Friday, 11 September 2020

Archaeological digs and crochet hooks

Have been my life for the last 3 weeks! Miss me?? The dig was in the village on the scheduled ancient monument and was the Roman Civitas of Petuaria. The forum hasn't been found this year, but there's evidence that a high status house was built on top of it! We hope anyway! We've proved historians wrong, Petuaria was definitely thriving after 200 AD!

Anyway, nuff of that... I'll show you a couple of pics at the end!

Granddaughters are brilliant aren't they? They get jealous! Big Miss got a huge blanket when Lil Miss was born, I know you will remember! Anyway, lil miss wants one too. But they can't be the same!

During lockdown I came across the remnants of the yarn from the original blanket. Then saw a tube vid on Mosaic Crochet! Great way to use oddments! So, during less busy times on the dig, and between tea and bed I was crocheting... The crochet is coming along....

Chat later!


  1. Now you be very careful around ancient artifacts - the archaeologists may mistake you for one!!!!! Oooooh, I love winding you up!!!!! Very interesting to have a dig on your doorstep. I’d love that too but wouldn’t be able to lend a hand as if I got down on the ground I’d not be able to get up again - without the aid of a crane.

  2. You'd've fitted in brilliant!! 2 old fossils and lots of tall tales!!