Wednesday, 30 July 2014

It's a.... (post edited)

Windmill! Anyone who has come via Jane's blog will know that I gotta mention today for giving you all a giggle!!!  Excellent!!! I loves a good giggle I does!! (Got me own back as well.... creating a loop link.... Pigmini to Jane to Pigmini to Jane.....) Rofl

Now, the pattern for this windmill is here.  As I'm sure you're aware, 'tis one of Jane's BC3's patterns.... and I happen to like windmills.... mind you, I think after being told that I must do a mouse.... this windmill is going to have to be tatted.... in rope!!!  Looking at the size of that mouse!!  However.... does the mouse 'have clogs on'???? LOL

Now, being the crazy OG that I am... I did the building in a gorgeous 'sun-warmed brick' and then decided to make the sails ecru.... But.... I'd never done lock chains before and 'invented' my own way... One ds flipped, one un flipped! Then discovered the 'proper' way... So some of the sails are one way and some are the other!!  And for those of you what's totally nosey.... the ecru was a part ball in me stash, picked up somewhere or other for a silly price like 10p!!  and the sunwarmed brick is Lizbeth Twirlz, but don't ask me what colour.... its the one with orange, red & burgundy sort of threads in it!!

Number 20 bites the dust!! Now do I do another in blue n white in 40 or do I do something different?? 

Watch this space!

Monday, 28 July 2014

It's All Very Well....

... But has anyone any idea as to where my own particular Bc3 has decamped to?? I'm sure it involves a long cool drink and a sunshade!! Vbg

This morning I'm back child and dog squishing at my friends house... Now getting up at 5.30am isn't usually a major problem!  However, we were supporting a midnight walk for a local charity on Saturday night! Got drenched in a sudden downpour about 2am!! Eventually arrived home at 4am on Sunday!!

Anyway, I had a great idea yesterday... Make the windmill that Jane posted the other day!  Left the other colour thread at home....

Just got as far as this: 

And bc3 or maybe she's hiding and its bc1 that's done a bunk...

I've just told Jane the patterns wrong... That she has a split ring the wrong way round.... It's me!!! Brain dead!!! Lol. I tell you all 2 cells have packed their bags and gone..  If you find them can you send them home please!! You'll spot them easily... They're the ones muttering strange and incoherent threats and are usually spotted with knotted hankies and bells!! Rofl.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Eye Egg Spect!!

So, this egg that I showed you the other day... As I said at the time it wasn't finished! I didn't get chance to finish it on Monday as we went out with MIL for lunch!

However, yesterday was rather different... Yes I was out... Looking after Li'l Miss for a while as Mummy had some photos to sort after a wedding, but Li'l Miss fell asleep and so I did a bit... Finished it off whilst catching up on the Monty Python I'd missed on Sunday!

Here you are:

Now I 'egg spect' that you know what I'm going to use it for... But in case you don't....

You see, when you get to be a VERY short sighted OG like me and can't get on with those vari-focal whatsits, then you need distance and reading specs.... and I have no intention of wearing cords on Both pairs!!!  So this is one solution!!!  BTW - 19 down, 6 to go on the 25 motif challenge!!! Eye egg spect comments on the pun!! Lol

Chat later

Monday, 21 July 2014

Summer showers...

This morning I was hoping to show you a fast tat from last night that I was doing over a glass of wine, and watching Monty Python live at the O2 arena. No we weren't there!! Watching it on the tv!

However the powers that be had other ideas!  I was called out by the Environment Agency because the next big village west of us was flooded! 4 miles away and we had only about 10 minutes of rain, not the monsoon they had!!

Got back about midnight so I did a little before I went to bed. It's one of Sally Kersons tats:

It's over on her blog and I'll show you it finished tomorrow!

Chat later!

Friday, 18 July 2014

And now for something....

... I would say, completely different, but....

First off, my fingers are slipping.... the last post saying Today's the Day was supposed to go on 13th July NOT the 12th!! VBG.... making myself a whole day older than I am and that will NEVER do!! LOL

It's one of Jane's patterns that I just 'had' to try out!!

