Sunday, 5 January 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Hello All

Well its now 2014 and yes I did put up a tree!  Its still up until 12th night!

Now I have all sorts of things to share with you.... Jane starts her new Tat It And See tomorrow and yours truly is sitting waiting with shuttles at the ready!!  Its never too late to join in so go and look!!

Right, I made a few 'bits' for Christmas....  These were a bookmark and a pair of earrings for some 'lacy' friends of mine:

The earrings are in Cebelia 20 in red and yellow and the pattern, once again, is my fave!! Jane's diamond pattern!!  The beads are from my stash.

The bookmark is also the Cebelia 20 in red and is the Fandango pattern, but taken from here! Just the first round and a Josephine Tail.!

I've also been up to no good.... LOL  I've been knitting for my granddaughter (again)... more bootees!! They don't come off when she's being carried so Mum thinks they're Brilliant!!

Here they are:

And of course, the bottom pic is Madame in modelling mode with her pink sparkly boots!!!

Anyway, I'll chat again soon.  The Dakar Rally will start on TV soon, and I'll get told off if I'm blogging when that's on!!  


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