Thursday, 24 June 2021

More Done!!

Around 18 months ago I 'volunteered' to make a bobbin lace garter for Young Sirs Bride to be. Part done and Lockdown struck!! We waited.... made a tad more lace... wedding cancelled as the venue couldn't be opened! They rearranged and waited, limit of 20 guests... who to not invite.... Decisions on guests, Grooms rellies not allowed into Scotland!! Aaargh!!! We are now at the finishing stages of plans, Young Mrs D to be couldn't find anyone to make a wedding cake.... It's arranged now, I contacted the first person to ever cuddle Young Sir outside of the family, he was less than 36 hours old.... She's a cake business owner!! sorted it, fruit, chocolate sponge, fruit in a stack! They have the topper and you'll have to wait to see what we've arranged for the sides... Promise to take a pic or two!! As you already know, waaay back in Feb I made a bracelet for Young Mrs D to be, and stalled on the bobbin lace... not enough light... Anyway, yesterday I managed to remove it from the pillow!! Now to find the ribbon and elastic to finish it in the next couple of weeks!! Has to be ready for the beginning of August!! Here's the lace:

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  1. I’m so pleased to see that you’re alive up there in the ‘north’. The garter is fabulous and I can’t wait to see it with the ribbon in too. We’ll need loads of pictures of the big day.