Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Why is it... and those darned trees!!

That one realises that one duz a blog purely to answer daft questions from 4 years ago???

Sir is renewing his car insurance....  same company, no changes... just renew thanks....

"So Sir, have you had any accidents, whether it was your fault or not, in the last 5 years?"
"Yes, but I've told you about them 3 times already."
"Sir, we still need the details of what happened."
"Well, one was more than 5 years ago. So presumably you don't need the details of it?"
"No, we don't need details of more than 5 years ago, have you had any within the last 5 years?"
"Yes, but I can't remember when, and it wasn't the car I'm renewing the insurance on now."
"Nevertheless, Sir, we need the details.  What was the Registration number of the vehicle?"

(They expect my hubby to remember a car registration number???  (just like asking him a date or a phone number... no chance!!) he comes and asks me... I give him it, and then he asks when the accident was....  I tell him.... August or very early September 2014, or possibly early 2015)

"We need the date of the accident Sir, and details of what happened, and how you could have prevented it."

I found the date... where?? On here of course!!! September 2014 there was a post about flippin' low flying tree branches!!  How could we have avoided it?? Gone a different route had we known it was going to fling itself in front of us!!! Of all the stupid questions!!

Anyway... apart from that what have I to tell you...

Young Sirs laminate is finally down in that there house up north in Scotland!!  The fence would have been painted as well if it hadn't decided to rain!!  Some of his roses are trimmed too... all the dead bits off.  And the ivy that was covering the path has gonned... and weeds has been gived they marching orders as well!!

As usual they did the work... Me?? Chief cook, bottle washer, shopper, laminate laying gofer... hammer finder, screw finder, tea maker, chisel finder.... sofa bed putter upper and downer..., rose cutter, fence painter.... I come home for a rest!!  They had fun with an incinerator bin and cardboard!!

On the tatty front... yet more Rachel mats roll off the shuttles... another few!!  The reason for them is that they're so darned easy to prepare, transport and make!!  Great for travelling!

Here, I'll show you:

Top one is Atlin Basak 50, no beads or decorative picots, bottom is Lizbeth 20 with beads!

What else.... well Young Sir's housemate's cats are now up there too.... 'keep them in for 3 weeks', 'not letting them out till the nervous one is prepared to stay downstairs when there are other people in the house'...

If you have cats that are indoors and are used to being outdoors what happens when you open doors or windows to run electric cables for power tools?  They play at being indoor/outdoor cats of course!!  Make sure she's upstairs with her daughter (the nervous one) and the door closed.  What happens?  She's found out how to hook the door open!  Down the stairs... drat... the kitchen door is shut... throw weight on kitchen door... it opens... back door is shut... that's ok... look the window is ajar... push... outside cat!!  Call housemate down, catch cat, take her upstairs, shut bedroom door... guess what... a new game!!! (see beginning of paragraph!! LOL)

She's allowed out now!!!  And there's a bin under the window so she can get back in!! But NOT when there's noone home!!

Anyway, nuff said on this missive!!

Chat soon


  1. Oh dear. Trouble with car insurance. Hope you got it sorted in the end and they should've had a record of the 'tree incident anyway.
    Love your Rachels. Great colours.

  2. Both episodes reminded me a little of Groundhog Day! Continuous repeating loop, and you can never win with bureaucracy.
    I do like your colourful Rachels.

  3. I love your color combinations!! :)