Saturday, 26 December 2015

Happy New Merry Silly Season!!!

Well what else did you expect as a title from this particular Tatty OG??  I mean we say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year at Silly Season!! LOL

Anyway, I hope that you all got something you wanted!  I know I did!!

Anyone remember The Carpenters??  Group popular in the '70's??  Ok... I know some of you won't... you'd be too young... just like Young Sir and Mummy!!!  But some of you will!!!  Don't deny it!! Rofl

I have my own version.... Look:

Sir and Young Sir playing at being carpenters at Silly Season!!  A few months ago my bird feeder finally rotted at the base... a metal one and it gave way and deposited everything all over the garden... since then I've not been able to provide the cats with feathered wildlife!!!  Anyway, it being Silly season Sir and Young Sir decided to provide a tatty OG with her hand built present!!!  A New Bird Feeder!!  Came complete with base stake (a metal holder), peanut feeder, fat ball holder, and seed feeder, and as they couldn't get hold of the fat balls, I got 2 coconut halves filled with suet and seeds!!

We've installed it today!! Here you go:

Innit gorgeous?? VBG  I think so!! they built it from their own design!!  AND they managed it while I was out!!

What else,... choccies, a plant - poinsettia..., more choccies, smellies, a pincushion and pin, lace bobbins, cheese, AND a ticket to see Brian Cox towards the end of the year!!  Evidently the tickets sold out within an hour or so!!!  Going to that with Sir and Young Sir as well!!

Li'l Miss had fun yesterday unwrapping pressies.... we'd say 'What is it??' and her reply??  A TOY!!! Even before she'd got in it!!  Young Sir volunteered to do ALL the driving as well!  Bonus!!!

Oh, and new earwigs.... made by moi!!  It's that there teeny tiny pattern again by that other Tatty OG!!

Onnyhow, hope you all had a brill time no matter what you were doing!!

Chat soon


  1. Replies
    1. Brilliant isn't it?? Have threatened to put 'things' on the markers - Santa, go THAT way (east towards Li'l Miss house), south - Tenerife, North 'Santa - Home', and west to something... not thought of it yet!! VBG

  2. At first I thought your swish bird feeder was a signpost!the sort that visitors have their pictures taken under, with one of the signs pointing to their hometowns........but it's a good bird feeder as well!