Monday, 3 October 2016

Tatting or no tatting??

That is the question!!

Now I could carry on in the same vein as a certain deceased gent from Stratford on Avon, but... you'd all shout at me if I did!!  So I'll explain what I mean...

Before I do, I'll show you the latest 'bit' of that there doily what's taking it's time in being done.  The next 'round' is finished, and the whatever it is, started... these are part rounds with LOTS of ends!!!  I hates ends unless it means it's finished!!!

Anyway, back to 'Him who Shall Not Be Named' (or was that a book....) VBG...

Mummy is 'expecting' in January, and decided that bump should give Li'l Miss a Rainbow blanket as a present when it arrives... this is to say thankyou for the toys etc!!  Can Mummy crochet??  Yes!!  Can she be bothered to make it?? No!!  Guess who got the job....

So, these are the colours:

Since this was done the thing was pulled out and restarted with 6 rounds per colour and 2 of white instead of the 4 shown.  Nearly finished the green now... (again).  That's because somebody realised it'd only come out around a metre square, and wanted it about 1.5 metres... Taught my crazy Dutch Friend how to remember the colours of the rainbow a few years ago... She still remembers it! Lol

Oh.  For those of you who intend visiting Ally Pally Knitting & Stitching Show, I'll be manning the Ring of Tatters stand on Wednesday!!  See you there... (unless I've sloped off for a quick something or other, like a look round, or a ciggie, or a coffee...

Talking of which...

Chat soon


  1. Wow, the doily is looking magnicifent!!!! Really lovely. I'm going to start a bit of crochet too soon. Just need to get the 'right' wool to start it and they don't have the right size in the charity shops. I'll have to go 'real' shopping on the interwebs!!!!

    1. I'll try again... My excuse would be not the right colours!! Whatcha making Miss??

  2. Your doily has grown a lot since the last photo! - good luck with the blanket, I like the colours. I used to crochet all the time before I learned how to tat, and I still go back to it on occasion. But sometimes it hurts my thumb these days - and tatting doesn't!

  3. Oh your doily looks lovely, round and round you go. Have fun at Ally and Pally.

  4. Your doily is so very beautiful!!! :) It reminds me of African Violets! :)
    That is going to be a great rainbow blanket!! :)