Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Finished... ( I think.... )

Hi Folks

Well, after I'd done Jane's pram I had thread left on the shuttle....  Sue being Sue hates to throw thread away (years ago when I did Japanese Silk Flower Making I used to save the tiny bits and make really mini flowers from them!!!  Shame I haven't any photos.... LOL)  So, I started an edge for a hanky that was my Mums and brand new!!  Got round a corner and.... ran out of thread!!!

The pattern itself comes directly from Jane's Pram, ring of 3-3-3-3 and chain of 3-3  the corners are ch 6-6 ring of 3+3+3-3 and ch of 6-6.

Anyway I tried the websites I knew on the 'net, and couldn't find instructions to follow (I'm hopeless at destructions.... VBG) so I asked, and Jeanette explained how she used to tell her students how to join new threads! Jeanette hoped I could understand what she was saying (I did!! Thanks Jeanette!!)  She hopes to be able to 'copy' the pattern as soon as she can see when she gets her new specs in the summer!

It's just dawned on me that they are 2 different colours.... the top photo is taken in a 'north' light at the back of the room in the north facing window, and the bottom one is taken on the front window in sunlight!!

So, folks this pattern is called Jane's Inspiration and Jeanette's Optimism!!!

I was going to tat some pink and white rings on the chain picots in a different colour, but I like it as it is now its finished!  So, the thread that's wound for those will make something different... now to work out what....  Methinks I shall have to raid the stash of brand new hankies from Mum that I kept after she passed away, and there's a gorgeous pink one up there.... now to try working a new pattern out.... ROTFL... Think I'm hooked!!??!!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Ok, so I'm BACK!!!!

At school, freezing outside!!  You can tell.... we've got bookends on the windowsill!! ROTFL

As for me tatting, well there's two bits on at the moment... one's a tatty animal and I'll put pics up when its finished.... as for the other, well I decided to 'use up the shuttle' on a hanky edging and promptly ran out of thread!!  I got detailed destructions on what to do and how to join new threads in from Jeannette Hasseman... and as it's a sort of self design, I'm calling it....

Jeannette's Optimism!!! VBG  She was flattered when I told her and hopes to be able to see well enough to copy it sometime relatively soon!

We'll see if she thinks the same thing when its finished.... LOL  Lace class tonight and as its going to be full, tatty is going with me again!! VBG

Chat soon! Promise!!

Monday, 11 February 2013


Hi all.... been out to Kendal today, but I had to send you a pic of Thwaite... the view out of the chapel window this morning to be precise....  The top one is the view from the top of the window and the bottom one shows Muker beck and its waterfall....  And ..... the snow we got last night!

Just HAVE to share!! LOL  Harley dog enjoys the snow but not the cold... VBG  Melissa enjoying all except the car journeys.  She will look at this site... eventually!  We're now about to eat home made stew - made by Pete.... bliss, no cooking 'cept for breakfast porridge for me!! EXCELLENT!!!! ROTFL

Chat soon


Morning Folks... sitting in the chapel looking at the snow and chatting to Emily while I'm typing this.  While the film was on last night I made the pendant from the set from the Ring of Tatters.  It's here in all its glitteriness....

It snowed yesterday, thick icing sugar on the ground!!  Will be taking pics of it.  Harley Dog adored it, but wasn't too sure about going out in it for very long!!  Melissa brought his coat, but forgot the reflective hi-viz one, so we won't let him out of our sight!  Off to Hawes and Cumbria today all being well, if we can get across Buttertubs that is!  Otherwise it's into Richmond!  Either or as they say.... VBG

Let you know where we went... Honest!!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

I made it!!

Well folks.... this is the finished article!  I had great fun trying to work out what to do, and I must say a HUGE thanks to Jane for her destructions on her website!  Brilliant!!!  This is going to HAVE to be framed!!  I think it deserves it.... 1 because I'd never done a lock join before.... 2. because I'd never made a split ring before... in fact I didn't even know they existed!! LOL

What's next?  Well, I bought a kit from the Ring of Tatters last December because I fell in love with it.  I'm making it twice, once for me, and once for a friend of mine who can't tat!!  Earrings and pendant.  I'll put it up here when they're finished!  Already started the pendant!  I may not be able to resist posting that when it's finished.... VBG.  Watching a film and tatting, sharing a bottle of wine with friends whilst on holiday for a few days.... my idea of a perfect life!  Hoping we get snowed in!!! ROTFL  I'll post some pics of where we are ASAP!!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Way to Go!!!!!

