Sunday, 17 March 2013

Clunies, Tallies, Leaves....

... Call 'em what you will!!  I'se been playing this morning!!  Well, 'he who thinks he should be obeyed at all times' and a friend have gone to a meeting.... so I'm playing!!  I got up at 5.30 to cook them breakfast, make them coffee etc, so what more can they expect??

Anyway, I learned how to make tatty clunies!!  I can make leaves in bobbin lace, but couldn't work out how to make them with tatting shuttles and thread.  I know now though!!  Oh I'se pleased wiv me liccle self now!!  Mind you, I'll be sitting on the cat if she tries pushing me off my chair again.... while I'm writing this!

Here are the first ones!! First not perfect but I'm really pleased with the second one!  And yes, I did rest it on my mac!! VBG

Off for lunch now....  See you Soon!

Friday, 15 March 2013

And Yet More Earrings!!!

Now maybe someone can explain why it is that when one's daughter visits she immediately requests earrings on the sight of yours??

So it is.... There was I showing 'Madame' my heart earrings.... and I was asked "Are these for me?"  To which I replied "Did you want them?"  I was informed that they were not really her colour.... she prefers blue and silver and wears a lot of it!  So, as she was away for Mothering Sunday, with hubby in Frankfurt and Brussels (his work....), and I was at a Lace Meeting with Wolds Lacemakers I put blue beads on my white thread, and made her a pair!  I had a bit of a challenge.... I had some hearts that were exactly the right colour but didn't look right with the beads, the hearts were too heavy!  So aforementioned friend came to the rescue.... she had some blue 'daggers' in her stash!!  (They make Lace Bobbins and tools, pens, earring stands etc here) Not content with that.... I also made me another pair.... black and white!!

Anyway, here they are in all their glory!

I fell in love with the tatty egg on Jane's Sisters site... so that's next folks!! Just need to find the button!! Hope to find one before Sunday.... Himself is going away for the day with another friend... Just me, my shuttles and the furry fiends!! LOL

Chat soon!!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Another Tatty Tail....

Well folks... I've finished one of my ufo's.  When I finished I had just 2 inches of thread on one shuttle and 6 on the other!!  Talk about cutting it fine!  LOL

 Here she is in all her glory!!  She's destined to go on a cover cloth for my friends birthday present (she's a lacemaker too, but she can't tat!!)  'Twill be interesting to see what she makes of her in just over a weeks time!  Do you get the impression she likes Nelliephants??  Nellie was designed by Jane Eborall and I found the pattern over on her site...

Postscript.... Just realised 4 days later that I forgot to publish this.  It was saved as a draft in case Agnes saw it!!!  Was saving it for her.... but I forgot to attach it.... so maybe she'll get it at Christmas!!!  ROTFL

Tat's Abroad Folks!!

Hi All.  Missed me??  I've been 'on me 'olidays'  so to speak!! ROTFL   It was our wedding anniversary last week so I got treat to real Belgian Chocolate.... in Bruges!!!  We went on the ferry overnight on Friday and returned home on Sunday morning!

The map is lace and is located on the side of a canal!  Chocolate & lace... Excellent!!  There were around 300 guides, brownies, guiders and trefoil guild members there as well!  All from Tadcaster, York, Doncaster & Selby areas.  May even end up giving a talk on lace to some of them!

Of course, being a lacemaker and craftaholic.... I had to take something with me didn't I??  Give you 3 guesses.... give in??  Shuttles!!!!  Sat in the bar on both of the evenings and in the morning... tatting.  I had any number of people coming up and asking what I was doing!!  It was fun explaining!  I even ended up tatting mini trefoils for the guild ladies to put on their teddies which had been guarding their drinks!! VBG.  One lady thought I was sewing my fingers together!

Anyway, here's what I was doing on the boat.... the small motif is from Jane's site, and the earrings were a present for Agnes's birthday on Monday.  Yes I know there's only one.... somebody forgot to take a pic of one and so.... 'reconstructed it' and turned it into a different pair!! The pattern is here.

Also, I've done Jane's beaded snowflake!!

Do you think I've been busy???? LOL