Saturday 30 September 2023


Yes, I've just noticed it's been over a year!!! Hence the post title! I've finally decided to post again... What have I been up to? Yes I can hear you asking! Simples.... Mother in Law got in the way. She will be 102 in a weeks time. Currently in hospital, and they can't find anything wrong with her except for the very advanced Altzheimers. She went in because the carers found her at the top of the stairs having 'fallen'. We've witnessed these 'falls', her brain decides she's done enough vertical movement and her knees just fold and she crumples to the ground.... Is that really a fall?? Not IMHO! They are now recommending respite care to get her moving again. At present we cannot work out how it can be funded. Will just have to wait and see! What else.... we changed our old petrol car for an EV. That's fun!! We can drive for almost 300 miles without worry from full to empty! I say you need a 'comfort' break more often than that! I could wax lyrical on what we do instead of motorway service areas, but if you really want to know you'll have to get me to write a different post! Holidays, bus trips, council meetings, camping.... to name but a few things that have stopped me writing on here. However, if you've been following that TOG 'down south' with her socks.... Yes I supplied her with the pattern! Want to see mine?? Here you go!

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