Friday, 27 May 2016

When you gotta bag...

And it needs a bitta 'bling'  what do you do??

Look, I'll show you... this is the bag:

Plain isn't it??  I decided it needed a bit of brightening up...

Remember this??

Well it's now on the bag!!  Lots more to be put on though!  Great way of showing off motifs!!  When I've finished I'm going to have a VERY tatty bag!!

Mind you... it was 'smuggling' last week!!  We were in Germany for a few days, and on the way back to the ferry we called in at Schaeveningen on the coast of the Netherlands not far from the ferry.  There was an 'Aircooled' festival in aid of Kids with Cancer and we found this gal who decided she wanted to come and live in the UK!!

Cute isn't she? Later on she was showing us how to wear a sun hat!!

Li'l Miss can't say her (the bears) name so she's known as Skev!!

Chat soon


  1. Well I hope you're going to teach the bear English and that her passport is up to date too!!!!

    1. Her passport is Dutch and she's learning English as we speak!! She's already learned bed, food, drink and of course... Hello Danny!!! LOL

  2. She's a lucky little bear to have emigrated before Brexit And it sounds as though she has gone to welcoming little hands.

    1. Brexit??? Who has broken something??? I don't allow breakages where at all possible!!! VBG