Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Final Day of the 2016 TIAS

Now I know you're all unhappy that the TIAS has come to an end... I know I am!!  Harvey Campbell is definitely a Pooka, but one that is going to need LOTS of friends.... a whole warren of Pookas in fact!!  This should keep us all busy for a few months while Jane has chance to catch her breath and then decide on next years TIAS!!!

Want to see him??

Had to share this conversation with a certain Tatty OG in the last day or so....  However, before I do... the pic I showed on the Day 13 was of Brer Rabbit at the Carrot Patch!!  I also found a story of Brer Rabbit online here!!

Remember that she told Patricia and I that we weren't 'allowed to be cruel to bunnies?  Yes???  Over on the TIAS on the day before Day 13 and again today she said it!!!  No hunting or stewpots she said!!!

Well, this is how the email conversation went afterwards....

Me:     I wouldn't put him in a stew pot.... Haven't got one big enough!! A nice warm short crusty blanket will do just fine!!!!

Jane:    Poor, poor rabbit.  I'm going to report you to the NSPCR right NOW.

Me:      Ok... I promise to give him plenty of carrots to eat while he's getting warm under the blanket!! How's that????

Jane:    Better

Me:      Ok.... then I can get him to  dive into a fragrant 'mud' bath and cover him up with that blanket!!!

Jane:     You are SOOOOO cruel.  Off to report you!!!!!

Me:       I am happy to keep the bunny bath on the stove for a while to keep it warm till he has got extra carrots... I'll even put extra portions in for him... Then when he's ready for that fragrant mud bath and crusty 'towel'.... He'll jump right is without even being pushed!!!

Jane:      Is that what they call a 'bunny boiler'?!?!?!?

Now which one of us is the most 'mentally on a seesaw??" Rofl!!

Chat soon


  1. Answer to your question - YOU!!!!

    1. Rofl!! We will have to see what the others think!!

  2. I think you need to block Harvey Campbell's ears!

    1. Why?? He's volunteering to have that nice mud bath and blanket!!! Rofl