Monday, 19 October 2015

Ever had

The impression that the powers that be are working against you??

Just writ a full post on me phone at the poolbar in Tenerife and me phone crashed without saving!! How annoying is that!?? Grrr!!

Sir and I are out here for a weeks r &r and I'm sitting T the poolbar with a beer and me tatting.... This tatting if you must know!!

Oops you can see me sunglasses as well!!

Anyways I just made a mastike!! Look:

A twist in the wrong place!! Attracts attention tho!!! Peeps either know 'granny' did it or 'never heard of it'!! About right!! At least I didn't get the 'is it crochet??' So far anyway!!

So... Didja miss me. ?? Seems ages since I posted!

'Nuff from moi!! Chat soon!!


  1. Yes, I did miss you ! I kept wondering what you were up to , besides the JS doily, of course :-D
    Enjoy your R & R :-)

  2. T'is ages since you posted. SHAME on you. I'm jealous of you two being there too. Warmth, sun and beer - can't be bad!

  3. Very beautiful nice color choices too!

  4. Yes indeed - we missed you! - now it's just an observation, but tatting with beer might not lead to great accuracy??? - I'm waiting for baby pictures, your granddaughter always comes on holiday with you, doesn't she? - tag teaming?

  5. Those colors are so pretty! :)