Well, I was determined to catch up with all the others and..... I Did It!!!! YEAY!!!!  Whole learning curve here gals.... never did lock joins or split rings EVER before!!!!  I must say a HUGE thank you to Jane for all her support over the last few days....  THANK YOU JANE!!!!

Oh, and if you want to know what it's on.... it's Luna!!  Well... she would settle on me knees!!!!

Now to wait for Tomorrow!!!!  Lets hope I can get the internet in Swaledale.... otherwise I'll be tearing my hair out!! ROTFLMAO    It's the last day tomorrow.... Boo :-(   Still, I have other 'bits' of tatty patterns to do!! :-D

Split Rings!!

My FIRST EVER Split Rings!!!  Thanks must go to Jane for the instructions!  I'd never have managed it otherwise!! LOL  Oh I'se definitely on the up!!! VBG

On a Roll!!!!

So me dears, after woops'ing at the end of day 3.... I managed to almost hide the join!  Oh I'se pleased with me liccle self!  Will anyone notice that it was a mistake at the end of the day?  What do you mean... you need to phone a friend?? Thought not!!!  LOL

Patricks gone home with his poorly ankle... he managed to ride the motorbike so coffee and ignoring him groaning did the trick!! VBG.  In all honesty, it was a very mild strain, which a couple hours rest helped!

Here she is in all her glory.... so far!


Last night, while half watching Lord of the Rings (the first of the 3)... did some tatting....  You know what its like when you don't fully read a pattern??  I didn't... and CUT THE THREADS!!!  Oops!!  Now I have to fix the challenge.... VBG

Teach me to check first won't it..... ROTFL... That'll be the day!!

Off to the Farmers Market shortly for eggs etc, son just arrived with a sprained ankle... slipped on the ice.  He's complaining about riding his motorbike and changing gear... I say it will teach him not to slip again!!  (What?? Me?? A rotten Mum???  He's nearly 21 and should know better!!)

Friday, 8 February 2013

Can I??

Do some more tatty telling or do some more tatting??  Can't do both cos I hasn't got 2 pairs of hands!  I'se cooked and we'se eaten tea and I've got coffee sitting waiting to be drunk... Methinks its back to me shuttles Folks!  I've got earrings to make and tatits to tat and rings and chains and destructions (well they are when I read them!!)

I was doing fine on the earrings, till I realised that I'd not read the destructions properly.... cut off beads and start again!  and again!! Then I thinked to meself.... why not make some owl ones.... did that and did not have a matching pair!!!! (Oops.... wonder if anyone would notice if I put wires on them and wore them.... and I missed out a whole row of destructions!!)  Then I runned out of thread on me shuttle and ended up making that there collar...  The 'mat' was going to be a pair of earrings.... runned out of thread on that as well!!

Which is why, dear reader, that I'm making the wotsit thingy!  Which was equally as silly.... did it, undid it, did it, fastened the wrong thread to the picot... undid it, did it, fastened the thread, right one, to the wrong picot!!  Anyway, gettin' there now!

Do you shuttle or needle tat?  I shuttle tat becoz I'se dangerous with a needle... I'd get the funny red stuff all over me cotton!!  And then I'd have sore fingers.... VBG.

Anyway, 'nuff said for now.... off to do some more!

My First Post

Well Folks, I've recently gone back to tatting.... haven't done any for YEARS!!  Now some of the stuff I've made in the last week or so is interesting.  Wanna look?

Yup... Earrings!!  I thought they were cute!!  And I've got at least one more pair to do for a friend! LOL

Then, you know how things go wrong.... well one of these was that....

See the 'collar'?  I ran out of thread!  but then thought, It would make a brilliant 12th scale collar.... it's now winging its way to Oz!  The other 'mat' is also going there.... it was intended to be another earring! LOL

Then I found Jane's site.... and she's running this pattern thingy... had to have a go!!  Here's how far I've got....

Not sure what it is.... yet!  That's why it's a Tat it and See!!!! LOL   The shuttle with the stocking on was from Roseground in Nottingham, as were the 'set of hooks'  Not sure if I was talking to Pam or Pat, but isn't the shuttle superb??

Can't think of what else to put just atm.... busy thinking that I'm on here rather than doing tea or tatting!! ROTFL

Chat soon!!