Monday, 31 October 2016


I got Mail!

More specifically I got Marilee Rockleys new book!!  It's hot footed it over here to the UK from the US!  Must tell you it's.... GORGEOUS!!  It's this one:

There are beautiful patterns inside!  Well worth getting IMHO!!  I ordered mine here

What else.... Well there was some HDT in size 10 as well....  Dark Hydrangea!

It's even more gorgeous 'in the flesh'!!

So, I've dug out some crystal faceted beads and some crystal seed beads to go on it for one of the patterns.  Will get the shuttles wound tonight and I promise to show you when I've done it!!

Happy Hallow'een!!

Chat soon


  1. I'm happy to see that your book arrived safely! Have fun!

  2. Couldn't find your e-mail so I'll leave a comment here. Try

    for that pumpkin/chocolate chip cookie recipe. One can ('tin') of pumpkin is just a little less than 2 ....American....measuring 'cups.' (8 ounces...but I think our ounces are different from your ounces, too....oh, dear, what a challenge to 'convert' recipes. As confusing as 'converting' UK to "American" crochet stitches.... good thing tatting is the same everywhere. We can all read tatting patterns without having to 'convert' them.)
    Hope you enjoy the cookies.

    1. Ooh... I'll have to try that!! We've grown some pumpkins this year and I baked one yesterday to puree and make pumpkin pie with! I'll have to look up the recipe!

    2. That's the recipe got and printed!! Guess what else I'll be doing tomorrow apart from tatting!!!!

  3. Have fun with your new book and thread, gorgeous colour