Saturday, 16 November 2013

Tatty Granny!!

That's me!!! LOL  I've been up to all sorts of things since we last chatted.... cuddles, tatting, beadwork, bit of bobbin lace.... I might add that nothing is finished!!!  No surprise there then I hear you say!! Anyway, thought I'd share a few pics with you....

First of all, my beautiful granddaughter Aurelia... here she is all ready for a walk with Mummy!!  Get the impression I'm still smitten with her?? VBG

Then there are some pics from our recent lace group meeting... we were making lace and wire flowers, and also there are some pics of works of art by our members!!

Some of the 'snowflakes' are tatted, some are bobbin lace.  The cone opens out to reveal a square box in the centre.  The lady making lace was worked by the mum of one of our members years ago, and has been passed down as the worker is unfortunately with us no longer.  The bottom photo is a sample of milanese lace by a friend of mine.  She made the pattern up as she went along!!  Great isn't it??

Anyway, off back to me shuttles now!!

Chat soon!

P.s.  Just as I'd finished this post I got a call from my biker son.... some kind, considerate, so'n'so helped themselves to his bike gloves while he was at work today!!! One of his co-workers!!  He's reported it to the head of the shift, and if he finds out who it was.... heaven help them! They left him to ride the 12 miles back with no gloves!!! Fortunately for him, his sister has hands that are just slightly smaller, and she's given him her old ones!!  Now that's good of a sister, and his old gloves did need replacing... but...

Chat later!


  1. Total cutie. She looks as if she's summed up the world already!!! Wise eyes.

    1. Yes I think so too Jane.... very wise eyes, her mum had as well!! Now as for being a cutie.... I agree but I may JUST be a tad biased!! VBG