This is what I took with me to Center Parcs last weekend, but I didn't get it finished till last night!!  Oh those loom bands!! LOL  It makes number 18 of the 25 for this year finished!!!

The pattern is here, and it was done in Lizbeth twirlz, with some 'rainbow taffy' and white.  I enjoyed doing it!!

Now to go back to designing.... gotta 'bangle' last night and I want to design something to fit!!  Off to the drawing shuttles in the garden methinks!!  Or, back to the hat!!!!

Chat soon

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Today's the Day!!

Jane said that I must turn 21 today. Vbg ! Actually she's wrong... I'll be 42!! Or 6.... Let me explain... 

Some years ago a crazy Dutch friend decided she was never going to be the ripe old age of 40!!

I agree with her!! So... The decision was made that for that year and the following decade we would be known as 39+1.... Then it would increase by one year for the next decade thus making us 41.... This means we'd never reach that revolting figure of 4 decades!!!  That would last for another decade....

So today I have a real birthday instead of an unbirthday (which happens in the intervening years...) and I will be 42!!!!

Or... You can say that I'm 6... 4 + 2 is 6!!

Not sure what we are doing today but while they are on an aerial challenge I'm taking Li'l Miss to the Pancake House!!

Chat later!

It's a...


And... This is Li'l Miss with a spag bol face!! She loves it!!

We're sitting in a forest outside of our apartment having a barbie!!

Great fun!! More tomorrow!!

Thursday, 10 July 2014


... What I got this morning!!

I'll give you a clue...

A certain 'somebody' put up a pattern the other day using them!!

Got it??


Thanks should go to the mum who found them for me!! Vbg!  She's looking out for some other 'unusual' ones as well for me!

As its due to tipple down today I shall pack for the weekend and then get me shuttles out and play!  I did say its a 'significant' day on Sunday didn't I?  Well it is and we're off for a weekend in Sherwood Forest with Li'l Miss and her mum n dad!  Will just have to put tatting bag in car of course!! Lol

Chat soon!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

What a start to the week!!!!

(I managed to hit 'publish' on Monday night when I wrote this.... it wasn't supposed to be published until Tuesday morning!!!!)

On Sunday we went to a local Farmers Market.... and then to MIL's to see her (thought we'd better, she is 92!!)

Sir complained whilst we were there of pins n needles in his fingers.... MIL immediately told him he must see the doctor urgently as it was probably a heart attack!!

So, yesterday I went to school as normal, then to a 'music with mummy' group that Mummy was photographing and she needed to have someone to 'play with Li'l Miss'!!!  Now was I going to turn that opportunity down?? Not on your life I wasn't!! LOL

Whilst we were there MIL called Sir to insist he goes to Docs.... so he went!!  ECG - nothing.... but the locum insisted he went to A&E!!  Off he toddled, got there before lunch (I called him at 12 to invite him to join us for lunch at around 2pm.... and he was already there!!)  Wait.... see triage nurse.... wait... see dr.... wait.... have blood taken.... wait.... another ECG - nothing!!... wait....  He eventually got the results of the blood tests at around 7.30pm!!!  Go home!! Nothing wrong!!!!   He's now bemoaning the loss of a perfectly good day!!!

Anyway, whilst waiting to find out if Sir was going to be admitted (which I knew he wasn't.... VBG) I couldn't settle to tatting.... so.... I started knitting something for Me!!!!

The pattern is on Ravelry and is called Dreambird!!  Looks good doesn't it??

Friday, 4 July 2014


.... That would make a great song title wouldn't it?? VBG

Anyway.... yesterday I received a parcel through the post.  Wasn't expecting a parcel, and it didn't look as though it was a birthday present a little early, and apart from that Sir had one the same, so it couldn't be could it?!

Opened it:

A white box with Waterman written on it!


A blue box with Waterman written on it.... the plot thickens!!


A Gorgeous Rollerball Pen!!

It's a gift from a company that we have shares in, and they've reached 500,000 customers!  So they've sent us a present!!  It writes lovely!!  Now you can guarantee I don't have to sign anything for weeks!! LOL  I'll be looking for things to write down, and NOT on the computer!!!

