Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Guess What.....  I've got some pics to share!!!  YEAY!!  Never mind sitting there thinking 'Oh No'!!  I heard you!!! VBG

First up is a bracelet that I took on 'olidays to Tenerife!!  Forgot I'd not shared it!! (Naughty Pigmini!!)  It was done from that pattern that that Tatty OG shared not so long since.... the one that started off life as a bookmark!!

Falling leaves and some beads from me stash!!

What else....  Well, Li'l Miss was 2 on Saturday!!  We had a grand party on Sunday for her!!  Mummy & Daddy threw this wonderful party with a bouncy castle and lots of food!!  Dandan made baby apple muffins which were dairy free!!  First up, here's her birthday cake:

RaRa the Noisy Lion made by Mummy!!!! 

Now that Bouncy Castle had 'Little Tikes' written on the front of it.... guess who was inside.... No not me!!  Daddy the Big Tike!!! along with Li'l Miss!!

Naughty Daddy!!! Rofl

Anyway, 'nuff from moi!!

Chat soon!! Promise!!

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