Tuesday, 17 December 2013

It's nearly.....

... nope... I'm NOT going to say it!!! LOL  We're still a Christmas Free Zone here in Casa Pigmini!!  No tree, no cards up.... yet!!  Weekend is soon enough!! VBG

Now today I've got LOTS to share....  First up is this 'snowflake' from Jennifer Williams blog (can't remember if I have shared it before, but still...) tatted in Pineapple Parfait from Lizbeth and the beads would be DMC 9's....  It's now winging its way to America....

Next is 'the tree', from Jane Eborall.... must try it on a button as well!! LOL

Then there's one that i received from a friend out in America.... isn't Dorcas's camel just gorgeous??  That means I have to put the tree up to have somewhere to put him!!!  The card is from her as well and is hand made!!  What a talented lady!!

Not sharing any more today.... going to keep you in suspense!!! VBG... oh ok then, but it's NOT tatting!!  Can't resist giving you another peek at my granddaughter!!  There she was handing out smiles to me while we were 'chatting' about how Santa has help from Rudolf and they sometimes leave presents at Granny & Grandpa's house!!! LOL

Chat soon

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