Friday, 22 April 2016

She's Back!!

No, not me... I've just been busy!!

Li'l Miss!!  They've been to Maui, Sydney and California for 5 weeks!  She loved it!  So did Mummy & Daddy.  I'll show you a pic of Mummy in a bit... taken in Maui.  Li'l Miss brought a pink pony, Pooh bear and Tigger home with her, so I had to meet them yesterday.  Whilst they were in Disney California she managed to meet her two Disney Idols!!  And have breakfast with them!  Eggs and bagels for breakfast with.... you can see in the pic!!

Finished the bookmark that you all guessed correctly... Reminds me of Nasturtiums in colours!  Now on with this one:

Loves the colours on this too!  But... they're not for me!

Anyway, here's the pics I promised earlier:

Mummy playing 'dressing up'!!

Meeting friends for breakfast!

Must remember to finish those ends!!!

Chat soon


  1. That's a huge trip, hope they brought back some presents for you! - (who looked after the cat? )

  2. Great bookmarks!!! :)
    I'm jealous, you got to meet Tigger! :)

    1. Not me.... Li'l Miss, along with her Mummy and Daddy did!! Granny stayed home and looked after the kitties!!

  3. Looks like you all had a great break from routine. Love the colors you are using for the bookmarks.

  4. That's pretty much a trip 'around the world' from England! Wow! What an adventure!! Many years ago, we traveled from Pennsylvania to California to Hawaii, and I can't imagine going even farther to Australia!

    I love your purple bookmark!