Friday, 3 February 2017

Guess What?!!

I've been a bit of a busy liccle Pigmini! Or should that read 'not so liccle'... lol

Well that tatty OG is running her TIAS... taking part in that, and in between times I'm making a bag, preparing for teaching at the end of March, knitting socks and making these:

Nope, I'll show you the latest bit of that there whatsit first:

I still think it's an outside in humberella... it's blown outside in with the gales...

Then there's the bag... found a Facebook group making them and the pattern is in their files. Fell in love but it's a whole new learning curve making them. Hiding threads, ways of changing threads etc... enjoying it though! It is another of those wips though!  They're called Mochila bags, and this is the base.


Anyway, back to the shuttles... here you go:

And to keep you quiet... here's the pattern.


  1. Learning to make those bags is on my to-do list. I saw them on pinterest, not facebook. Wow, I gotta try that.

  2. Wow!! Your TIAS is looking great!
    Love the bright and beautiful start to your bag!! :)
    And your brooch is pretty!!! :)

  3. Enjoyed your post. TIAS looking good - now I'm curious about the bag(s) -- I have a Mosaic Bag on my needles -- and your beaded tatting, WOW!!! thx for the pattern, too.