch of the local 'Tatty OG Coven'!!

What do you think?? Rofl

Monday, 17 August 2015


Now.... I know you are all wondering what I'm talking about.... yes I know I said holes.... but what sort of holes??

Well, on the tatting front you get holes in your tatting!!  They are masquerading as picots, purls, bead middles, ring middles.... get my drift??  Then there are holes in your ears.... usually found in the lobe and are used for 'parking' earwigs!!! VBG  And then there are others... keyholes, holes in the ground.... do I need to go on??

Anyway, on the earwig front, a certain OG who shall remain nameless.... shared a pattern the other day for cupcakes!!  I fell in love with cupcakes when they were buns years ago!! LOL  Had to have a go didn't I??

Here you go:

Strawberry Chocolate ones!!!

The tin is the one I keep my needles, beading needles, and other assorted tiny oddments in... like a pair of hackle pliers and a tiny pair of tweezers, some paperclips and a crochet hook....  It's downside up on the pic!!

Whilst we're talking of holes... I took Li'l Miss to the park last week, and discovered this at the side of the slide....

Talk about trip hazard!!!  It's been reported so with any luck it will be sorted soon!!

Anyway, back to tatting.... Can any of you think of any other holes in your tatting??

Chat soon....

Thursday, 13 August 2015


International Left Handers Day today!!! So.... Happy Left Handers Day to all my Left Handed friends (including Li'l Miss from the looks of it... And her Dad!!!

Nothing new on the tatty front, but there will be soon... Promise!!

Chat soon!

Monday, 10 August 2015


No.... not more of that darn doily.... I think my 'tat gene' has had enough just at the moment... she keeps insisting that rings like '4-1-1-3+6-3' are 4-1-1-3-6-3.... and she forgets the joins!!  The number of times I've taken repeats out because of it!!!  Grrrr!!

The 'More' is earwigs!!  We went out for a meal with good friends a few days ago, and the last time I'd found out it was Helena's birthday a few days before.... So.... I gave BC3 something to do instead of laying on that sunbed fanning herself and eyeing up the waiters!!  I made her get the beads and Helena's favourite colours of thread and remember the pattern of the diamonds from a certain Tatty OG!!

This is the result:

She was highly delighted!!!

Yesterday we went to Driffield Steam Rally.  Brilliant day out!!  Great fun had by all!! (Sir, me and another family friend).  Watching traction engines, steam cars, tractors, old cars.... 

I was also looking for a tarpaulin to make a cover for the chiminea.  Our old cover is looking decidedly the worse for wear!!  Mind you it is a number of years old!!  Couldn't find exactly what I wanted, but I found a cheap tarp and will cut it up to make a new one!!

Whilst browsing I also found this:

It says it's a stackable pill box.... I think its a bead/button stack waiting to be filled!!  It was £1 in a bargain area!!!  It's not there now!! VBG

Right, now to fill it....

(wanders off muttering about beads and buttons and thread....)
Chat soon

Saturday, 1 August 2015

It's Yorkshire Day!!

Yes Folks, Yorkshire has its own day!!!  So, I found this earlier on Twitter and just HAD to share it!! 

Happy Yorkshire Day to all Yorkshire Friends Worldwide!!!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Another One Done!!

Round on That There Doily!!

However, before I show you.... did you miss me over the last more than a week??  Don't seem to have had much to say do I??  What do you mean, that makes a change??  Cheek!!! VBG

School broke up, but I still had meetings to go to.  Last one today until 12th August (I hope....)  This all took time out of the week, then we still had the Beverley runs!!  Made some bobbin lace as well, or at least one inch of it!!

Then on Friday night, some (IMHO silly VBG) people decided to have a cycle race round Beverley!!  The elite riders going really fast!!  Lots of them!!  All this happening when people were out for the evening in the town centre as well!!  Roads closed off for the race, and a few of us providing radio cover in case of emergencies!  Yes, it was pre arranged a number of weeks ago!! On Saturday we had the same sort of thing, but this time around the Yorkshire Wolds!!  I was providing radio cover on board of the ambulance!!  We did have fun though, the ambulance driver was bonkers so we got on like a house on fire!! LOL

What else.... oh yes.  Young Sir had his motorbike vandalised while he was at his girlfriends!!  Lots of minor damage.... it's not in the same place now!!!

Yesterday we saw Li'l Miss's new shoes.... sparkly green trainers!!!

Anyway, I suppose you are all now fed up of hearing what I did.... so.... I will show you the doily!! Here you go:

T'ats all for now folks!!

