Friday, 28 November 2014

And Another One....

... I would say 'Bites the Dust' but that'd just be silly!!!! LOL

This is Jon Yusoff's square again, but this time I've added beads.... just to see what happens!!! (or is it because I can??? VBG)

Off to make bacon sarnies shortly.... we've got the bacon and I'm hungry!!!  Have to wait for Sir to bring the bread tho....  They're saying on the TV that it's 'Black Friday' today.... well it certainly is looking at the weather!!  Grey and dull here!!!  Just the sort of weather I detest!!  I like warm n sunny, cold and bright, snowy, but I hate fog, damp, slush.... and grey!!!!

Anyway, I'll show you the first one of this 'ere pattern again so you can see the difference beads make....  Mind you, I don't think the granite tile does it any favours....

Does make it sorta sparkle doesn't it??  I have a 'funny feeling' that this pattern is going to be a new favourite.... I've got some deep pink/dusky burgundy thread.... now what colour  can I put with it....  Goes off muttering....

Chat soon


  1. I like this square a lot , Pimini. The beads do it justice. yes, I think you can.