Tuesday, 8 March 2016


You remember a few weeks ago I reported the sad loss of Megan? Well, my crazy Dutch friend and her wood turning husband couldn't stand the silence in the house any longer!

This is 8+ week old Tilly, a beautiful Border Collie!  I met her for the first time yesterday afternoon... one manic little gorgeous girl!!  (Can you tell I've got a soft spot for Collies??)

It was said friends birthday last Friday and I made these for her:

Yes there are two of them! From one of Marilee's books! The leaves are from my stash!

Sir is improving slowly, he hates the weather at the moment, unlike Li'l Miss! She was spotted last week...

I think she likes the white stuff!

Chat soon


  1. I don't think I have seen a Border Collie with Tilly's colouring before - brown feet! She looks very sweet.Lovely earrings for the birthday - I'm tatting a handkerchief edging for my old schoolfriend's April birthday, I must get on with it. Cold weather would be depressing I think, especially for a convalescent. That's why back in the 20th century, people took long sea voyages to recuperate - that's a good idea!

  2. Snow? You've had snow? We haven't. I'm jealous. That's one very happy little girl.

  3. Beautiful earrings!!! :)
    And what a cutie in the snow!!! :)