Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Eclipse Hanky

Yes m'dears I've done another hanky edging!!!  Yet another LTP finished!!! YEAY!! Now to decide what to do with the bit of thread left on the shuttle....

Why eclipse??? Because I finished it last Friday.... the day of the Solar Eclipse here in the UK!!  Watched the eclipse 'live' because the cloud cover made a natural filter!!  Sir got some pics of it which he shared on that online social face!!!

The hanky is done in Lizbeth 40, pale lilac and whichever one it is that's darker than falling leaves... can't remember the name off the top of me 'ead!!  It was finished a few days ago but not stitched onto the fabric!!

Here you go:

Oh, the pattern is another of Jane E's.... Oh So Simple.... and it is!!! LOL

Coffee shouting.... chat later!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Say Hello to Marie....

Haven't I told you about Marie??  Ok... well, she's a Sand Croc and is usually found lurking in the beaches of that beautiful island in the TV series 'Death in Paradise'!!  As you can see, she likes pretending that she is part of the Sand Fly beaches.... likes to imagine that she is a sand fly and you can't see her until it's too late!!! VBG  You can see her featured in the series.... pretending to be a lizard on the 'fence'.....  Oh, in case you hadn't realised.... Sand Crocs ARE sand flies in disguise!!!  If you've ever been bitten by sand flies you'll know just what I mean!!!

Here she is:

The pattern for her is here.  She's done in Lizbeth's Wildflower Garden, as she says that that is the correct colours for her to be rather like a chameleon and be camouflaged!!!  Now you never realised that there were crocs in paradise did you?? LOL  You get to know an awful lot of useless information on this blog!! Rofl

I've also got this to show you:

That Bracelet with it's earwigs AND a pendant... when I find or make a finding for it to go on the chain!!

Now what else.... oh yes.... a pic of my gorgeous granddaughter on the swings!! She loves those Red Shoes!!

The final pic isn't mine, but one of the ladies in our lace group made it from a pattern by a certain Jane E!! Well done to Joan!!!

That's all for today Folks!!

Chat soon

Friday, 13 March 2015


Well, I would say Red Nose Day (which is quite true.... because it's the day that all the kids come to school dressed up in red, painted faces etc, in aid of Comic Relief), but... it's doesn't fit with what I've got to show you!!

What is it???

Pink Rose Day!!!! VBG

Now I've got you intrigued haven't I??  Well, you see, last night I finished another Starry Button Bracelet!  This one is for ME!!  I have very tiny hands and wrists.... (something which my 6 ft son seems to have inherited.... he says he has 'girly' hands!!) and doing the bracelet in size 20 thread with a small fastener means that I can fasten it and then slide it on and off my hand!!!  Yes, while it's still fastened!!  Well, I don't want to lose them, and the set that reminded Sir of Gaudi the Architect of Barcelona fame was sold last night!!!  It's now awaiting a looong travel up to Edinburgh!!  It was too big for me anyway, as I'd found I could slide it on and off my wrist as mentioned above!!

So.... I decided to make me a set in different colours (although I may just do the same colours as the aforementioned set for me as well), this time it's Falling Leaves, 3 different shades of gold bead and a Rose Gold for the beads over the buttons!!  Using size 40 thread it doesn't fall off!!!

So.... here you go:

I am now making earwigs to match, and as I will still have a 'spare' button, I may make a pendant from the earwig pattern but make it with 20 thread!!

I do have other things to show you as well, but I decided to share the bracelet first!!

First off, Li'l Miss out shopping with Mummy.... helping to put stuff in the trolly is sooo tiring... this happened:

Secondly, I finished the Lilac earwigs last week... they're here:

Returning from school this morning, I discovered a new driver for Young Sir's bike:

He was asleep until I tried to take the pic, then he decided breakfast was FAR MORE important!!! LOL

Anyway, that's all for today so you can wake up now!!

Chat soon

Friday, 6 March 2015

A Resin Megan!!

