Tuesday, 1 December 2015

It's... Here Again!!!

I'm BACK!!  Miss Me??

Been busy the last few weeks, and one of the cars is out 'of action' (Sir thinks it needs a new battery) More expense!!

Being the beginning of Silly Season, I thought I'd remind you of last years post on the subject!!  Crazy, Crazy time of the year!!  One of these years I'm going to hide on a WARM desert island, just me and Sir and pretend the flipping thing doesn't exist!! VBG  Think Li'l Miss would notice??

So, what have I been up to... meetings, horrible weather, having to walk carrying my stick to and from school because of aforementioned car, bits of tatting, replacing lamps, cooking, drying washing indoors because it's been TOO WET outside to dry it!! etc, etc...  Fed up of RAIN this year!!  What else... playing trains with Li'l Miss!!!

Right, here goes, first off I've made this for a swap thingy...

From Jennifer Williams website.  I like it so I hope it's recipient will!!

Also did another flake (yes, it's still snowing indoors) from Jane Eborall's website!!  Oops.... forgot to take a pic!!  Next posting!!!

And then... a 'Certain Someone' released this pattern!!

Been playing, and here is the first one of 2 ear adornments!!  Simples... replace the picots with beads and add a finding!!!

And to prove the playing bit, there's a pic of the train set AND a pic of a 'Liccle Girl' buried under a pile of soft toys!!

right, off to hide now!!

Chat later


  1. Love that tear drop thingy , you can tat on a beach.

    1. No problem with the tatting Bernice... It's the silliness of people in Silly Season!! They just seem to be convinced that they need to spend half a years pay to tide them over a couple of weeks!! Crazy!!

  2. Ah, we've been 'soggyfied' down here too. Quack, quack, quack!!!!

    1. My Dear Tatty OG... That's Canada Geese you can hear quacking!! Rofl!

  3. Love the tatting, but I love the new picture of your Lil Miss even more! - is that a Pink Pig in the mix as well?
    Clothes Driers - the sort that plug in and go round and round - are very useful.....

    1. Ermm... no, it's a big Pink Woof Woof!!! She insisted that they were all piled on her knee after they'd all been on mine!!

      Clothes Driers are NOT useful... it means you have no excuse not to wash when the weathers bad!!! VBG