Chat later

Monday, 13 July 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday Pigmini
Happy Birthday to Me

LOL.... get the impression it's an OG birthday today???  Got to share this:

The card has been made by one of the School Mums and I just think it's SUPERB!!!  It arrived this morning in her sons hands along with a box of choccies!!!  Isn't it great??

The doily has finally had round 5 finished!!!  Look:

That round seemed to take forever!!!  And as for the ends..... Aargh!!!!  So... round 6 in cream methinks to match round 4!!

Now, I'm not sure how may of you are up for this.... I gotta challenge..... anyone fancy 'designing' this??  Not the whole thing, just the imp!!!  Yes, he's the Lincoln Imp from Lincoln Cathedral, however he's carved in an old tree stump at the North side of the Humber Bridge!!!

I'm thinking.... beads for his eyes, nose and maybe a bugle bead for the mouth and horns....  Must get my own BC3 off her sunbed where she's chatting to anyone who will listen!!!  Rousing her is a major challenge I'll tell you!!  It's the wine you know!!

Talking of wine.... Sir owes me a bottle!!!  We've spent weeks putting a second hand greenhouse in position in the garden!!  It's been kicking about in the bushes for a few years now!  Some of the glass had broken in the yard where it was stacked.... I cleaned the glass (and cut fingers in the process) and Sir bought 4 new panes.... the last pane to go in broke!!!  It's now fastened together with fish tank sealant (Don't tell Young Sir!!)  We intended christening it with a bottle!!!  In us of course!! Ain't happened yet!!  His card to me this morning shows hubby perusing the cookbook and saying 'I'm sure that's not what it means by Reduce the Wine' and the wife drinking it!!!  Cheeky devil!!!

Anyway.... I gotta new amateur radio (I'm sure I've said before.... but Yes I'm a 'Tony Hancock' (Radio Ham)!!!  It's Bright Yellow!!!  So I won't lose it!!! VBG (touches wood to make sure....) LOL

Off out for a meal later and hope to see Li'l Miss today too!!!

Chat soon

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Glasshouses and bushes don't mix....

Did'ja miss me??  Haven't been anywhere honest !!  We've been trying to get a greenhouse out of the bushes and into the garden!

Yes I did say out of the bushes!!!  A few years ago a neighbour was disposing of a greenhouse and we said we'd have it.  We went away for a weekend and came back to find the glass in the yard and the frame against the fence.  Now we didn't have a patch of ground prepared to take it... so we left it all where it was!  Sound reasonable??   Went away again a few weeks later and returned to find there'd been some revolting high winds and the frame was flattened and broken in the bushes!!!

Anyway, there it stayed.... until a few weeks ago when Sir in his infinite wisdom (and the fact that it was cold here and his seeds weren't germinating as they should have....)  So he got the loppers, cut back the lilac bush to extract the frame.... when we pulled it out it more or less sorted itself back into its correct shape!!  A couple of minor repairs later and it was sorted!!  Breezeblocks were ordered and he dug the oblong to take them....

Now you know that law that states that if something can go wrong it will.... tree roots from an old sycamore..... around 8 inches across the thickness!!!  The air was blue when he was hacking them out of the way!!  The ground sunk and the blocks weren't level.... they are now!!  Frame's on and waiting to be screwed in position.  Then he can replace the glass that's still sitting in the yard!!  Might just have somewhere to put my tomatoes that are not happy at being outside!!

Anyway, about the tatting.... as you know I decided to 'do' the monster doily alongside of a certain OG who lives somewhere with wood dogs in trees.... LOL  She's well ahead of me now so I shall have to wait till she disappears on her 'olidays.... and hopefully I can catch up!!  However, I thought I'd show you just how far I have got....

Yep, motif 8 is in position!!  Roll on the holidays so I can do some more!!  Back to making redcurrant jelly tomorrow.... picked around 5lb of redcurrants off the bushes yesterday (no not the same bushes).  Then it will be the turn of the rasps and then the blackcurrants!!  Brambles (blackberries) are later... we missed strawberries this year because the flippin' blackbird was picking them for us BEFORE they were ripe!!!  And, I'm down to 2 1/2 jars of jam in the cupboard!!!

Right, back to making jelly I suppose....

Chat soon

Friday, 26 June 2015

Half Way!!

Half way round that there series of 12!!!

Yes you do know what I'm on about... it's that there Monster Doily!!!  After the shenanigans of the other day when I'd managed to join into the wrong picot (and how!!), I managed to get a Whole Half Way!!! so now I shall be able to see it decreasing!!