So, Wednesday was my Crazy Dutch Friends Un-Birthday!! (Yes, the Friend of Arachne not-a-spinning-web-spider Fame!!) Why an un-birthday?  Simples!!  With this formula one can 'never' reach the dreaded big 4 0!!!  You get to 39, then 39+1,  then you have 9 'un-birthdays, and then the next one is 41.... 9 un-birthdays and then 42!!  So, last year that's how old I was... 42!!! Incidentally, even though said friend is 3 1/2 years older than me... she's 42 too!!!!  Although.... mine wasn't an 'un-birthday' I might add....Rofl

Anyway, as I was saying.... 'if you listen you will hear from the corner of your ear how the...'  Rofl... That came from a song Mum had when I was a kid... can't remember which Danny Kaye one it was tho!!

Right, back to Resin Megan!!  As it was an 'un-birthday' on Wednesday I had to take a present... which I did last night, as we got together to make lace!! A few weeks ago 'blog-hopping' from a certain OG's blog... I came across this:

Where from??  Here!!  Laura was really helpful and sent me a message saying how much the postage was to the UK.... and just over a week later Megan was sitting on the doormat saying hello to my cats!!

Why Megan??  Well, I knew someone would ask!!  Friend's dog is a loopy labrador called Megan!!!  Well, I've got cats on my lace pillow so it's only right that said friend should have a dog isn't it??  An Aussie Megan to boot!!!

So... Now I've introduced you I'll go back to sleep or something!! Still haven't recovered from yesterday's post!!! Rofl

Chat soon

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Just Sharing....

Felt I should share something other than my tatty 'bits' with you, so here goes....

Round the corner is a snicket that runs up to the railway station.... One dog owner is allowing the dog to foul an area that's been planted up with snowdrops, daffodils, muscari, miniature irises, crocuses etc, and what's more they don't bother to pick up after the dog!!.... so last weekend one of the residents with his wife replanted over 150 bulbs that had been 'scratted' out and we put up a 'fence', only a temporary one until we can get grass to grow on it!!

Beyond the area that had been replanted I discovered these just 'left to die'.... not any more they're not!! We replanted them too!!

Good deed for last week!!! Rofl  (Oops.... my feet too!!)

Also, Li'l Miss is now walking properly so I'm sharing this pic of her 'out for a walk with Daddy'!!

Isn't that coat gorgeous on her??

What else.... oh yes....

Now DON"T LOOK if you're an Arachnophobic!!!! (Oops.... too late....) VBG

This beauty is known as Arachne and was made by my Crazy Dutch Friend!!  Isn't she something??  She's sitting on the paperwork for the bobbin lace I was working on last week... I hope when I return she hasn't spun a web over it!! VBG

Then there's Young Sir the day before his birthday, in a pub in Derbyshire.... He hates having his pic taken!! Can you tell??

Oh, my cats.... these two tell me they don't get on!!

Would you believe them??  They've decided our NEW duvet is for them!!!  The one on the left is Neo and he's the one with just 3 legs.... Luna is on the right, she's the 'permanent lodger'!!

What else....

Honiton Lace as worked by another lady in the village.... Isn't it just beautiful?  Must try the tatted one in that there German book I've got....

And last but certainly not least.... another friend of mine has a dog called Wilf.... I was in our local Hobbycraft store a couple of weeks ago and found this on the wall:

Well, I had to take a pic didn't I??  Shared it with Wilf and his owner, but he insists he's Far More Handsome!!! Rofl

Ok... Missive ended!!  You can stop yawning now!!!!

Chat soon

Wednesday, 4 March 2015


So... todays post shows yet another of those Starry Earwigs!!!

This time they're in white Aida 20 with lilac button and lilac n silver beads!!  Now the question is... do I make a bracelet to go with the pair (when I've done the second one of course....)??  If it's a bracelet the white will pick up EVERY mark that it's possible to get!!  Hmmm.... maybe not!!

Short post today.... lots to do!!

A friend just popped down with around a dozen 'odd' buttons.... brilliant!!  Just had a quick look and I can get 3 or 4 pairs of earwigs and maybe make the rest into pendants??  Wonder what I can make the 'chains' out of....

Wanders away muttering....

Chat later!!