It's the juniors sports day today.... all the kids have to go in the 'colour' of the team they're in.... now when our kids were at school we got to know what team it was about a week before so the parents could make sure there was a tshirt to fit child in said colour.... when did the kids get to know the color??  Yesterday!! (that song title again.... VBG).  There are a lot of kids this morning in white!! instead of blue, green, red or yellow!!  I ended up with all colours in most sizes when ours were little!!! LOL

It was class night last night, and I am NOT going to show you what I was doing!!  It's a Me Design and it's not quite finished yet.... only 2 tiny bits to go, but I ran out of time!!  Then I'll write out the pattern so it can be read rather than my cryptic notes to me.... it's going in something special!!!!  Now that's got you interested hasn't it??  (Wonder if I should hand write the pattern with that pen.... (runs away muttering to self....))

Chat soon!!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

My Favourite....

... Roses are the topic of conversation today!!  (Before I go and be nosey on the other blogs!! LOL)  You know the song from the Sound of Music.... 'Raindrops on Roses, and whiskers on kittens....  Now I've got you singing it's bound to rain today!!! ROTFL

First up is an old climber rose.... it's my favourite pink and is thornless!!!

Zepherine's Dhrouin is her name and her scent is just lovely in an evening!!  Dad used to have it clambering all over the back of his garage!!

The second one is still an old rose.... I seem to remember it was produced just before the 2nd world war and was called Papa Meilland, however it was 'stored' during the war and released after the end of it and renamed Peace!

Aren't they lovely??  Well I think so!!

Rhubarb is coming on apace, we thought it had died, but a spoonful of phostrogen brought it back to life!!  Thanks to my green fingered hubby who HATES rhubarb!!!  All the more for me!! VBG  Mind you, at least I'm not making pot of strawberry jam this year, they seem to be not producing anywhere near as much as last year!! (Phew!) and the rasps are ready to pick, the blackcurrants won't be long either!!  Eeh, with all this it's a wonder that I have time to tat!!

Right, off to be nosey at this 'ere new pattern of Janes.... and what to do with those loom bands!!! VBG

Chat later!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Now it's started!

What has??

Well, first up.... the Brim!!!  Here you go:

Think it will take a while, that bit was done in the garden yesterday!  Also, I was 'presented' with one of those loom band bracelets that seem to be all the rage amongst the kids at school at the moment....

Here you are:

Lovely isn't it??  And before you all say about my being brown.... just remember.... I'm a. outside in all weathers, b. it is a typical British Summer here, and c. we have had a week in Tenerife!!! VBG Wonder what else one can do with them....

As well as all this (very busy day yesterday.... LOL) Li'l Miss has found out how to scoot forwards.... yes folks, she's crawling!!!  One of their cats is NOT impressed!!!  He objects to having his tail pulled while he's eating!!  Poor Kitty!!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Is finished!!! Now for the ribbon band then the brim!!  Mind you it will probably take a bit to do the band... Lol

I 'draped' it over a kitchen towel to show you!! At last... A good reason to have a kitchen towel!! Vbg

However... Being the ever resourceful, kind, considerate OG that I am. Lol.. Here it is again... On the back of my head this time!!

Sir says it looks like a skull cap!! It won't when its finished! Vbg

Been child squishing this morning and we are baby squishing this afternoon!!! Can you tell I like kids?? Wouldn't do my job as a lollipop lady if I didn't!  Had to write party invites for them this morning.... Mum ran out of time before she went to work.... so yours truly finished them off for her!! Lol mind you this afternoon I'll be with Sir as we're taking li'l Miss out!!  She needs to be back home for around 3 though.... that's when she has her afternoon 'nap'!!  Looking forward to that!!  

Although.... can someone please explain why it is that I end up telling all of Madams growed up friends that when they have kids, the reason that Grannies are around is to give the babies/li'l kids lots of attention and Mum or Dad some peace!!??!!

Onnyhow... off to make coffee now!!

Chat soon