Ok.... I'll show you!!

Must get the ends of the last two finished.... VBG  I hates ends!!

Now, as some of you already know.... the weather in the UK summer has been the SAME as the Oz winter!!!  Maybe even colder!!!  However, Mummy discovered this on the Met Office website....

Hotter weather for next week.... let's hope it continues over St Swithins!!!

Chat later!!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


You know what it's like.... we all make 'whoopsies' from time to time!!

Yes we all do!!!  Don't try kidding me!! VBG

There I was last night, sitting tatting the motifs around that there doiley.... not watching fully what I was doing (TV was on), and I discovered this:

How annoyed was I??  Well, you would be wouldn't you?? Yes you would!!  I refused to reach for the snips!!  Left it till this morning and... untatted the mastike!!!! VBG

Over the weekend, we had half an hour of that funny shiny stuff in the sky.... you know, the one that makes everything glitter and feel WARM!!!  It's usually accompanied by fluffy white clouds or blue sky!!! LOL  Anyway, looked on the shed roof....

Yes, it is Loony Luna stretched out on there.... I think she's lying in wait for that there blackbird and pigeon that nick the fruit before it's ripe!!

Young Sir managed Ingleborough in 4 hours 55 minutes and was at the head of the group virtually all the time!!  He got wet tho.... thick cloud!!  His poor long suffering Mum has been presented with the mucky boots!!  He expects me to clean them for him and dubbin them!!!  No chance!!! LOL

Mind you, remember I said he was on the 3 peaks challenge in September.... hands up all those who think I mean Penyghent, Ingleborough and Whernside over in the West of our County of Yorkshire.... (Miss, Me, Me, Me... I think that!!)  Or at least I did till I read the paperwork....  It ain't those 3 peaks at all....

Snowdon, Scafell Pike, and Ben Nevis!!!  That's the 3 peaks!!!

Now you're reeling from shock horror... I'm off to tat!!

Chat soon

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

That's meetings!!

Over for a few weeks!! Last week as well as on duty at school start n leave times and feeding 5 kitties in two different houses I also had meetings on Monday, training on Tuesday, 2 meetings on Wednesday, class on Thursday and all day on Saturday!!! Meeting last night completed the current round for a few weeks!!  Don't think I have another week like that till maybe September!!  So... I might just have a little tatty time!!

We are off into town today because Young Sir needs boots, cagoule, waterproof trousers, walking trousers etc... he's climbing Ingleborough on Saturday, in preparation for a sponsored 3 peaks challenge at the beginning of September!  His work has organised it, people from each of the sites!!  This will challenge his fitness!!

Thought you might like to see what I've done so far on the doiley... 

 A whole motif!! The first of 12!! Think its going to take a while to finish this round!!

Li'l Miss is back now but I just have to share this pic of the littlest paddle boarder ever...

And yes... She can swim!! Somewhere we have underwater pics of her swimming!!

Chat soon!!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Wow!! And What A Week!!!

First of all folks, I've just noticed.... my last post was number 200!!!  200 posts in just a couple of years or so!!!  Phew!! Worked me fingers off to the bone I have!!! LOL

I've had a horrendous week computer wise.... the darn thing would open up a page and promptly freeze.  Log off, log on again and delete open page, open a different file/folder/website or whatever (usually when I'm looking for something stored on the laptop) and.... freeze!!  Move the mouse, click elsewhere.... nothing!!

Got Sir to look, he couldn't fathom it.... he has an account on the laptop, went into his.... everything fine!!  Delete my account, reinstall... same problem!!  Delete, install, check, scream, delete, install, check.... get the picture??

Anyway, late on Saturday night, when we had decided to try installing for the umpteenth time... I was opening programmes and checking.... opened google drive.... Hey Presto.... Freeze!!  Sir went into his account, deleted Google Drive and now my lappy is happy!!!  We were even wondering at one point if the lappy was a scrapper or if it was worth getting a new hard drive for it!

So don't mention Google Drive!!!

Anyway, I thought I'd show you Round 4 of That There Doiley... and this pic of Li'l Miss, they are on holiday back in Spain!!:

She insisted on taking Dolly with her!!

The doiley hasn't really moved from this pic.... I actually have 2 'repeats' of the next round in place!! Only another 10 to go! VBG

I would imagine I'll get there.... eventually!!  However this week is one of the busy ones!! Roll on Summer Holidays!! LOL

Chat soon