Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Day 11

Boo is definitely a 'WereRabbit'... If it wasn't for the fact he don't fit I'd swear he'd try to hide behind shuttles!! Vbg

You can see here he's inching under that purple shuttle... Either that or he thinks its a purple carrot!! Lol. Mind you, he's the right colour for hiding in the carrot bed!!

Yesterday I was playing with Li'l Miss... Building!!  

I asked what we were building.... Her reply??  Bricks!!! The mind of a 2 year old!! I'm still laughing!!

Chat soon


  1. You'd be right at home at our house just now - the mother of my youngest granddaughter - aged 6 months - is teaching part time on Fridays. We have had to invest in playpen ( because we are crawling), ultra-safe car seat. high chair, and stroller. And I also have a special grandmother-with-bad-back cot on order, I can't cope with the porta cots, they're too low down. We have bricks too! Campbell, your Tomato Soup rabbit is looking very fine. His ear is a bit better than my rabbit's!

    1. Campbell!! Love it! Now the only other thing is... Can we have pics of Granny Maureen crawling please??? Vbg