Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Here Be Dragons!!

Well, apart from reading a book all about morphing into dragons at the moment.... I imagine you all want to know what I'm on about!!

Simples me ducks!! No, not those ducks that that other Tatty OG has been going on about, although we do have record numbers of 'grey lag geese'?!! down on the riverbank at the moment!! Least I think that's what they are!!

Anyway, back to these 'ere dragons! Earlier this year, or back end of last... Not sure which... Another lacemaker popped her head above the parapet and joined both me and my crazy Dutch friend when we make lace round her craft room table most weeks... To say thank you for our inviting her to join us we got these:

A gorgeous cross stitch needle case!! One each! T'other one hasn't got Sue on it of course.... Vbg

Flikadella I've called her!! Not a brill pic but it says:

Sue owns these needles. Touch 'em and you're toast!

Chat soon


  1. Oh, she's a lady after your own heart, seems like :-D
    Have fun !

  2. Fabulous needle case. Love the sentiment - you're toast!!!!

  3. That's a most wonderful gift! - worth taking up embroidery for! A Fire-Breathing dragon to protect your needles, and I can understand that because I have ONE special needle which is just perfect for sewing in ends - always losing it.

  4. Perfect place for the needles to park. A good friend indeed.