Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Guess What....

Guessed yet??  No???

Well.... Young Sir did something crazy over the weekend....



Yes!!! he climbed Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis in 2 days including travelling between them!!!

They are raising money for Coeliac UK!  For those that don't know, it's a disease whereby one cannot tolerate gluten etc.  The company produce a lot of the 'Free From' range that one finds in supermarkets here in the UK!!  the above link is their fundraising site....

Here he is at the top of Ben Nevis on Sunday!!

On a different front.... I showed you a pic of the doily a few days ago.... not progressed much since then, however I took a pic of the doily outside yesterday.... thought I'd share it with you!!

School's back today!!! Littlies start either morning or afternoon for the first 2 weeks!  Didn't cross many this morning but I know there are a few this afternoon.... younger siblings of ones I already cross!!

Yesterday we had instructions from Li'l Miss to take her to the park.... Grandpa had to make the swing go high!!!  Little Daredevil!! LOL

Anyway, chat again soon


  1. Congratulations to Pat on the climbs. I was thinking of him over the weekend but glad I wasn't doing it with him!! Well done to all of them.

  2. Look at all that cloud!! - how on earth did they get back down? You're doily's looking good, I like the white in it, I think it's a better contrast with these colours than another toning shade would be, and it shows the pattern beautifully. Swings and small children are rather worrying, my grandchildren know that I am not the one who will send them soaring!

    1. Walked through the cloud Maureen!! Evidently it was similar on Snowdon and they climbed Scafell Pike in the dark!!!

  3. Your doily colors remind me of African Violets!! :) So beautiful!!! :)