Saturday, 26 December 2015

Happy New Merry Silly Season!!!

Well what else did you expect as a title from this particular Tatty OG??  I mean we say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year at Silly Season!! LOL

Anyway, I hope that you all got something you wanted!  I know I did!!

Anyone remember The Carpenters??  Group popular in the '70's??  Ok... I know some of you won't... you'd be too young... just like Young Sir and Mummy!!!  But some of you will!!!  Don't deny it!! Rofl

I have my own version.... Look:

Sir and Young Sir playing at being carpenters at Silly Season!!  A few months ago my bird feeder finally rotted at the base... a metal one and it gave way and deposited everything all over the garden... since then I've not been able to provide the cats with feathered wildlife!!!  Anyway, it being Silly season Sir and Young Sir decided to provide a tatty OG with her hand built present!!!  A New Bird Feeder!!  Came complete with base stake (a metal holder), peanut feeder, fat ball holder, and seed feeder, and as they couldn't get hold of the fat balls, I got 2 coconut halves filled with suet and seeds!!

We've installed it today!! Here you go:

Innit gorgeous?? VBG  I think so!! they built it from their own design!!  AND they managed it while I was out!!

What else,... choccies, a plant - poinsettia..., more choccies, smellies, a pincushion and pin, lace bobbins, cheese, AND a ticket to see Brian Cox towards the end of the year!!  Evidently the tickets sold out within an hour or so!!!  Going to that with Sir and Young Sir as well!!

Li'l Miss had fun yesterday unwrapping pressies.... we'd say 'What is it??' and her reply??  A TOY!!! Even before she'd got in it!!  Young Sir volunteered to do ALL the driving as well!  Bonus!!!

Oh, and new earwigs.... made by moi!!  It's that there teeny tiny pattern again by that other Tatty OG!!

Onnyhow, hope you all had a brill time no matter what you were doing!!

Chat soon

Friday, 4 December 2015


Ok... I'm ranting!! (AGAIN)!!  I know I promised not to repeat last years rant over Silly Season, but...

Tomorrow is Sir's birthday!  It's not a significant birthday, however December 5th is the day he was born, as was Walt Disney evidently!!  Babies are born 365 days a year, 366 in Leap Years.... Agreed??  Well I knew you would agree with that statement!!

However, unless you have someone you celebrate birthdays with around Silly Season time you don't realise that... you can't buy a Birthday Card or anything else representing birthdays until Silly Season is well and truly over!!!  Is it the fault of the babies that they are born in December??  NO!!  So... why do the supermarkets all gear up for Silly Season and forget about them??!

For instance, as well as having difficulties finding birthday cards, wrapping paper etc, you can't get what you want unless it's special to Silly Season!!  Sir loves growing veg etc in the garden.  Agreed it's an almost year round job, however, in the spring you can buy seeds for early planting and greenhouses for early summer use, spades, forks, trowels, plant pots are all available in the garden centres.  What can't you get???  Greenhouse Shelving!!!  I know we live in the UK and there's only a finite amount of daylight but... if you want to grow flowers for early spring shows, or start stuff off early what do you need??  A Greenhouse!!  What does the greenhouse need??  Places to put plant pots, soil, etc... What does that suggest??  Shelves!!!  What can't we get?? SHELVES!!!

So what do the garden centres have this time of year??  Christmas Trees, Christmas decorations, Christmas cards, books, candles designed for the home, silly presents the same as all the supermarkets, yada, yada, yada!!  Why is it  that in the summer you can get shelves for a greenhouse when ALL your plants do very nicely OUTSIDE thank you very much!!  WE DONT NEED them in the summer!!!  We NEED them in the winter when we don't want the frost to attack some plants etc!!  We need them in the very early spring for the same reason!!  We need them when the SNOW strikes!! You can buy them all year round... almost!!  Soon as October hits what do you find???  Christmas stuff!!!  Saw a poster a few days ago that said... "There are 12 Days of Christmas... And NONE of them fall in October OR November!!!

Sir is lucky we're on the internet... I've managed to find just what he's looking for AS A BIRTHDAY present... unfortunately, due to Silly Season, what would normally be delivered in 48 hours is going to take... A WEEK!!!

Which has just reminded me... (We're going out for a meal on Saturday night... saves Sir from having to put up with my cooking... VBG), as Silly Season gets underway we are all invited to parties.  IT IS NOT COMPULSORY to DRINK and DRIVE!!!  Here in the UK it's possible to find wet, icy roads and so it never makes sense to mix alcohol with car keys!!  If you are going to a party where there will be alcohol then either make sure you have something NON alcoholic, or GET SOMEONE ELSE to not drink, so that they can drive you home!!  Don't even think that you can drive after alcohol... it's not necessarily you that causes the accident, but how would you feel if your best friend/child/relative were knocked down and severely injured or worse??  DONT DO IT!!!  This is a message that I may well repeat over Silly Season!!!

BTW, Sir says that you should NEVER drink and drive at ANY time of the year.... You will end up spilling your whisky over the steering wheel!!!

Rant over!!  Get the impression it gets me mad??

Ok... so moving on to 'other things'... Finished those Teeny Tiny Earwigs...  Snowflakes!!!

Here you go: (I know its a bit blurry... the camera isn't good on my phone!! but you get the 'gist'!!

Chat soon!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

It's... Here Again!!!

I'm BACK!!  Miss Me??

Been busy the last few weeks, and one of the cars is out 'of action' (Sir thinks it needs a new battery) More expense!!

Being the beginning of Silly Season, I thought I'd remind you of last years post on the subject!!  Crazy, Crazy time of the year!!  One of these years I'm going to hide on a WARM desert island, just me and Sir and pretend the flipping thing doesn't exist!! VBG  Think Li'l Miss would notice??

So, what have I been up to... meetings, horrible weather, having to walk carrying my stick to and from school because of aforementioned car, bits of tatting, replacing lamps, cooking, drying washing indoors because it's been TOO WET outside to dry it!! etc, etc...  Fed up of RAIN this year!!  What else... playing trains with Li'l Miss!!!

Right, here goes, first off I've made this for a swap thingy...

From Jennifer Williams website.  I like it so I hope it's recipient will!!

Also did another flake (yes, it's still snowing indoors) from Jane Eborall's website!!  Oops.... forgot to take a pic!!  Next posting!!!

And then... a 'Certain Someone' released this pattern!!

Been playing, and here is the first one of 2 ear adornments!!  Simples... replace the picots with beads and add a finding!!!

And to prove the playing bit, there's a pic of the train set AND a pic of a 'Liccle Girl' buried under a pile of soft toys!!

right, off to hide now!!

Chat later